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15 Reasons to Study at the University of East London

The University of East London (UEL) is dedicated to ensuring that graduates are employers’ first choice, making it a careers-first university. 

They aim to develop knowledge and stimulate innovation to bring about positive planetary and human change. Focusing on this mission, the University of East London currently has 17,000 students from 135 nations. 

The University of East London is committed to helping international students acquire the skills, emotional intelligence, and creativity necessary to survive in a competitive job market. 

Below are some reasons you should consider attending the University of East London. If you want to start the University of East London application process, schedule a free consultation with Global Reach Education Consultancy right away!

This blog includes:

  • Live and Learn in the City Campus
  • Dutiful Experts in The Field
  • Dual Delivery Education System
  • Involvement in Civic Participation
  • Volunteering Opportunities
  • Professional Guidance
  • Ideal Work Experience and Placement Options
  • Career Possibilities
  • Inclusiveness
  • Sporting Opportunities
  • Become a Competent Person
  • Diverse Cultures
  • A Strong Sense of Community
  • Nightlife in East London
  • Leisure Activities 
  • Final thoughts

1: Live and Learn in the City Campus

University of East London
The University of East London has a self-contained campus

With UEL, here’s your chance to benefit from an actual college campus experience while having London at your doorstep for networking or city exploration.

Although you can apply and study at various universities in the United Kingdom, the University of East London is one of the few with a self-contained campus.

In other words, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by living in a vibrant capital city while learning at a conventional university.

City Airport is close by, and the campus has excellent connections to the rest of London and the world.

2: Dutiful Experts in The Field

University of East London
Learn with dutiful experts at the University of East London

With a focus on creative, useful, career-focused instruction, the University of East London provides students with the knowledge and creativity to adapt to a continuously changing world. 

Their expertise ranges from art and architecture to psychology and sport. No matter what course you choose, they have experts in their respective fields to help you build a better tomorrow.

3: Dual Delivery Education System

University of East London
The University of East London offers dual-delivery study systems

The University of East London offers you a chance to learn their courses on-campus or off-campus. Thanks to their flexible Dual Delivery Style of Education, you have control over what you study and how you learn. 

UEL offers a customized model that takes into account your talents, skills, and individual circumstances. They accommodate students from non-traditional backgrounds, provide part-time employment choices, and have on-campus daycare.

4: Involvement in Civic Participation

University of East London
UEL encourages students in civic engagement

The University of East London wants students to become engaged citizens by participating in civic activities. They encourage students to work on community initiatives as part of their studies.

Students who have participated in civic engagement activities are more self-assured, capable of working in various settings and have improved interpersonal skills—all highly valued qualities in today’s economy.

Civic participation extends further from China to Brazil and is available through the “Going Global” and “Global Scholars” programs worldwide.

You will be involved in city activities working with local communities, businesses, and organizations to gain valuable skills and an international outlook.  

5: Volunteering Opportunities

University of East London
Take a Volunteering module at the University of East London 

The University of East London promotes volunteering activities for both staff and students. Regardless of the degree you take, you have the option to complete a volunteering module. 

You can choose the ideal community organization and project to volunteer with the aid of their specialized e-platform. More than 450 of their students currently volunteer.

Employers value volunteering, with the majority saying they are more likely to hire someone with volunteering experience.

In addition to the good deed you are doing, it is more likely that you will be employed by one of the firms after completing your volunteering module. 

6: Be Mentored and Become a Professional Mentor

University of East London
Become a peer mentor at The University of East London and help secondary school students

The University of East London’s professional mentoring program matches students and professionals from various fields and organizations.

It’s an excellent method to learn about the real working world and to get advice and direction from a seasoned expert. Approximately 1,200 of their pupils have so far benefited from the program.

You will gain knowledge and experience from your mentor’s knowledge and expertise, whether they work for a large international investment bank, a hospital, a fashion design company, or a tiny local business.

Their mentors are committed to giving back to the community by imparting some of their knowledge to kids.

Many guided students then become “peer mentors,” entering the mentoring system by assisting secondary school students in their communities in making life decisions.

7: Ideal Work Experience and Placement Options

University of East London
Get work experience at the University of East London

The University of East London provides a centralized service to help you choose the ideal work experience and placement options. 

Students and recent graduates can subscribe to their frequently updated work experience mailing list and search through hundreds of temporary job postings.

Job opportunities usually include film production interns, social media writers, trainee service engineers, and retail banking assistants.

8: Career Prospects

University of East London
The University of East London is a career-driven institute

There are a ton of start-ups, well-known organizations, event venues, and other businesses in East London where you can build your career.

Choosing your career is not difficult because the University of East London is well-connected with local and international firms. 

They can introduce and connect you with their extensive global network. Regardless of the course, you choose to study, UEL can expose you to business titans and guide you to unmissable prospects.

9: Inclusiveness

University of East London
The University of East London addresses disparities

The University of East London continually reviews its programs to address disparities with a strong emphasis on social justice, racial equity, anti-racism, and Black representation. 

In fact, the University was placed second globally and first in the UK by the Times Higher Education Global Impact Ranking, 2020, for addressing disparities.

10: Sporting Opportunities

University of East London
Basketball, volleyball, and tennis programs are some of UEL’s top sporting opportunities

The University of East London has maintained its sporting heritage as the venue for the 2012 Olympics.

Thanks to the Move East London program, everyone, whether aspiring athletes or total beginners, can take advantage of the excellent £21 million sporting facilities

They have sixteen sports teams that practice at least once every week. You can partake in practicing or play against each other. 

You will have the opportunity to regularly compete in the leagues and championships for British Universities and College Sports.

11: Become a Competent Person

University of East London
The University of East London will help you stand out in the crowd

In this ever-changing world, do you think you have what it takes to keep up with a fast-paced, multi-faceted workforce? UEL can make you a competent person in terms of career and life! 

The University of East London will prepare you through their degree programs to help you adapt, accept change, and convince potential employers that you are qualified and ready to serve! 

Their Mental Wealth curriculum fosters the development of your digital skills, communication, resilience, and entrepreneurship in addition to your emotional, cultural, and cognitive intelligence.

By choosing UEL, you’ll be prepared to become the most sought-after candidate in the job market and the best among your peers and community. 

12: Diverse Culture at The University of East London

University of East London
The University of East London values diversity

You will fit in regardless of who you are because East London is one of the UK’s youngest and most diverse neighborhoods. It’s full of culture, creativity, and professional prospects. 

At the University of East London, you will encounter lecturers and students from all walks of life.

With their refugee programs, childcare on-campus facilities, and student support funds, they will help you realize your goals. 

13: A Strong Sense of Community

University of East London
East London has a younger, more creative, and energetic vibe.

Since the 1990s, a steady stream of families, entrepreneurs, and creatives have come to the region, bringing talent and creativity to a place with a strong community. 

The University of East London is at the center of it all, witnessing this profound cultural transformation while assisting in developing and shaping upcoming generations of East Londoners.

You will be a part of this healthy community if you choose to study at the University of East London. 

14: Nightlife in East London

University of East London
East London is not all about hard work and studying

East London is a great place for you to relax and take a break. It is undoubtedly the place to enjoy the fun nightlife since it is home to an amazing variety of pubs.

Shoreditch’s streets are paved with gold in terms of bars, restaurants, and clubs, while Hackney Wick and Dalston can host small-scale events and warehouse raves. There are plenty of places to party, feast, and drink.

15: Leisure Activities 

University of East London
Immerse yourself in fun activities at UEL

When you need some fresh air, East London has you covered for those peaceful moments in the company of nature. 

You can enjoy your free hours immersing yourself in large city farms, Victorian cemeteries, or woodlands and wetlands. 

Riding a bike through the Olympic Park, purchasing fresh fruits from Mudchute Farm, swimming in the wild, or going birdwatching are all enjoyable activities. 

Explore Epping Forest for bluebells or spend some time alone reading in Tower Hamlets Cemetery. 

Go kayaking in Hackney Wick or stroll along the canal from Olympic Park to Victoria Park.

You will develop career-shaping skills at the University of East London, work with their industry partners, and explore various career pathways, possibilities, and companies. Whatever your goals are, UEL will work with you to make them a reality. 

If you think these 15 reasons are worthy enough to give you a better education and career, contact Global Reach Education Consultancy to start your application process. 

Get started with your UK study permit if you are ready to study at the University of East London!


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