We have all heard of the Statement of Purpose (SOP), but why is it so important? You might wonder how a few pages of the document can affect your prospect of studying abroad. Learn everything you need to know about SOP and the importance of a good Statement of Purpose. 
A SOP is a long article that is needed by colleges abroad and these days it serves as a portion of the admission application cycle. As the full type of SOP uncovers, a Statement of Purpose is an article expressing the reason for applying to a specific course in a specific college.
Canada is perceived as the land of opportunity that is immigrant-friendly with the availability of jobs in all disciplines. Despite the display of openness and acceptance, immigrants have a hard time landing a stable and well-paying job in the Great White North. The difficulty of finding work revolves around the Canadian work ethics, job recruitment system, and labor market.
A number of top universities in Canada bring thousands of students from different parts of the world. There are many options for students in Canada in terms of academic as well as non-academic disciplines.
Education consultancy is one of the central pillars for the student to pick the right overseas college. People depend on a consultant to provide information on any linked universities. They bridge the gap between a student and their dreams to pursue higher education.
Now it is the time of the year that you have to decide where to study. Have you been doing research or asking a friend about the best university? Are you reasoning out why you should learn?
Australia is a popular destination for international students, behind the United States and the UK. Growing number of students choose to study there because of cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high education quality.
Australia is a popular destination for Bhutanese students from around the world. International student studying in Australia is a booming business contributing over 10 billion AUD to the country's annual revenue. You have to wonder how easy it is to find a job in Australia for international students.
People are waiting for an opportunity to study abroad after high school. It is one of the exciting moments in life to explore a new place beyond your home. Choosing Canada as your destination for your education is the best and right choice. It provides you a platform for a better change in life.
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