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TOEFL examination, TOEFL preparation, TOEFL success
Test of English as a Foreign Language!

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language, and it is accepted by universities across the globe. So, if you want to study in an English-speaking country and want to do TOEFL Preparation, you’ll need to take an English proficiency test like the TOEFL.

TOEFL examination is essential for university admissions, therefore, non-native English speakers must perform well. With the right TOEFL strategies, you can easily achieve your desired score.

There are four sections: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. It evaluates your capability to use English in an academic environment, and your score is valid for two years.

This blog will discuss 9 Effective TOEFL Preparation Strategies to improve your  TOEFL examination and vocabulary.

Even if you use a variety of TOEFL strategies, practice is the most important key to your success! 

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1. Set a TOEFL Score You Want to Achieve

TOEFL examination, TOEFL preparation, TOEFL success
Identify your strong and weak points!

You must decide upon a target score that meets the requirements of the academic university you are applying for.

If you have a specified bandwidth you want to achieve, you can effectively identify your strong and weak points and curate the right TOEFL preparation strategy accordingly. 

2. Familiarize yourself with the TOEFL format

TOEFL examination, TOEFL preparation, TOEFL success
Understand the test format

Most students experience exam stress because they don’t know what to expect before a test. 

Prevent stress on exam day by studying the test format in detail. TOEFL examination has very clear standards regarding the format of its test.

Most countries now offer the Internet-based TOEFL (iBT). A few offer only the paper-based test (PBT). Make sure you find out which test you will be taking before you start studying for the TOEFL. 

3. Find an experienced TOEFL tutor  

TOEFL examination, TOEFL preparation, TOEFL success
TOEFL preparation with Chhundu Training Institute(CTI)

If you should find a professional tutor if you lack organizational skills and need help with English vocabulary and grammar for the TOEFL test.

Tests like TOELF assess the level of proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening at a university level and have different structures and approaches. 

For example, TOEFL is based on multiple-choice tests, given four hours to complete your TOEFL test.

Thus, pay attention to the areas of expertise described in a tutor’s profile and remember that one person cannot be good in all existing tests simultaneously.

Ensure you understand each question type and the strategies for answering them before taking the TOEFL iBT. Enroll in CTI coaching classes, and work with our certified tutors with decades of experience so you can achieve a high band score on your actual test day.

4. Clean your schedule from background tasks

TOEFL examination, TOEFL preparation, TOEFL success
Work on your schedule for TOEFL success

Work on your schedule to remove all background distractions and devote yourself to continuous preparation. 

However, a good practice is to prepare by dividing your day into four parts of the test activities (reading, listening, writing, and speaking). Most tutors recommend spending 4-5 hours a day on preparation if you strive to grow your TOEFL vocabulary list.


5. Learn to Take Notes

TOEFL examination, TOEFL preparation, TOEFL success
TOEFL preparation strategy!

This is one of the important TOEFL preparation tips since missing out on key details throughout the different exam sections can result in losing valuable marks. 

Train yourself to take notes by putting down pointers, especially during the listening, speaking, and writing sections.

6. Answer every question

TOEFL examination, TOEFL preparation, TOEFL success

Never leave a question blank while giving your TOEFL examination. Eliminate all the answers you know are wrong and then make an educated guess. You have a 25% chance of getting the correct answer. 

When you finish a section or question, try to put it out of your mind. Whether you are reading, listening, or answering a question, put all of your concentration on the task at hand.

7. Find new synonyms and create categories.

TOEFL examination, TOEFL preparation, TOEFL success
Vocabulary for the TOEFL examination!

Find the list of the most common vocabulary for TOEFL, look through half of it but do not start learning unknown vocabularies because you won’t be able to memorize all of them without a specific context. 

Put 7 to 10 categories of the most common words you meet in other TOEFL vocabulary lists, for example, Food, Travelling, Personality, etc. 

Mark words you know well and put them at the beginning of each line. You may not remember all the definitions, but if you connect them to those you know already, you’ll have a chance to retrieve necessary data from your brain during the exam following the chain of related words.

8. Use practice tests

TOEFL examination, TOEFL preparation, TOEFL success
Practice mock tests!

The best way to prepare for the TOEFL examination is to practice doing mock tests. If you are taking a TOEFL preparation class, your tutors will provide you with plenty of material.

Work on sections that you find most challenging. Don’t rely on one paper or book. Look for free samples on the Internet to supplement your textbook. Make sure the question types are up to date.

CTI can take you through every step of your TOEFL preparation right through exam day. Join our platform for detailed grammar exercises, TOEFL-specific sample exercises, TOEFL mock tests, and full practice papers.

9. Practice with your senses and emotions

TOEFL examination, TOEFL preparation, TOEFL success
Practice using senses and emotion!

The common practice of a primary school teacher is to describe a word to children using senses or emotions. Unfortunately, when growing up, we start ignoring this method, although it allows retaining words longer than cramming.

With this approach, you can remember the more significant part of TOEFL’s essential vocabulary. 

For instance, when you encounter a new word “adversely” – in an opposing manner, you can address your senses with this word by shaking your head for “Yes” and then for “No.” 

Do not try to find some original interpretations since you may not recall a word with a complicated association at the critical moment.

Everyone has different learning techniques that work. Find out which ones the for you and plan your TOEFL preparation accordingly. 

Finally, there are hundreds of free resources like TOEFL preparation exercises to train your listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills.  

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