Did you ever give a thought about studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia? You are not the only one. Melbourne is an excellent student city, with roughly one-third of the three-hundred thousand university students coming from abroad and shaping the city’s multicultural identity.
Australia houses a few highest level colleges and is presently one of the most favored academic objections on the planet. With an elite schooling framework and energizing vocation openings, this striking mainland is drawing in countless understudies from across the globe.
Are you looking for some fun and memorable places to visit? Pick Canada! Canada is one of the famous places that you cannot avoid. It is known for its stunning landscapes, beautiful lakes, and friendly people.
While studying abroad, there are various issues you will face. The issues can arise from any corner: the cultural shock, being homesick, and have trouble concentrating on your studies. Student life itself can be challenging, but leaving home to study in another country is the bigger issue.
Brisbane is a new world city and you will love studying in Brisbane for so many reasons. Its top-quality education, friendly environment, social diversity, and natural wonders are some of the reasons why students prefer Brisbane as their study destination. Here are 10 reasons why you should opt for Brisbane for your study endeavors:
ECU offers international students scholarships for both undergraduate and postgraduate. The scholarships provide 20% off your tuition fees, saving you 35,000 AUD. It will boost the university's reputation and encourage more future student enrollments by offering international students scholarships. Famous actor Hugh Jackman is one of the many well-established alumni from ECU.
Writing a good SOP sets you apart from other applicants, and it helps open doors for scholarships and job placements. Here are the five common mistakes made by students while writing SOP;
Statement of Purpose (SoP) is the vital letter of intent describing your personality, goals, and achievements for admission in a renowned university. The admission committee will evaluate your clarity of thoughts, passion, dedication, inspiration, and uniqueness for admission. The SoP clarifies the student's career path as per their professional interest.

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