Education consultancies help students who aspire to pursue higher studies. They help them make informed decisions on the choice of programs and colleges/institutes/universities outside Bhutan.
The United Kingdom is one of the most desired destinations to study for international students. Its unique blend of culture and world-renowned education institutions make it ideal for students to further expand their knowledge.
Are you planning to study abroad? Do you know which consultant is best for you? If you agree with the first and still doubt the second, following guidelines will help you find a suitable consultant.
New Zealand is considered one of the best study destinations. According to Immigration New Zealand figures, there are 38,954 international students.
The united kingdom is one of the foremost developed countries within the world. Their living standard, economy, and academic system are a number of the finest.
Is the UK expensive for Bhutanese  International students at the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is one of the most […]
How many Universities are there in the United Kingdom? Image of central London by the Big Ben Introduction There are […]
Choosing the right education institutes is essential if you want to make your way more clear and concrete. It takes a lot of time and effort to make sure you are making the right choice of where to go.
Let’s explore and find out a few interesting facts about Australia
Canberra is the perfect choice with its’ vibrant and safe city welcoming students from all over the world. Australia’s national capital got its name from the word “Canberry,” owing to its significance of being a ‘meeting place’ for people from all walks of life.

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