A Step By Step Guide To Studying Abroad

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Steps to study abroad

Many youths who have completed high school and undergraduate dream of studying abroad. However, about half of them forget the idea merely due to the entire process.  Let’s admit that the process may not be quick and easy, but the fact is, it is not only the difficulty of the process that drives your dream of studying abroad further away. In most cases, it happens due to the lack of proper guidance and adequate knowledge. So, to help you through your journey of studying abroad, we have prepared a comprehensive step-by-step guide. This article includes all the information and guidance that will fulfill your dream of studying abroad.

Step 1: Determine and Prepare your Budget 

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Estimate your budget to study abroad

Studying abroad is fun, life-changing, and eye-opening. But, it is not easy when it comes to financing. You can find cheaper destinations, but make sure you have a concrete budget plan. Research your desired destination and arrange the budget beforehand. Find out about the destination’s currency, living standard, study fees, and estimate the expenditure. 

Step 2: Choose Your Destination

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Choose your destination

Studying abroad is not a small decision, so don’t make hasty choices. You are planning to move to a new place where you have never been. Understand yourself and contemplate if you can acclimatize to the new place. Choosing an appropriate study destination will also depend on your budget. Ultimately, you will have to select a place which you can afford. It is also crucial to consider your health status while selecting a destination. For example, if you are extremely allergic to cold places, you may suffer from hypothermia in Canada. So, think smart and choose your destination wisely.

Step 3: Sit for English language Test

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Sit for TOEFL iBT at Chhundu Training Institute in Thimphu

You will require evidence of English language proficiency to study in English-taught universities. Don’t have an English language proficiency score sheet? Hurry up and register at the nearest test center available at your place. You can sit for the globally accepted test programs like TOEFL iBT, IELTS, etc. if you are Bhutanese planning to study abroad, take the TOEFL iBT test at Chhundu Training Center in Thimphu. 

Step 4: Select Your Education Course

You may already have a field of study that you want to continue abroad. If you don’t, decide now and choose what you want to study when you reach your destination. Your selected destination will offer you a list of institutions/universities and the available courses. You may come across several institutions that offer your preferred courses. Choosing the course you want to pursue when you reach your destination is all in your hand. 

Step 5: Apply at Multiple Institutions/Universities

Although you might have top grades, high test scores, and an excellent personal statement, you should not narrow your options. Applying to one university offers you a very slim chance of being accepted. We never know; there are tons of intellectuals trying to study abroad just like you. Don’t stick to one university that you like. Apply to multiple universities to increase your chance of getting accepted. Almost 80 % of the steps to study abroad are over now.

Step 6: Confirm after Receiving Mail from the University/Institution

This is the best part of following the steps to study abroad. The hard work is done, now you receive a response from a university. Finally, you are accepted to study in one of the universities. Now, all you have to do is finalize your decision and accept. If you are accepted to multiple institutions, make a wise decision and choose the best one for you.

Step 7: Apply for Student VISA

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Apply for a student visa

A student visa is mandatory for every student applying to study abroad. Applying for a student visa is a crucial step to study abroad – you can complete your studies for the allowed time frame without a problem. You will need to provide a medical fitness certificate, security clearance, passport, statement of purpose, and enrollment letter to apply for a student visa. Gather your documents and apply for a student visa as soon as you receive the enrollment letter from the university.  

Step 8: Arrange Accommodations 

What Will My Dormitory Be Like at a US University?

University offer dorm rooms for international students

Before you reach your destination, make necessary arrangements for accommodation. Most universities offer dormitories for international students, and it is relatively affordable than renting an apartment. Besides, it is a perfect opportunity to get familiar with the university campus. However, you can rent a flat around the university areas as long as you have enough money. 


There you go! These are the crucial steps to study abroad. If you want to grab your seat at one of the universities abroad, follow these steps and seek guidance from an education consultancy. A reputed education consultancy will guide you through the process and help you fly abroad!


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