How Easy It Is To Find A Job In Australia?Ā 

Australia is a popular destination for Bhutanese students from around the world. International student studying in Australia is a booming business contributing over 10 billion AUD to the country’s annual revenue. You have to wonder how easy it is to find a job in Australia for international students. Unlike Bhutan, the Land of Oz has different types of employment for international students. Find out how and what kind of jobs you can find in Australia.

Know Your Rights & Responsibilities 

Know your rights and responsibilities and get the job you want

Before you find a job, you have to know if your visa allows you to work. International students have the right to work for 20 hours a week while you are studying. You will get to work as a casual worker; this is where the employer schedules you only when required. You can visit the Fair Work website to find out how much you are entitled to for the job you are doing. 

You have to apply for a Tax File Number (TFN) and pay tax annually. You get the chance to earn more when you are on semester break, and once you commence your studies, you have to inform your employer and change your schedule.

What Kind Of Jobs Do You Get?

Find out the kind of jobs you can get right here

Depending on where you are studying in Australia, you will get different types of jobs. If you are in cities like Sydney and Melbourne, it will be a little challenging to get jobs of your choice. In Sydney, there are a lot of slots in the hotel industry. If your course is related to hospitality, you will be able to find better jobs. Melbourne has many cafes where you can work as a barista and server, but most of them will require a certificate from barista courses. You will need to sign up and undergo a few hours of training, and you will get a certificate. 

A lot of Bhutanese start their job from housekeeping in five-star hotels, but now there are a lot of food packing opportunities where you might even come across other Bhutanese.

If you are studying in cities like Perth and Armidale, you will get jobs at supermarkets. 

The great thing about international students in Australia is that you get to work at farms as fruit pickers during your semester breaks. This is the best time to earn money; you will meet many people from various countries.

How To Look For Casual Jobs In Australia 

Check online websites like Linkedin, Seek, and Gumtree for jobs in the area you want

While you are looking for jobs in Australia, it’s essential to know where to start. Once you’ve got your university class timetable, check when you don’t have classes and create a resume accordingly. It’s a good idea to start in your suburb and work your way out because there are Deli shops and cafes that are hiring. 

Socialize among your mates and ask them if there are any vacancies at their place of work. Drop off your resume at food chains, and cafĆ©’s near you and start your search online.

Online websites like indeed, seek, gumtree and LinkedIn has tons of casual and part-time work ads that you need to take a look into. Remember, there are no big or small jobs, and you need to show that you can do the job you are assigned.

Working on weekends and public holidays has more benefits as you will get paid double the usual rate and the over-time rates are incredible. You get paid weekly or fortnightly, and your payment is on an hourly basis. 

Here are the top 6 jobs for international students.

  • Food DeliveryĀ 

The most popular and flexible job for you

 Many delivery companies allow you to work at your convenience. The most popular delivery companies in Australia are Dominos, Pizza Hut, Uber Eats, and Menu Log. If you have a car or even a bike, you can apply to become a food delivery person. 

 Your job will include picking up the order and delivering it to the right customer, and the benefit of this job is that you can choose the hours you want to work. You also get to explore the city and find out great eating spots while you are working. 

  1. Server

The service industry is an exciting place to work at

Working as a waiter is one of the most popular jobs for international students in Australia. You can find these types of jobs at pubs, restaurants, and cafes. It’s a demanding job, and you will need to adjust to the service industry lifestyle and could be challenging at first if you aren’t accustomed to it. You have to take orders and deliver them to their tables. Many restaurants will show you the ropes when you start. Working as a server is one of the most exciting jobs because you meet different people and experience the Aussie lifestyle.

  • BaristasĀ 

Make art through coffee as a barista in Australia

 Coffee keeps Aussies going; as mentioned earlier, drop off your resume at coffee houses in and around your area to score a job as a barista. You will need to make different types of coffee and cold beverages and have good communication skills. If you have a barista certificate, then you have higher chances of getting the job. 

  • Kitchen HandĀ 

Become a kitchen hand and learn about the Australian food culture

You can find these types of jobs at restaurants, hotels, clubs, or fast food chains such as KFC, McDonald’s, and Hungry Jacks. You are responsible for cleaning the dishes and helping chefs with food preparation.

  • Sales RepresentativeĀ 

Work at a mall or at an office as a sales representative

The nature of this job will differ depending on the company. Some are door-door services, working at the mall, or working at a desk. You will need to have good communication, negotiating skills, and be able to make a sale. The benefit is that you will be entitled to commissions if you make a sale.

  • Retail Shop AssistantĀ 

Become a retail shop assistant while studying in Australia

You will find these types of jobs at supermarket giants like Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, and retails such as Target, K-mart, and other stores. Still, the chances of scoring an assistant-level job are slim, especially if you are in a metropolitan city. You need to help the customer find an item, recommend products, manage stocks, and clean areas. The biggest drawback is that you will need to stand all day.

Working while studying in Australia allows you to meet people from countries you didn’t even know existed and helps you grow as a person. It is relatively easy to find a job while studying in Australia. Stop by Global Reach in Thimphu and earn while you learn.

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