10 Reasons to study in Perth

Perth is the capital of West Coast Australia (WA), with over 2 million people from various cultural backgrounds. Perth, along with other major cities of Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide, makes Australia a Melting Pot of Races.

Perth is known as the “Education City” of Australia and has gained global recognition for its world-class education. Millions of international students worldwide choose Perth, among other cities in Australia, to study because of its education quality, good standard of living, efficient public services, and flexible part-time jobs. 

Bhutanese living in Perth organizes gatherings during Bhutanese festivals with home-made food and are very welcoming towards new Bhutanese in Australia. 

International students have become a billion-dollar industry for the Australian government. Over the years, Perth has become a favorite among Bhutanese students to study and live.

Here are 10 reasons why it’s a great idea to study in Perth, Australia:

  1. The Education City of Australia.

International students at Curtin University

Education quality is great in Australia, but Perth gets special recognition as the “Education City of Australia “because it has five world-class universities and varieties of TAFE (training systems/ Australian quality framework) / vocational institutes with flexible study pathways. The colleges and universities in Perth guarantee a rewarding and successful career. You will have support from university staff, local and international students studying with you.

Below are the top 4 internationally recognized universities in Perth:

  1. The University of Western Australia 
  2. Edith Cowan University
  3. Murdoch University
  4. Curtin University  

2. Flexible Working Hours

There are jobs available in administration, communications, hospitality, housekeeping, retail, and tourism, unlike Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

The city offers flexible working hours for international students. An international student can only work for 40 hours fortnightly. As a worker, you get paid weekly, and you will have to register your Tax File Number (TFN). Australian laws and agencies like Fair Work CommissionsWorkers protect workers. 

3. Student life in Perth

Students hanging out on the University of Western Australia campus

Perth is a student city. Use your student card to get discounts when exploring diverse street foods, art galleries, libraries, bars, and lounges. You can choose to stay in dorm apartments near your university, but renting apartments will be cheaper with flatmates. Housing is more affordable compared to Sydney and Melbourne. Trains and buses operate 24 hours, so if you need to travel for work or university, use SmartRider, a prepaid travel card, to pay for the transportations. 

4. Travel

Perth railway station

Perth is in the west, and air travel and trains connect Perth with other parts of Australia. Wake up in Perth and sleep in Sydney.  International students can travel to different parts of Australia using discounts and coupons available via airline websites. International students get a 40% discount on all public transportation and free bus services within Perth’s city center. Perth is the only city that offers a discount for international students on rides.

5. Multicultural state 

Multicultural Festival, Perth

One of the first things about Perth is its cultural diversity. Over 200 different nationalities live, work, and study in WA. Studying in Perth is perfect for you to get exposure and learn about fascinating cultures different from Bhutanese. You will meet people from other countries while working and you might just find friends for life in Perth.

Perth hosts annual international and cultural festivals showcasing artists from around the world.

6. Only city with Bhutanese restaurant.

Bhutanese Cuisine Food truck in Perth

Perth is the only city in Australia with a Bhutanese restaurant and a Bhutanese food truck. If you find yourself missing home-made Bhutanese food, you can either order or visit a Bhutanese Cuisine restaurant that seats 70 people.

7. Leader in Science and innovation

                                                   Curtin University

Universities in Perth offer some of the best courses for science degrees. Conservation Biology, Physics, Marine and Freshwater Science, and Counter-Terrorism are some of Perth’s courses with unique research facilities. This makes Perth the ideal city to study any courses related to Science.

8. Stunning Skyline and climate

Nightlife in Perth

Skylines in Perth gives Sydney Skylines a run for its money. Unlike other cities, Perth is less crowded and relaxed. Perth is known for having more hours of sunshine than any other city in Australia. June is the coldest month in Perth, but the rest of the year is sunny. Beaches and parklands complement the city skylines. The overall weather is ideal for outdoor activities.

9. Land of beautiful beaches

Mullaloo Beach, Perth

You can enjoy fishing, snorkeling, and surfing on these beaches. Perth universities organize outdoor activities for students to enjoy a social life. There are 19 magnificent beaches in Perth. Cottesloe, Mullaloo, and Scarborough Beaches are the most popular beaches on Rottnest Island, Perth

10. Safety 

         Student Police work with Australian Police to keep students safe

Perth is one of the safest cities in Australia, especially for international 

students. In Perth, you travel at night, safely and freely. Unlike Melbourne, gang-related crimes are not an issue in Perth. Violent crimes are very low, and petty crimes almost non-existent.

Perth is perfect for living the Australian dream with beautiful sunsets, diverse culture, and relaxed vibes.

Perth has always been welcoming of international students. WA offers an authentic Australian experience, long days of sun shines, clear blue skies, and beautiful beaches. This friendly city nurtures students’ creativity and potential. 

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Sonam Lhamo.

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