10 Reasons to study in Brisbane

Brisbane is a new world city and you will love studying in Brisbane for so many reasons. Its top-quality education, friendly environment, social diversity, and natural wonders are some of  the reasons why students prefer Brisbane as their study destination. The accessible lifestyle with affordable tuition fees and living expenses make Brisbane an excellent place for international students on a budget. Here are 10 reasons why you should opt for Brisbane for your study endeavors: 

1 –  World-class education providers

World-Class education system

Brisbane has the finest education system with award-winning and renowned universities. Brisbane has a wide range of study options including higher education, vocational training, English language courses, and pathways and foundation studies. You can achieve career-focused and hands-on skills that are valued and sought by employers. The tertiary studies and other valued courses such as medicines and engineering are highly perceived around the globe. Queensland universities ranked top globally and some of the top-notch institutions of Brisbane include the Queensland University of Technology, University of Queensland, and Griffith University to name a few. 

2 – Safe and sound city

Safe and welcoming

Brisbane is a welcoming city free from danger and you will feel at home there and then.. Brisbane sees festivals such as Lord Mayor’s International Student Friendship Ceremony where students receive certificates that are signed as a gesture of friendship. City Welcome Festival is also another Brisbane’s largest festival where international students experience the different lifestyles, networking opportunities, music, and food.  With the lack of any major police presence in the streets of Brisbane, it proves the fact that Brisbane is extremely safe. Brisbane enjoys a socially active environment and a stable economy. 

3 – Brisbane is an affordable option.

Comfortable and affordable

Living and studying in Brisbane comes cheap but doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. You can save up a lot of money as accommodation and commuting for meals and colleges is much cheaper compared to other parts of Australia. Brisbane was more of a country city, so Brisbane is affordable historically. With the right management, studying and living in Brisbane will stay within your budget. Going for student discounts, pocket-friendly entertainments, planning on your account, and doing part-time jobs will help you save up a lot. 

4 – The sunshine coast

The sunshine city

With more than 300 days of sunshine, It gives Queensland a sub-tropical humid heat cooled by beautiful afternoon storms. Winter days rarely drop below 20 degrees and there is nothing fulfilling like soaking up the winter sun in Brisbane. During spring and autumn, the city hosts colorful events, and students can take advantage of the outdoor lifestyle in the city while studying. 

5 – World-class student accommodation

Cheap student accommodation

Students can have an affordable and comfortable stay in Brisbane. There is a wide range of accommodation in Brisbane including suburbs which are cheaper and in the inner-city with access to everything. There are residences scattered in the city from where one can easily commute to their institutions. You can also accommodate hostels while looking for a permanent roof such as Brisbane hostels, city YHA hostels, etc. There are also shared student apartments or single apartments with fantastic facilities. 

Living in the urbanest South Bank of Brisbane is also a brilliant way to do it if you are looking forward to living in Brisbane as a student. With accessible train stations and busways, you will love to study and experience the diverse cultures of Australia.

6 – Brisbane observe and celebrates arts

Art galleries in Brisbane

Brisbane has so much to offer if you love art. Australia’s grandest gallery of modern art is located in Brisbane – Queensland art gallery and Gallery of modern art. The Museum of Brisbane that is located in the iconic city hall offers you insightful knowledge about the culture and history of Brisbane.  On the other hand, you can also watch science come alive in the Queensland Museum. You can also enjoy world-class theatre and musical events in the Queensland performing arts center. Brisbane also hosts the Asia Pacific Screen Awards. 

7 – Australia’s most sustainable city

Truly a sustainable city

Brisbane is Australia’s most biodiverse city housing 2000 parks with more than 2500 wildlife species. The city is on its way to becoming a global leader in sustainability. Your liveability in Brisbane is linked to the natural environment and will get you closer to nature. With WaterSmart, urban forest, clean air, green transport, and parks, you will undoubtedly feel at home in the beautiful Australian city of Brisbane. 

8 – A multicultural hub

A multicultural city

Brisbane is a multi-cultural melting pot with international students and people from diverse ethnicities. There are a multitude of benefits to staying in a culturally diverse city such as variety of food, events, and festivals just at your doorstep. There are many festivals held throughout the year such as the Paniyiri Greek festival, Australia’s Largest Oktoberfest, and BrisAsia festival. With nearly a third of its population from out of Australia and more than 22 percent of people speaking languages other than English, Brisbane is truly a city of multi-ethnicity.

9 – Excellent Job Prospects

Brisbane offers an excellent job prospects

After settling in the new surroundings, students can find part-time jobs by consulting the university job center or employment office. You can come up with better resumes for job applications. You can kick start by taking up part-time jobs like waiting and bar staff, retail staff, warehouse staff, etc., 

The wage rate in Australia is AU$ 19.84 per hour and you may be paid weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Brisbane offers excellent job opportunities for international students to finance their stay and study in the city. 

10 – Outdoors and weekend getaways

A weekend getaway by the sea

Last but not least, Brisbane offers getaways for international students and visitors from around the world. The rainforest, islands, beaches, waterfalls, and recreational parks are the popular weekend plans for students. Located on the contour of Melbourne and Sydney, Brisbane enjoys a thriving food and cultural scene with charming countryside villages and coastal towns. 

Apart from the above-mentioned reasoning, international students can enjoy their stay at Brisbane to their hearts’ content. Brisbane has so much to offer and is one of the best study abroad destinations for international students on a shoestring budget. 

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