Does OSHC cover Covid 19?

Does OSHC cover Covid 19?

OSHC stands for Overseas Health Cover

OSHC stands for Overseas Student Health Cover, a health insurance to help international students cover medical costs in case of illnesses or accidents. Activating your OSHC, you are immediately covered for medical expenses, while you’re studying in Australia. 

OSHC keeps you against medical treatment costs when you get sick or have an accident, costing thousands of dollars. Students who hold OSHC policy are covered for hospital and medical services, including GP visits, pathology tests, PBS prescription medicines, and emergency treatment. Some also cover mental health services such as counseling or seeing a psychiatrist through a GP care plan.

As the Covid-19 situation keeps evolving, Global Reach offers you an update on your OSHC covers during the pandemic. You must know what your OSHC policy covers and Covid-19 does not hinder any of the benefits associated with your OSHC cover. Global Reach is an internationally recognized network that offers a wide range of services for international students:

  • Fast and free OSHC health insurance quote online
  • Provide useful information regarding OSHC.
  • Register and make online payments conveniently.
  • An insurance certificate to help you submit your VISA quickly
  • Important information before departure to Australia; OSHC policy, membership card, Health Care System, Health clinics, and the nearest OSHC office in Australia.
  • Follow up and 24/7 assistance.

Some of the OSHC healthcare services:

OSHC health care services for international students

  • Medical services by a general practitioner (GP )
  • In-out hospital treatment
  • Prescription medicine
  • Ambulance services.

 What is covered?

What is covered?

OSHC provides you all the medical services similar to the benefits Australians receive from Medicare ( the public health benefits for Australian citizens and permanent residents). It also helps you access private hospitals, emergency ambulance services, and pharmaceuticals.

#1. Allianz Global Assistance (AGA)

OSHC covers Allianz Global Assistance

The AGA OSHC policyholders are eligible for this particular cover, including hospital treatment, GP visits, Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), and emergency treatment.

#2. Medicare Benefits Schedule

Get a Medical Benefits Schedule that would help you cover outpatient services

The benefits will be provided if the service has an MBS (Medicare Benefits Schedule) item number assigned to it and if a member is covered for Outpatient services. The benefits will be provided in line with the product and admission criteria if a member gets admitted to the hospital for Covid-19 treatment.

#3. Visit a Local Doctor (General Practitioner) 

It always advisable to visit a GP if you have Covid-19 signs and symptoms

If a student gets ill or shows any kind of Covid-19 symptoms, they should see GP (General Practitioner) and outpatient pathology to cover the fee. They provide testing for Covid-19.

#4. Will the OSHC Cover Covid-19 Positive Case?

And what if you test positive for Covid-19?

If a student tests positive for Covid-19, could it be covered? Do they need to check the waiting period? The waiting period would be reviewed to ensure no signs and symptoms before joining and other claiming criteria or legislation. OSHC will pay the cost of the consultation, laboratory testing for Covid-19, and other specialist services, such as pathology testing as listed on the MBs, when visiting a GP.

CBHS (Charter Behavioral Health Systems)

CBHS Health Fund |

Charter Behavioral Health Systems

CBHS OSHC covers students’ medical and hospital services. It includes virtual doctors, face-to-face doctors, prescription medicines, pathology, radiology, and hospital treatment. E.g., Your pathology tests will be covered up to 100% of MBS fees, except for services where an exclusion applies.

#5. OSHC’s Special conditions for the clients

OSHC’s Special conditions for the clients

Most of the time, the symptoms go away without any treatment. If the situation gets worse, or you stay in a hotel or home is not a suitable option, you may have to get admitted into the hospital. Screening and treatment for Covid-19 will be free of charge in some states of Australia when provided at a Public Health Organisation. Where this is not the case, your OSHC will help in following the procedures by paying for eligible (terms and conditions may be different for each OSHC provider):

  • Emergency ambulance services
  • Accident and emergency department charges in a Public or Private hospital
  • Outpatient clinic services required for follow up consultations in a Public hospital
  • Private patient accommodation in a Public or Private hospital for included services
  • Doctor’s charges for in-hospital services as listed on MBS
  • Prescription-only pharmaceuticals (subject to applicable policy limits, co-payments, and per item benefits).

Note: If you start to feel unwell and you’re currently abroad and covered by OSHC, stay at home and call your doctor or a health phone service such as 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) for advice first. All OSHC providers cover general practitioner (GP) visits. 

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