How much does an education consultant cost?

Education consultancy is one of the central pillars for the student to pick the right overseas college. People depend on a consultant to provide information on any linked universities. They bridge the gap between a student and their dreams to pursue higher education. 

There is never a good or bad time. It is always good to be on the safer side by knowing about the education consultancy that will improvise your future.

You may know some of the colleges in Australia or Canada but ever thought about the structure of tuition fees, accommodation, and the university’s location? Well, to save you from all such mess, always avail the service from renowned education consultancy. They provide detailed information about the costs, opportunities,  and systems of particular universities for you.

Always be prepared and make an effort to know everything in detail. Here is a reason why you need an education consultant. 

The cost of education consultancy

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Education consultancy cost.

The cost may differ from agent to agent; some may charge high, well some may offer you with cheaper rate. Make sure when you search for any education consultancy, that is not a scam. Research the site properly and retrieve the trusted address and visit them. 

Global Reach is one of the most trusted and renowned consultancies in Bhutan. The consultancy cost is Ngultrum 2000. It is very affordable for any Bhutanese student seeking to study in top universities.  If you compare with other agents, the cost is way cheaper. With this cost, you can easily achieve your dream. It is worth the pay where you will be provided with detailed information about the particular colleges.  

Many people do not confront the education consultancy cost, and they land up paying more . Global Reach Consultancy has transparent work ethics that make it easier for any customer to approach them without issues.

Few reasons why you should consider an education consultancy to study abroad.

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Why you should consider an education consultancy.

 Many students get confused about the better study destination after completing secondary schooling. Their very next question would be, what should be done? What course or university should be right? Should you go abroad? And if yes, where and which country should you apply to. All these keep a fresh student who wants to go further studies in a dilemma. 

Do not let anything come in between your dreams. Cut through all these questions and visit any trusted education consultancy. They will help you choose what is best for you that will benefit you more in the future.  

Put up all your trust and hope in the education consultancy that will eventually help you live your dream. It is better to shake hands with people who work in consultancy than just listening to your old neighbor’s story about going abroad.

Here are a few strong reasons why you should consider an education consultancy to study abroad:

  • Experience Matters
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An experienced consultancy will help you choose the best.

The consultancy offers the student one on one services. They have the skills to guide any student to choose the best college in the best and suitable country.  They will help you choose the right course and offer a trouble-free process to get to the right university. Always count on a reputed education consultancy like Global Reach and get ready to start your journey to achieve your dreams.

  • Helps you lodge your visa
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Assists in the visa process.

Visa is one of the essential documents that can take you to your dream country to study. Many people fail to achieve these criteria as they do not take it seriously. If you choose to go abroad with the help of an education consultancy, they will let you prepare for the visa test.  They will conduct mock visa interviews through their experience, making you confident for the big day.

  • Choices of courses and universities.
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Options to choose different courses and universities. 

The team puts all their effort into and provides you an array of courses and top universities to choose from. You get options to select and make your decisions about what methods you want to take. Their goal is to pave your way to the top colleges and make your future bright. They will screen and make sure you match that particular institute’s score and make it comfortable to join it.

  • Smooth and quick response
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An education consultancy will give a quick response to your needs.

Since many top universities receive thousands of applications every year, it becomes quite a hassle to get a reply or get settled. With the help of an education consultancy, you will get quick and smooth responses. This way, it makes the process faster, more comfortable, and more straightforward. 

Best education consultancy in Bhutan

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Global reach- Education matters.

There are many education consultancies in Bhutan. Each of them has its terms and conditions to help Bhutanese students pursue their educations without any hassle.  It all depends on the experience of that specific agent who has excelled and achieved their goals of sending Bhutanese students abroad. Not just sending but see that they are happy with the services provided by them. 

My personal experience with Global Reach has been exciting and thrilling. It is Bhutan’s leading overseas education consultancy. They are well-versed with their work, and at the end of the day, they make sure we are provided with all the information.  Their rules are straightforward and focused.  They assist you with all document processes, test preparation, and pre-departure sessions. 

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Always make a point to choose the best for you. Make your dreams come true by studying abroad through Global Reach. They will lend you endless help without issues.   

If you were worried about the consultant’s cost before, now I m sure you are content. Do not limit your urge to pursue higher education because of the cost. If you have excellent marks and are serious about your studies, you can also avail scholarships that will fetch you a promising future. 

If you are a beginner to use such education consultancy services, always contact them directly by visiting their office. Research well and start your journey towards your goal. 

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