Universities in Canberra
universities in Canberra

Canberra, Australia’s bustling capital city is full of opportunity and the perfect launching pad for International students. universities in Canberra offer excellent work opportunities, as the city values education, innovation, and forward-thinking.

It is dotted with a number of prestigious universities with a global reputation for excellence in research and education.

Ready to study at one of the top universities in Canberra? Here are the top 8 reasons to study at one of the top universities in Canberra.

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1. World-Class Education at Top Universities in Canberra 

Universities in Canberra
Study in Australia, Canberra

The universities in Canberra emphasize international students’ learning experiences and foster a student-friendly approach to encourage an inclusive learning environment.

You will have access to immersive learning experiences that are centered around research, resulting in professional and employable graduates year after year. You will also have countless opportunities to study and undertake experiments on your core courses. 

Canberra’s universities offer online courses, educational analytics, and cutting-edge technology to help international students become as knowledgeable in their fields as possible.

2. Academic Programs

Universities in Canberra
Pick a course that best fits their career goals

Whether you are looking to study for your Bachelor’s, Master’s Doctoral Degree, or other studies, universities in Canberra offer students a wide range of world-class courses. 

With 1000+ undergraduate, research degrees, and postgraduate courses spanning 100+ fields of study, students can choose a course that best fits their career goals.

The universities in Canberra encourage and combine the skills, understandings, and values connected with a specific course and its professional use. 

Furthermore, the universities in Canberra provide several flexible learning courses and practical experience to help students succeed in a competitive environment.

3. Future Job Opportunities

Universities in Canberra
Exciting career opportunities in Universities in Canberra!

Canberra is a friendly city that welcomes people from all walks of life, and thus international students can expect to get exciting career opportunities in both the public and private sectors. 

If you are one of the thousands of students who complete your education at a university in Canberra, you will be highly regarded by multinational firms looking to hire Canberra graduates.

Most graduates who study in Canberra successfully make it to a bright career with high starting salaries.

4. Australia’s Most Educated City

Universities in Canberra
Study at world-renowned Universities in Canberra!

Canberra is known as one of Australia’s most educated cities. 

It is home to several world-renowned universities including The University of Canberra and Australian Catholic University, with students accounting for 25% of the population.

Graduates who complete their studies at these universities are eligible for a three-year stay-back period.

5. Fun Learning Activities

Universities in Canberra
Dine at award-winning restaurants!

Apart from providing world-class education, studying at one of Canberra’s top universities provides students with the ideal academic and social life balance.

You can explore national galleries, museums, scientific centers, or the famous NASA Deep Space Tracking Station which is just minutes from Canberra’s outskirts.

You can dine at award-winning restaurants or casual cafes throughout the city and suburbs with your mates to truly enjoy everything Canberra has to offer. 

The beautiful city also provides international students with the opportunity to experience the Australian lifestyle. This includes homestays and enjoying Canberra’s parklands, natural reserves, lakes, and hills as you take in Canberra’s clear and sunny sky.

6. Affordable and Sustainable Lifestyle

Universities in Canberra
Clean and sustainable city!

Canberra has consistently been ranked as one of Australia’s most liveable cities, making it an ideal city for students to learn and enjoy university life. 

Canberra is one of the world’s few well-planned cities in the world that offers affordable and sustainable lifestyles.  

Canberra provides a high quality of life that is significantly less expensive than other popular cities in Australia, making it a highly appealing destination for international students studying at one of the top universities in Canberra.

The city’s skyline is framed by lush green mountains, farmlands, and forests, and nature reserves and parks cover approximately 53% of the city’s total area.

7. Student Nightlife

Universities in Canberra
Combination of Academics and Nightlife

Canberra does have the ideal combination of academics and student nightlife.

March is a very exciting month, luring you to laugh at the Canberra Comedy Festival, experience the light displays of Enlighten, view the city from above at the Canberra Balloon Spectacular, and admire fireworks on the edge of Lake Burley Griffin at Skyfire. 

During Canberra’s historic Floriade festival in spring, over a million flower bulbs create a dazzling show of color across Commonwealth Park, bringing nearly half a million visitors each year. 

8. Work While You Study

Universities in Canberra
Internships and casual work as a student
  • Internships and work experience

Many of Australia’s leading government agencies and private companies call Canberra home. They have strong connections with universities in Canberra. This means you’ll find a great mix of internship and work experience opportunities in public and private organizations.

  • Part-time and casual work

Part-time jobs are easy to find if you want to work while you study. It’s a great way to earn money to help with your living expenses. 

You’ll have regular working hours and days each week if you work part-time. Casual employees have shifts that vary depending on the company’s needs.

Important Note: Student visas allow international students to:

  • work for up to 40 hours every fortnight (two weeks) during course time
  • work for unrestricted hours during scheduled course breaks

Canberra is one of the top cities in the world for international students to study. The city offers numerous academic and off-campus lifestyle possibilities. 

It is home to top research universities, national galleries, museums, and scientific centers.

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