Five reasons to study in Canada

People are waiting for an opportunity to study abroad after high school. It is one of the exciting moments in life to explore a new place beyond your home. Choosing Canada as your destination for your education is the best and right choice. It provides you a platform for a better change in life. Add this advanced and wonderful country to your bucket list for your studies. It is going to be fun being part of Canada. 

Canada is about learning and working at the same time. The education system in Canada is incredible and worth paying for. The degree from Canadian top universities is well recognized and accepted globally. The cost of studying in Canada is affordable. 

Apart from that, the best approachable education consultancy in Bhutan is Global Reach. They help you in documenting processes for further studies. Here are five reasons why you must choose Canada for your studies: 

  • Good quality of education
Study of the U.S. Institutes for Scholars (SUSIs) for Scholars Summer 2019  | U.S. Embassy in Chile

Canada has a well-established position among the world’s leading study destinations

One of the most important factors determining the selection of a college for our studies would be the quality of education provided by a particular institute. Canadian universities are renowned for their excellence in academics and recognition worldwide. It is a fact that about 26 Canadian universities rank in the QS World University Ranking 2019, and 27 of their universities rank in The World University Rankings 2019. The high quality in terms of education is what attracts many students to Canada to pursue further studies.

Colleges and universities in Canada are fantastic, and so are the graduates. They have internationally renowned institutions and top professors you will love to study. They offer several courses you can choose based on your interest. It will change your life, difficult to believe, but it is true. 

  • Cultural diversity 
Canada: A beacon of multiculturalism and welcome for the world | Salt and  Light Catholic Media Foundation

The long tradition of an open immigration policy has made Canada one of the most ethnically diverse nations on earth

Canada is a country that consists of humble and welcoming people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The various people in Canada are one reason people feel comfortable and quickly adapt to the environment. People with different cultures and lifestyles exist; this also helps you not feel alienated since it’s a place that acknowledges differences much better than other foreign countries. Canada also promotes friendliness and peaceful living like no other countries. It’s common to see foreigners who study as well as work in Canada. So, you find yourself in an awkward place when studying and working as a foreigner.

  • Safe and peaceful
40 Best Places To Visit In Canada (With Photos) For 2021 Vacay!

Canada known as a friendly, peace-loving, and secure place in which to live

Studying in a place that is much safer and does not engage in any kind of terrorism or civil war would be a great factor to attract scholars for studying. Canada is just that ideal place everyone would love to come to. The Global Peace Index of 2018 listed Canada as the sixth peaceful country across the world. Not only does not it provide peace, safety and tranquility but also that the international students get to enjoy the same rights as any other Canadians. 

  • Earn while studying
Pros and Cons of students working part-time while studying

International students can work up to 20 hours per week during their studies

Canada has a special regulation that allows international students to work for up to 20 hours every week during their semesters and full time during their summer and winter vacations. The earned money from part-time work can be spent on their living expenses and paying their tuition fee. The special regulation also allows the students to work on-campus and intern in companies without needing any additional work permit since the study permit can suffice for that purpose. What can be greater than a place that provides quality education means to earn and study at the same time? Canada is an ideal place for international students to learn. 

  • Co-curricular activities
Extracurricular Activities & Clubs at Wharton | Wharton MBA

The focus of our cocurricular programme is to provide opportunities for growth and learning that are fun, safe and engaging

Studying can be quite strenuous at the same time exhausting. Additional activities, if present, can make the study much more exciting and fun. Canadian university campuses provide different events, festivals, and other activities being conducted throughout the year. These continuous co-curricular activities in the campuses provide students with some space and opportunities to vent out or cope up with their daily study-related stress. This provides the students with ways to cope up and makes their stay in Canada memorable and fun-filled. Studying, along with exciting activities, can help to make students enjoy their study period worth it. 

Global Reach at your door

GlobalReach Welcome – GlobalReachBhutan

Looking for study options in Thimphu? Global Reach– Bhutan is an overseas educational consultants for study abroad located in Thimphu Bhutan

Let Global Reach be your favorite one in your diary. They will guide you to the next level of social growth with professional guidance related to your education. Your plan to study abroad will be fulfilled by this renowned consultancy, Global Reach, because it is the best and fastest gateway to your education dream. 

It is one way to approach if you are planning to move abroad for higher education. You will be advised on the courses as per your interest and choices. Trust a reputed consultancy that will take you toward your destination. It is the foremost leading education agent that provides you with counseling services for career opportunities. Global Reach provides options for top universities and the best courses you can choose on your own. Global Reach has a good relationship with multiple universities in Australia, Canada, the UK, the US, New Zealand, Singapore, and many more. It gives you optional scholarship opportunities as well. 

Explore a diverse world through your study and your exposure during your study period in Canada. It is recognized as one of the best countries globally and still the best country in terms of quality of life. Study in Canada and achieve an international education certificate from top universities.

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