10 Reasons Why You Should Study in Melbourne

Did you ever give a thought about studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia? You are not the only one. Melbourne is an excellent student city, with roughly one-third of the three-hundred thousand university students coming from abroad and shaping the city’s multicultural identity. The town is home to world-class universities and research facilities and offers many benefits to international students.  In this article, I listed ten reasons why you should study in Melbourne.

  • Livability for international students

Melbourne is the first choice for international students from different nations. The rest of the world agrees to it, naming the city as the best city for international students in Australia. The Economist’s global livability survey concludes that Melbourne is the most voted livable city for international students. The survey was rated against lifestyle, employment, universities, and study communities. It’s accomplishments like this that make Melbourne’s way of life a simple sell while selecting and holding capable experts. Experts position Australia in the top ten spots to live, ranking especially exceptionally for general satisfaction of life, simplicity of getting comfortable, and as an objective for working abroad.

  • Multiculturalism

The city adjusts to approximately 200,000 international students from over 170 different countries. You don’t have to worry about the difficulty of adjusting to a new place. There is a variety of people from various backgrounds, and the friendly atmosphere of the place enables the students to make friends easily. The diversity is celebrated through multiple festivals, and such celebrations go on all year round.

  • World’s top universities

Numerous universities are homed in Melbourne, each of which renders courses specialized in various fields of study ranging from engineering, IT, medical sciences, biotechnology, business administration, and more. The city is a study destination for many international students due to its diverse student communities and universities. Six out of ten universities in Victoria were ranked top universities globally by the QS World University Ranking in 2018.

  • Student support

The universities in Melbourne offer the best support for international students, including housing, financing, building social connections, language learning, and many more on the list. 

  • Employment opportunities 

Melbourne draws in numerous worldwide organizations that set up research and development facilities as the primary knowledge city. Melbourne positions as the 10th best city with students permitting to work 40 hours each fortnight regarding employability. International students can likewise receive the rewards of a Live Study Program in Melbourne.

  • Sporting events

In case you’re after a genuine Melburnian sporting experience, nothing beats going to the iconic MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) for a round of Aussie rules football. The city has many events, permitting you to make the most of your number one sport. For instance, Melbourne has events, the Australian Open Tennis, Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Melbourne Cup, the Motorcycle Grand Prix, and some more.  Melbourne is also home to prominent worldwide sports, such as the Spring Racing Carnival, the Boxing Day test cricket arrangement, and the Australian Open Tennis Championships.

  • Food

While there are some great spots in the city, a short journey to any semblance of Richmond, Fitzroy, South Melbourne, and Collingwood will give you admittance to a portion of Melbourne’s best diners and espresso. Simultaneously, suburban areas much farther (Camberwell, Preston, Essendon) have bounty to bring to the table also. Without question, Melbourne offers probably the best food in Australia. With individuals from endless nations currently calling the city home, the type of food is outstanding whether you purchase from a food truck, stalls, or a perfect quality eatery. Your most serious issue will be choosing where to go. 

  • Arts and culture

Melbourne is a dynamic and multicultural city that routinely commends its variety through social celebrations and occasions. To supplement this, Melbourne has a flourishing work of art and underground scene. The acclaimed show, the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), exhibit these artwork pieces.

  • Safety

When the crime against international students is thought of, Melbourne is accepted to be a very safe city. The general rating is 80%, making it a spot where the understudies can have a sense of security strolling around. The Victorian capital is a protected spot to live, and it’s not merely as per local people. The Economist Intelligence Unit gave Melbourne a score of 87.30 on the Safe Cities Index a year ago, which saw it positioned fifth in the world behind just Toronto, Osaka, Singapore, and Tokyo.

  •  Transport

Melbourne’s public transport is the most effortless and most ideal approach to get around the city. Trains, trams, and buses make transportation simpler. To drive in Melbourne, you need to secure a legitimate license/permit and a decent comprehension of the road rules. There’s also the free City Circle Tram that helps you get to all the city’s significant attractions. Melbourne has a wholly incorporated ticketing framework across all public transport modes in the metropolitan territory, known as the ‘myki’ contactless smart card. This expects travelers to touch the card to peruse at every entry and exit point.

Conclusion: Melbourne is a fantastic city to live, work, and study. A creative, culturally assorted community powers Melbourne’s downtown environment. The city beats with dynamic and forefront expressions and culture scene and puts on an excellent arrangement of large scale sports throughout the year. With a diverse scope of cafés, restaurants, and bars to browse, Melbourne’s feasting scene will fulfill the most insightful sense of taste with its combination of culinary traditions presenting a buffet of the world’s best cooking styles from famous top choices to weighty gastronomy.

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