How to Deal With Homesickness While Studying Abroad

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Missing your home? Don’t worry, it is normal to feel that way

Have you been missing your home lately? Did you ever feel like returning to your home because you didn’t really love the new place? When you move to a new place where everything around you is totally a new environment, you really can’t get along with the people or the place. You start to feel sad, lonely, and isolated. 

This is completely normal. Most people, when they part from their home, family, or loved ones, it is obvious to feel incomplete. It is always better to look for better options to cope with such issues rather than making them worse. With that homesickness, here is a list of tips to help you deal with such bad experiences when you are studying abroad. You know how important self-care and mental health are. 

Once you are away from home, only you will be taking care of your health. In case you face any sign of homesickness, try following the below-given tips. It will be of great help to you.

  1. Keep Yourself Busy
Bright side of Lockdown

Engage yourself by doing something

The number one solution to kill any kind of homesickness is by keeping yourself busy. Usually, most people get homesick only at the beginning of the year because they are usually unfamiliar with the new place. To avoid such sickness, try exploring the new place, making plans, visiting new places, and making them more familiar. 

Stall around the town and experience foreign lifestyles. If you have friends, plan for more fun games or go shopping. You can even spend your night watching movies with your friends. Just try to engage yourself in something that will help you forget about your home. This isn’t any sort of magic, but it really works to prevent homesickness. If you can’t deal with sickness, studying abroad can become hard. 

  1. Do Things You Love Doing at Home 
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Do what you love, like playing guitar, listening to music, etc.

This is another way to avoid homesickness when you are studying abroad. Make yourself feel at home by doing things that you usually do at home. You can cook your home dishes or play music that connects you with them. You can even try decorating your home with your family photos on your bedroom wall. This will definitely give you a sense of your original home. You may even invite your new friends to try your home-cooked food.

  1. Connect With Your Families And Friends Over Phone 
Zoom Alternatives: Best Free Services for Group Video Chatting During the  Pandemic | PCMag

Catch up with your loved ones when you are abroad

People usually feel safe and happy when they are surrounded by loved ones. Keeping in contact with your loved ones is another way to improve your mental health while you’re studying abroad. Try talking to your family and your friends on a daily or weekly basis. Share with them about your new place and about how you feel about it. Doing this will give you a homely feeling. 

  1. Plan Trips With Your Home-mates
The Beginner's Guide to Planning a Road Trip | Here Magazine @ Away

Plan your trips to live life. Enjoy with your friends in a new place 

This is something cool that you can do when you are abroad. Get along with your home-mates and plan trips to explore new places. Seeing familiar faces in an outside country is such a privilege. You can go to the beach, swimming, sightseeing, hiking, and long drives with them. Such trips will give you lots of fun memories and keep you engaged. 

  1. Exercise Regularly 
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Exercise to keep yourself physically and mentally fit

If you stay within the four walls of your room, you will mess up your mood by thinking about your days at home, and this will worsen your homesickness. To avoid this, schedule your workout routine. Keeping your physical health in good shape will help you in uplifting your mental health. 

If you are physically fit, you can do other tasks with efficiency. Remember, self-care is important when you are away from home. If this is a new habit, you may take a few weeks to get adapted, but you can start exercising by going for a walk or morning jogging. 

  1. Make New Friends
Helping Your Child Make New Friends | Parenting | PBS KIDS for Parents

Express, exchange, and explore with your new friends

You have to make your own home in the new place you have shifted to. Associate yourself with other like-minded people. Make friends and get engaged with them. You can learn new things from them and teach yours. 

Exchanging and sharing can really help in getting along with new people. Invite them for a meal, or you can visit their place if you are invited. It is always exciting to be with new people in a new place. Build your friend zone and keep interacting. This will help you from getting homesick when you are studying abroad.  

  1. Read Books If You Are a Bookworm
8 books to read in the time of the coronavirus | PBS NewsHour

Coffee and a book gives the best pleasure

It is interesting to know that people who love reading do not fall prey to homesickness. The reason is that they have their home everywhere they go. Books are another way to kill your boredom. You will never feel alone or isolated if you are reading the right book. So, whenever you miss your home, grab your favorite book and start reading. 

  1. Detach yourself from home
When You're Away From Home, You Understand These 20 Amazing Things

Make the best memory where ever you live

I know this is a bit hard to do, but you will never feel homesick if you succeed in doing this. Your home is where your heart is, so make your own home by making one. If you keep on thinking about your old home, the sickness will never end. However, if you keep focusing on what you are doing and how you can achieve your career goals, it is definite that you won’t get much time to think about your old home. Detaching is one of the best ways to avoid homesickness but, at the same time, the hardest to do. 

After going abroad to study, if you ever feel like coming back home because you miss your old bed, your parents, friends, or you don’t like the new place, try adhering to the above tips. These are some ways that can help to deal with homesickness when you are alone abroad. Sickness will badly hamper your studies. For this, it is always better to look for solutions to avoid them. Apply the mentioned tips and study well. 


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