Canadian Visa Concerns

The prospect of traveling and studying abroad is alluring. Canada has always been a popular place for Bhutanese who want to pursue quality education. It is considered as one of the best countries to study with top universities and one of the safest countries to live in. It offers many opportunities to learn, experience a multicultural environment, and provide high living standards to its visitors. 

There are several ways to enter the country, and a Canadian student visa is one of them. It is a legal authorization that allows you to enter and study in the country. You will have to go through formalities and exams to get the visa, which can prove stressful to many. Let us at Global Reach reduce the stress and help you with the Canadian Immigration process. Here is how we can increase positive visa outcomes with our experienced team. 

  • Statement of purpose (SOP)

Make your SOP stand out with Global Reach

 A statement of purpose remains the most crucial element for university admission and visa lodgment. It is a written testimony of who you are, what influenced your career path, personal and professional interests, and your future goals. The SOP is one of the only documents that you have absolute control over, and depending on how you write it, it can make or break your visa application. Through our specialized SOP team, you can count on us to make your statement of purpose look amazing.

  • Finance

Prove you are financially stable and can pay for yourself 

 When you lodge for a Canadian student visa, you will be required to produce a bank statement. You need proof that you are financially stable and you can pay for your course fees and support yourself during your stay in Canada. Demonstrate that you have more than enough funds to support yourself throughout your stay in Canada. This includes standard Canadian cost of living and partner or children. 

 Note: Make your bank balance look genuine, and avoid transferring a considerable amount in your account right before printing your statement. Doing so will raise suspicion and possibly reject your visa lodgment because of it.

  • Ties to your home country 

Give them reasons to believe you will return to Bhutan after graduation 

 Applying for a student visa isn’t just about your interest in the country or the course. You need to give them several reasons regarding your plans to return to Bhutan. The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) needs to be convinced about your intention after your visa ends. You can extend your visa, but that too will have an expiration date. You have to give them compelling reasons that tie you to your home country to reduce Canada’s visa refusal chances. Address your wishes to return through your statement of purpose.  

The best way to make this statement stronger is by telling them about what you will do in Bhutan or for Bhutan once you conclude your studies.  

 Mention reasons such as returning to a job and family or joining a family business to make your case stronger. 

  • Language proficiency 

IELTS is a must before applying to a university 

 Just like Australia and America, you need to take a reading, listening, and writing test in English before you prepare for a visa application. Different courses require different test scores; to secure good scores in language tests, you have the option to seek help from approved and licensed institutes. There are a few institutions that provide coaching classes for language proficiency tests. Getting good scores is a significant part of securing a seat because it proves that you can read, listen, and speak English with no issue. If you get an average score, you will be required to take a foundation course to improve your skills-but only if you get a Canadian student visa. 

  • Provide proper and accurate supporting documents 

Submit supporting documents

 Visa concerns for Canada will rise if you don’t submit proper and accurate documents to the embassy. Attach relevant documents that support your statement of purpose and transcript copies from your school. When you send incomplete forms to the immigration office, your file goes back to the bottom of the pile. Let our team look into your files to reduce the risk of Canada visa refusal; our team will inform you if you are missing anything and help you out in every capacity. 

Also, make sure your documents are correct because they communicate transparency and prevent violation of fraudulent document s policy. You need to prove what you are claiming in your papers by submitting supporting certificates. Failure to provide evidence will lead to visa rejection.

  • Medical certificate and security clearance

Security clearance and medical certificate for Canadian student visa

 A medical certificate and security clearance is a must when you apply for a student visa in Canada. At Global Reach, we are experts when it comes to what types of medical examinations are required. A medical certificate helps the immigration know that you are in good health to study in Canada and won’t put their public health system. A clean security clearance proves that you aren’t a threat to their country or have past criminal records. 

  • Re-application 

Check the reasons for refusal and make your case compelling, while re-applying

 If your Canadian student visa or other visa has been canceled or rejected in the past, then your visa application will take longer to process. The immigration office has to go through all the documents and recheck them. When you are re-applying for a student visa, check why it was denied the first time. Student visas are denied if you wish to bring your partner and children with you; this raises suspicion and won’t show ties to your country. In this case, prove to the immigration officer that you have family in Bhutan that you will return to after completing your program. 

 Start from the beginning when you re-apply and make your case stronger, check the reasons for rejection. At Global Reach, we can help you with student visa re-application. 

  • Choice of program

Choice of program matters

Student visas get denied if the choice of the program doesn’t match with what you’ve studied. If you have a background in Arts and you want to pursue mechanical engineering, it will raise a red flag to the visa officer. If this is you, then you have to explain why you want to study this specific program. If it is relevant to your job, you need to make it clear in your purpose statement. This helps minimize the chances of Canada visa refusal.
These are the main 8 Canadian visa concerns for Bhutanese who want to study in Canada. Get the chance to learn from the best universities through Global Reach. Reach out today and get your Canadian student visa now. 

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