7 Good Reasons To Choose Canada As Your Study Destination

Canada = One Of The Best Study Destinations

When choosing a study destination, students look at various form factors such as living standard, cost-effectiveness, and standard of education being provided. Whatever the reasons may be, any international students pursuing to study abroad make sure that they apply at one of the finest institutions and countries as a whole. 

There are many such countries to choose from such as the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States of America. Apart from those mentioned countries, Canada is rapidly gaining popularity as a study destination amongst various students worldwide. In addition to the high-quality Canadian education system, Canada also provides numerous job prospects and vibrant culture. 

Since you have come reading this far, let us look at the 7 reasons why choose Canada as a study destination.

1.World-Class Education

One Of The Best Countries To Offer Education Services

If you have something world-class, people are sure to talk about you. From the study’s perspective, education in Canada is undoubtedly in a great place thanks to its world-class education. We all need high-quality education. Many of us strive for it no matter how much it costs, regardless of the county, and we don’t hesitate at all. This is another reason people move to the best counties and Canada is one of them.

Canada gives great importance to education and maintains very high educational standards. Degrees from Canadian universities are recognized worldwide and highly valued in the international job market. Canada is known for its research-intensive universities. 

Canadian colleges and universities offer all kinds of programs in different fields, be it engineering, IT, healthcare, agriculture, sports, management, accounting, business, mining, petroleum, renewable energy, or others. Just relax and I am sure you can find the relevant program you need in Canada.
2.Gain Work Experience After Graduation

2.Gain Work Experience After Graduation

Work After Studies? How Cool Is That?

Students tend to put careers above everything and that is of course stressful. Whether it’s a freelance job or a corporate job, everyone needs to feel safe and confident about the future. Now, as an international student, it might bother you even more. When you move to another country, you are spending so much money and time. 

In the previous paragraph, we explained how you can benefit from the worldwide recognition of a degree in Canada. This means that you will acquire the right skills during your studies: participation in events, workshops, additional online or offline training courses, and much more. Building a professional network is critical to helping you find a decent job or starting your business after graduation. 

Fortunately, the Canadian government also offers post-graduate job opportunities to keep them in the country itself. International students can stay in the country for several years after completing their studies. Canada is one of the few nations that offers employment opportunities for students who have studied in Canadian universities and earned a Canadian degree.

Canada work program or Canada work permit also allows international students to work off-campus while studying if they meet all the criteria such as being a full-time student in a designated learning institution. They will get to work 20 hours per week. For more information, please follow the given link: 


3. Experience Tech Advancement Like Never Before

Experience Best Tech Canada Has To Offer

Canada is an international leader in information and computing technology and has a reputation for excellence in industries such as telecommunications, animation, transportation, and engineering. Canada is specifically advanced in aerospace, urban transportation, microelectronics, medical devices, advanced software, hydropower and nuclear energy, lasers and optoelectronics, biotechnology, etc. 

Canada was one of the first countries in the world to recognize the need to add schools and libraries to the Internet, and its SchoolNet program is being copied worldwide. All kinds of modern conveniences are provided and most of the sites are connected to the most advanced technologies the world has to offer.

Why is it so important? As a student, you want to access certain data and information for research and study purposes. In addition to the Internet, universities allow students to learn different technologies in different fields to stay focused and up-to-date in the industry.

4. Enjoy Better Quality Of Life – Peace And Affordable

Peace And Affordable Living? It’s A Bargain 

Canada has consistently been rated as one of the safest nations in the world. In 2018, Canada was listed as the sixth peaceful country in the world in the Global Peace Index. As an international student living in Canada, you enjoy the same rights as any other Canadian. Quality of life also leads to basic living needs like clean air, clean water, and less population/competition, a sense of space, etc. There are also other aspects of life like access to first-class medical care, good educational infrastructure, etc.

Tuition in Canada is significantly cheaper compared to universities in other popular study destinations. This is a big reason why so many students are showing a great deal of interest in Canada. When you look at the return on investment and consider the wonderful job opportunities – both part-time and full-time, this is a great option for any international student. Qualified students can also apply for a variety of scholarships to help reduce the cost of education. Life in Canada for any international student is indeed a joyful experience.

5. Enjoy Multicultural Environment

Get To Know People From Around The Globe

Apart from the whole “Study In Canada”, one can experience a multicultural environment with people of all religions, races, and cultures. The people of Canada are very friendly and welcoming. The multicultural environment offers students the opportunity to interact with people of all backgrounds and ethnicities. There are numerous communities and associations that you can belong to that feel at home when you are away. 

The multicultural environment will help you find restaurants that serve traditional and ethnic food to your liking. You can contact your international student advisor for information about the club or ethnic group you can join. Immerse yourself in the homely feeling of the country to which you belong. 

No wonder Canada has the seventh-largest student population in the world, with 2.65,000 international students at various levels of education.
6. Accessible Canadian Student Visa Process

6. Accessible Canadian Student Visa Process

Easy And Understandable Visa Procedure

One of the main reasons Canada is a growing international student destination is the transparent and accessible visa application process for international students. 

To apply for any study programs such as a bachelor’s degree at a Canadian university, you will typically need to go to the page application form to upload several required documents which include: 

  • Your education transcripts such as high school/diploma results 
  • The completed application form 
  • Your CV 
  • Your letter of intent 
  • Proof of proficiency in English or French (in Francophone areas)
  • Proof that you can support yourself financially during your studies

7. Various Immigration Opportunities

Immigration Opportunities? Really? Just Pack Your Bags

Since international students spend a lot of time in Canada, I think they are the perfect option to become future Canadians. You will have enough time to understand Canadian culture during your studies. They also have up to three years to understand the work culture in Canada and the requirements for success after graduation. 

If you want to live permanently in Canada, the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) offers you a platform for this. More information is available at www.canada.ca. 

According to the IRCC, Canada approved the entry of around 356,875 students from around the world in 2018. Canada for its higher education and interest in Canada is essentially increasing every year. 

Canada is a beautiful country to choose from as a study destination. Living in Canada won’t be an issue for any international student. Having seen the factors such as world-class education, opportunity to gain work experience after graduation, learning various tech advancements, enjoying both quality of life and multicultural environment, and various opportunities for immigration; shows why international students prefer Canada. With the rapid increase in the number of international students booking a place in Canada, now is the best time to apply.

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