Lambton College
Lambton College

For more than 50 years, Lambton College has supported Canadian and international students seeking higher education to kick-start their careers. 

The college was established in 1966, making it the second-oldest public college in Ontario. 

But despite being an old education institute, it has stayed up to date and pertinent to the needs of the current international employment market.

The college offers some of the most affordable tuition fees in Canada. With its practical instruction, state-of-the-art facilities, and opportunities for co-ops and internships, students can jumpstart their careers and acquire real-world work experience.

In addition to being able to work part-time and full-time during breaks from classes while attending Lambton, students can also apply for a post-graduate work visa good for up to three years. 

Let’s now get into what Lambton College offers and how you can proceed further with your registration at this prestigious college with Global Reach Bhutan.

A Brief Background About The College

Lambton College
A Brief Background About The College

Since its establishment, this multiracial educational institution in Sarnia, Toronto, and Mississauga has served students worldwide with high-quality education facilities and job opportunities after their degrees. 

Currently, Lambton College has 3500 international students and more than 10,000 students on campus. 

Lambton in Sarnia 

It is located close to Lake Huron and is the main campus of Lambton College. It’s the perfect location to learn about the Canadian culture and enjoy favorable weather. 

The campus offers 13 courses in 6 distinct subject areas, including science, law, paramedicine, IT, and Management. The South Building is the campus’s main building, where most classes are held. 

The college residence and event space, the Skilled Trades Centre, and the North Building are additional buildings offering world-class facilities for students.

Lambton in Mississauga 

Although it is a smaller campus than the one in Sarnia, Lambton College offers students with same curriculum and facilities as the main College in all of their locations. 

Students get greater opportunities to engage with other students and teachers on a smaller campus.

Lambton in Toronto

Due to its location, it is conveniently accessible and offers students great infrastructure facilities. 

They put more emphasis on the standard of instruction and work hard to keep getting better to give students a better academic experience.

Why Choose Lambton College?

Lambton College
Choose Lambton College to kick-start your career

Since its inception, Lambton College has evolved from a publicly funded, non-profit organization to a significant force in the post-secondary education sector, serving students across Canada and around the world.

Graduates from college are more job-ready and have real-world experience. 

Co-op opportunities are incorporated into many academic programs that allow students to kick-start their careers more effectively. 

Once their post-secondary program is over, international students can apply for a post-graduate employment permit.

Students will also receive opportunities, offers, and facilities, including:

  • Work experience through part-time employment, volunteering, on-campus jobs, co-ops, and post-graduate employment.
  • Some of Canada’s most affordable living and tuition fees.
  • Safe, compassionate, and encouraging community and campus life.
  • Opportunities for advanced study at partner universities in Canada and the US.
  • Well-recognized academic diploma and post-graduate programs.

Fun Facts About Lambton College

  1. Lambton College recently established a Centre of Excellence in Energy & Bio-Industrial Technologies focusing on Education, Training, and Applied Research to become a pioneer in the field.
  1. It is now ranked 11th in the country and fourth among all Ontario research institutions, according to Research Infosource Inc.’s annual list of the Top 50 Research Colleges in Canada.
  1. The most recent Key Performance Indicator report shows that graduates of Lambton College are finding jobs at a rate almost 5% higher than the provincial average of 84 percent.
  1. One of the sport’s most competitive teams, the Lambton College Firefighter Combat Team, won the world championship at the annual Scott Firefight World Challenge in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  1. The mobile learning program at the college has been designated as an Apple Distinguished Program, a distinction given for innovation, leadership, and academic excellence that exemplifies Apple’s goal for superior learning environments.

Career Prospects

Lambton College
Give a boost to your career at Lambton College

Graduates from Lambton College display the highest abilities and knowledge in the province when they enter the workforce. 

The most recent Key Performance Indicator (KPI) report shows that Lambton College has the highest Employer Satisfaction rate in Ontario, with 100% of the businesses polled saying they were extremely satisfied with the performance of their new workers.

In addition to topping the Employer Satisfaction list, the college outperformed the nation’s workforce with an 88 percent Graduate Employment Rate. 

The finding shows that 96% of Lambton alumni were happy with their decision to attend the college as their place of higher education.

The chance to obtain a post-graduate work permit (PGWP) after completing their post-secondary program at Lambton College is an invaluable pathway to further career and immigration options in Canada for international students.

The college also takes great pride in maintaining a thriving global alumni network. 

Graduates can easily connect with current alumni to foster fruitful collaborations and professional ties by joining the alumni community, which is steadily expanding.

Contact Global Reach Bhutan today to know more about your career prospects after studying at Lambton College, Canada. 

Financial Aid Offered By Lambton College

Lambton College
Financial Aid Offered By Lambton College

The college offers many financial aid programs open to local and international students. 

One of the financial aid choices is the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), which provides student loans even if the students don’t have a guaranteed spot in college.

High-achieving students can access scholarships, awards, and bursaries, which provide a range of benefits across numerous programs. 

Students must submit their applications online, and the financial aid team will provide them with the right advice to win scholarship offers and financial aid. 

Additionally, there is a Student Emergency Fund that provides loans to students in times of need. 

Lambton College also offers students one-on-one financial consultations to assist them in creating a budget and learning how to make necessary savings.

Lambton Colleges Word Of Honor  

Lambton College
Choose Lambton College, learn and grow!

As a college, they believe that their campus should reflect the great diversity of their student body and the local communities they serve. 

They have an obligation to take the lead in spreading the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion in their community and across the nation as an educational institution.

They carry out an extensive Inclusivity Assessment to ensure they continue to focus on improvement in this area. 

Turner Consulting Group Inc., a separate consultant, conducts the assessment, which contains the following elements:

  • An analysis of employment laws and procedures
  • An overview of the rules and regulations for students
  • focus groups, internet surveys, and professor, staff, and student consultations
  • Interviews with senior executives, human resources personnel, and union officials
  • Discussions with stakeholders within the campus community

The objective of the assessment is to better understand where Lambton College stands in terms of inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility. 

The consultants will offer suggestions based on the assessment to assist the college in developing a more diverse workforce, fair policies and procedures, and an inclusive working and learning environment. 

This strategy will serve as a roadmap for the college as it makes decisions on everything from curriculum to bettering student assistance, research infrastructure, leadership development, and organizational culture to provide students with the required knowledge and skills for the labor market.

With the development of hybrid learning models intended to offer a flexible education, students can customize their post-secondary journey effortlessly. 

The college has a professionally planned program that will kick start your career prospects, whether you are a recent high school graduate searching for a well-rounded college experience or a busy professional looking to upskill your knowledge.

Thinking about career options and seeking a job is not fun for any student drawn to continue their education; rather, it is a task they must complete. 

They must adjust to a new phase of life, develop into mature people, and strike a balance between their studies, general knowledge, and employment.

They must be unique individuals with intelligent personalities and the capacity to comprehend what is happening to succeed. 

You will gain skills, knowledge, and most importantly, a better sense of self with Lambton College.

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