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One of the most important things in the world is education. It is the only way to come out of the dark and into the light. It is the way to remove ignorance and replace it with knowledge. It is the way for each generation to learn from past mistakes and improve upon them. Providing free education is one of the most effective ways to increase global education.

Bhutan’s educational pattern and curriculum have to keep up with the latest and advanced technologies in the world. To encourage the students and the young people in the country to learn and be at par with the world education system, the education system in Bhutan has been improved and made more flexible and open to technology. Beginning at the age of five, all citizens of the country have the right to free education. This blog will be an insight into the system and understanding of free education in Bhutan.

People's right to free education in bhutan
People’s right to free education in bhutan

Bhutan’s Ministry of Education provides general education to children from pre-primary to Class 12 through primary education.

Primary education is free for six years to achieve universal access to this level of free education in Bhutan. Primary schools are inexpensive for parents, but some cannot send their children to school due to financial constraints. The government established the Bhutan Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper to improve primary education access and quality education in Bhutan to address this issue.

Secondary education is divided into two years of lower, middle, and upper secondary levels and lasts six years. Higher education comprises three-year degree programs that lead to a Bachelor’s degree and four-year degree programs that are part of higher technical education. Higher education courses are provided by the National Institute of Education, the Institute of Language and Cultural Studies, the National Institute of Health Sciences, the National Institute of Traditional Medicine, and a few reputed education consultants in Bhutan for studying abroad.

National programme for education consultants in bhutan
National programme for education consultants in Bhutan

A variety of other educational programs are also available in several schools. These include the adult literacy program, which aims to raise public awareness about the importance of education in one’s life, and the basic skills training program in secondary schools, which aims to make secondary education relevant to the needs of the government and society.

Quality education in bhutan
Quality education in bhutan

The idea of providing basic free education in Bhutan to all children is brilliant. This is due to some advantages, including guaranteed access to a basic level of education in Bhutan. This means that all students in the country will receive at least the most fundamental level of education. No one will be illiterate as a result of this free education in the Bhutan system.

With free education in Bhutan being the key to a better life, when children are educated, even at the most basic level, they increase their chances of supporting themselves and their families in the future. After completing the basic level of education, these students can enter the labor force or even become entrepreneurs or enroll in tertiary institutions for further studies. In either case, there will be an improvement in lifestyle, which is beneficial to the economy.

Even if they cannot further their free education in Bhutan, the fundamentals will enable them to mature into forward-thinking individuals. The fact that all children have equal access to high-quality education in Bhutan is advantageous to them. No matter how wealthy or poor your family is, free education levels the playing field for all children, giving everyone an equal opportunity to succeed.

Brighter future for children through free education in Bhutan
Brighter future for children through free education in Bhutan

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