10 Questions You Should Ask Your Education Consultant

Ask Any Questions You Have!

If you are planning to study abroad, then you must have a lot of questions in your mind such as ‘how to proceed with the applications?’ or ‘which countries and courses should I apply for?’ From process to execution, planning to study abroad can be a stressful and time-consuming task and not to mention the amount of money involved. Thus, students prefer seeking help from an education consultant. 

To make your visit to a study abroad advisor meaningful, you have come to the right place. As you read along, you will find 10 different important questions to ask your overseas education consultant. These questions will provide you in-depth clarity about every aspect involved in the study abroad process.

1. Which Colleges / Universities Are You Associated With?

Know Which Colleges Or Universities The Consultancy Is Affiliated With

Well, that question is at the top for one simple reason – you need to know where you want to go and where you want to study. People are sure to lure you into their traps simply by making you their customer and making money, but this is not something that you desire. 

Therefore, ask them anything related to the university that you are being offered and about the references of the candidates that the university has already been offered to. In the end, make sure you are in safe hands and aren’t being cheated.

2. How Many Visas Have Been Processed Successfully To Date?

Success Rate Of Visa Applications

To know about the success and reputation of the education consultancy you are about to work with is very important. So, this is a question that will provide you a clear idea about the education consultancy you are working with. This question will also clarify your vision of the company. The number of visas processed and the success achieved will tell you the credibility of the consultancy. Every individual demand an experienced consultant or at least some relevant knowledge or background history of the agent he/she is consulting. 

3. What Courses And Countries Are Applicable According To My Profile?

Are You Applicable?

Sometimes, finding the appropriate country and course related to you can be a headache, especially if it is for studying abroad. Therefore, this is one of the questions to ask your consultant to know what to opt for according to your profile. 

Although your research may be accurate based on your career goals and existing information, your study abroad consultant can provide you with a series of other courses and country options that you may not have thought of. 

Your consultant will be in a better position to provide you with a learning option that best combines your existing skills and future career aspirations.

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4. When Should I Start Applying For A Program?

Do You Know When?

This is an important question to ensure that you receive clarity. Most students wait for the completion of their studies or the end of the academic year before applying to foreign universities, thus skipping all admissions. 

Foreign universities follow the fall and spring admissions calendar. Therefore, this question should appear on the list every time you meet with a study abroad consultant.

5. What Requirements Are Needed To Enroll For The Course In A Specific Country?

But What Requirements?

You must ask this question to your consultant before applying for studies abroad. This will give you a better idea of the requirements needed for various courses you choose from.

Each course, even at the same level, has different requirements. Different countries/regions have different requirements, and applicants must meet these requirements before obtaining a student visa. Therefore, please discuss with your study abroad adviser which country and the course of study you should choose and the requirements needed. 

Answering this question during the planning stage will help you prepare documents and letters of intent more thoroughly and ensure immediate registration at your preferred university. It will also help you determine any visa-related qualifications or work experience that needs to be analyzed before completing the admission process.

6. Do You Help In The Overall Student Visa Process?

Don’t Put Yourself In A Thick Soup!

Before proceeding with the procedures of studying abroad, it is crucial to ask the consultants if they help you in processing the overall student visa process. The work involved in filing a student visa is not easy. It requires a lot of work and effort.  

Generally, students must submit their SOP and all necessary documents to the university and the Ministry of Home Affairs. You should ask the agent if they offer these options to the candidate. Doing so can make students’ lives much easier. 

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7. What Is The Minimum Qualification Required To Study Abroad?

Are You Under Qualified?

Asking this question will provide a clear understanding of where you stand. The minimum requirement for studying at a foreign university is 12th grade. Academic requirements are set by educational institutions. Before applying, you can find out if you are eligible from our consultant. GPA is important for studying abroad. Students with a GPA between 2.5 and 4 can apply to some institutions, while other institutions may require higher grades. Other requirements may include valid essay writing, work experience (varies by project), and student visa interview.

8. What Challenges Should I Be Ready To Face?

Be Prepared Beforehand

Going abroad to study can be tough. Especially if you have never gone to any countries abroad before. It will be difficult for you to adapt to the new environment. Almost everyone has difficulty adapting to the new environment at first, but it will become easier over time. 

Some students may view the following issues as struggles: culture shock, loneliness, and homesickness. Asking this question to your consultant can help you understand that these struggles are all part of growth. 

9. How Long Will I Be Allowed To Live Or Work After Or During The Course?

Best If You Know It

If you want to self-finance or work part-time during your studies, this is an important issue that needs to be clarified. Each country has its own work and residential agreement during and after completion of the course. Therefore, you must clarify this in advance.

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10. Can You Put Me In Touch With A Few Students Abroad That You Have Advised Before?

Learn From The Experienced

Check the reviews of students or candidates who have been granted a visa to see what their opinions are and the duration of the process they take to complete all of this. No matter how safe the process is, talk to those who are abroad and listen to their experiences. Counselors can let you get in touch with students who have previously studied abroad or are more advanced abroad. 

Information about previous clients will help you check the experience of study abroad consultants and their quality of service. This will help you establish your first network in the target country. Thus, helping you understand the procedures involved in obtaining a student visa. 

To Sum Up

The 10 questions mentioned above regarding studying abroad are fairly exclusive, it is natural to have some more. Leaving your nest and going to a foreign country can be hard. You may face a lot of unfathomable situations. So, you must ask your education consultant questions such as ‘What Challenges Should I Be Ready To Face?’ or ‘What Courses And Countries Are Applicable According To My Profile?’ to be prepared mentally before proceeding with the process. 

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