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Statement of Purpose (SOP) to study in Australia

The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is important to consider if you plan to study/work abroad. A well-written SOP helps your application stand out from the crowd and allows you to pursue your dream to study in Australia. Your SOP becomes a deciding factor in whether you are admitted to your preferred Australian university in addition to your accomplishments, grades, and experiences. 

A statement of purpose allows you to communicate directly with the decision-making authorities. 

By stating why you want to study in Australia, you can persuade Australian immigration officials and the Australian university to grant you admission to your top choice of university. 

We’ve detailed the guidelines, tips, and requirements to help you craft your SOP to study in Australia and stand out from the crowd of thousands of applications in writing an engaging SOP to secure your application acceptance.

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University Requirements On SOP For Australia

Study In Australia
Study In Australia with Global Reach

Most Australian universities require a personal statement or a sample SOP for an Australian student visa. 

Though there are exceptions, they generally require a 1000-word SOP for you to study in Australia from Bhutan.

For Undergraduates: Australian universities are looking for motivation and vision, particularly in their Australia SOP from an undergraduate. 

All you have to do is explain how you became interested in your selected course and how it will help you in your academic and professional development. 

Note: Remember to explain why you chose to study in Australia over the others!

For Postgraduate: Postgraduate applicants can delve deeper into the technicalities because they must have relevant experience. 

This experience can be professional, such as work experience, or personal, such as academic or real-world implementations.

Focus on your role in projects and how it relates to your course. Ensure you only include some details of your projects in the SOP for an Australia student visa. 

In addition, your work history should be well described, including your title, skills acquired, and qualities developed or proved while working. 

Discuss how your career will be shaped by your MS degree and any other degrees you may have. Focus on why you want to pursue an MS in a particular field or other courses if there is no prompt.

SOP Writing Guidelines 

Study In Australia
SOP Writing Guidelines to study in Australia

Australian universities do not frequently request statements of purpose, but they occasionally are required for graduate and bachelor’s degrees in business, the arts, and education. 

An SOP for Australia differs from the others as the content must be factual rather than narrative.

An SOP to study in Australia should be at least three pages unless specifically instructed. 

You must write it yourself and ensure that all information in the statement is supported by supporting documentation for your SOP to get approved to study in Australia.

When applying for the Australian visa subclass 500 as part of the Genuine Temporary Entrant program, you must provide proof of all submitted documents (GTE). 

Note: Also, state that you intend to stay in the country only for the duration of the program.

How To Write SOP For Australia?

Study In Australia
Write an SOP to study in Australia

If you are wondering how to write an SOP to study in Australia, here’s your answer. 

These steps will help you design an impressive format for your SOP to study in Australia from Bhutan. 

1. A Brief Introduction 

Proceed with your Australia SOP by introducing yourself. How did you become interested in the field in which you intend to pursue your Master’s or Bachelor’s degree? Mention any topics, incidents, or stories piqued your interest in the program.

2. Personal and financial information 

Provide information about your family background, earning members, employment, financial history, occupations of all members, income, assets/properties/investments, and so on, as well as details of foreign assets.

3. Educational Background

Give a proper explanation for any backlogs, year gaps, or low scores (if any), as well as your 10th and 12th-grade grades and undergraduate experience.

4. Work experience/internships (if any)

You can discuss your roles and key takeaways relevant to your master’s goal for the work experience.

5. Specified course and its purpose for a Master’s or Bachelor’s

State your career goals and how the master’s/course bachelor’s will help you achieve your goals/global employability.

6. Reasons for choosing Australia

Why not Bhutan? Why not other countries? Try connecting it to the paragraph where you said why Australia.

7. Reasons for Choosing a University

Mention the program that is provided. Why this particular university? You can discuss funds, accommodation, and travel costs for the entire duration, prove financial capability for at least one year of stay + tuition + travel expenses, and other universities/country commitments.

Tips for Writing SOP to Study In Australia

Study In Australia
Improve your SOP to study in Australia

Application processing takes time, and any refusals will force you to reapply by reworking your SOP. So, in your first application, strive to write the best SOP possible.

These suggestions will help you improve your SOP to study in Australia visa/university admission.

  • Remember that the same statement of purpose for an Australian student visa can be used to apply for a university.
  • Avoid saying that you want to stay in Australia in the statement of purpose for an Australian student visa. Instead, establish emotional and financial ties to your home country and mention how much your income will improve after completing your Master’s/Bachelor’s/PhD.
  • If you have an academic setback, please mention it. Elucidate how you grew stronger after the setback and spent that time productively in your statement of purpose for Australian universities.
  • If an SOP for Australia is very detail-oriented and straightforward, add enough anecdotes/inspiration/back story wherever required.
  • Write the SOP samples for Australia in a formal, first-person, and direct tone.
  • To avoid plagiarism, edit and proofread your SOP for an Australia student visa/university several times.
  • A GTE aims to ensure that you have supported all of your claims, so make sure everything listed here was submitted when applying for a visa.

After deciding to study in Australia, check the official website for the course you want to undertake. 

Look for the SOP requirement details in the course section and write an SOP to meet their criteria by answering their questions. 

Make sure to base your SOP for an Australia student visa on the above information.

Do you want to study in Australia but don’t know where to begin?

Before getting in touch with Global Reach, read Australia Study Visa Requirements for Bhutanese Students.


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