How to Get Admissions Into Ivy League Colleges

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Ivy League Colleges

Fancy universities like Harvard (Massachusetts), Princeton (New Jersey), Yale (Connecticut), Columbia (New York), Brown (Rhode Island), Cornell (New York), Dartmouth (New Hampshire), and Pennsylvania are categorized under the Ivy League Colleges. Each of the eight is distinctive in its own way and offers different courses for students. 


Harvard University

Getting admission to these prestigious universities is a dream of every passionate student. However, Ivy League colleges are not meant for everyone, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have a shot at it! It is necessary to dream big and aim for your favorite university by setting realistic objectives and doing your best to get admission. To help you through your journey to the Ivies, this article will give you the best tips. Implement these five tips and make your dream come true. 

Tip 1: Bear Outstanding Grades and Test Scores

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ACT Scores

It takes excellent grades and test scores to upgrade your studies in Ivy League Colleges. Grades and test scores are two crucial factors to compete for your seat in these highly selective universities. You will have a better probability of acceptance if you have good grades.

The required Grade Point Average (GPA) of an American College Testing (ACT) score varies with different universities of the Ivy League. For example, the required ACT score of 25 for Harvard may not work for Princeton or any other university due to high competition. That’s why you will need a high ACT score to make sure that there is no room for any Ivy colleges to deny your application because of low test scores.

Tip 2: Generate a Well-Defined Personal Statement

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Come up with a well-defined personal statement to
secure your seat at Ivy Colleges

Coming up with a winning personal statement is paramount when applying to Ivy League through the common application. There are thousands more like you, applying for the Ivy universities – probably intellectual folks! So, generate a well-stated essay on an exciting topic without grammatical errors. Avoid using clichés and phrases with double entendres. Focus on making a clear statement. 

Tip 3: Display a True Passion for Specific Extracurricular Activity

Don’t be a ‘Jack of all trades’ – focus on excelling in a specific field! You can have hundreds of certificates in extracurricular activities and make no sense at all. Instead, indulging in multiple activities indicate that you are not passionate about one thing. Getting into every activity instead shows your shifty character. Suppose you focus on one thing, like a music club throughout your high school or undergrad years. In that case, the universities’ selection committee will look at you as a passionate music lover who is focused on specializing in the musical field. You are more likely to be selected when they find you a true enthusiast in your passion.

Tip 4: Don’t Sweat Out During Your Interview

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Be calm and confident for your interview

Don’t stress out and panic while interviewing because Ivy League interviews are often friendly interactions where your interviewer attempts to learn more about you. However, it does have an impact on the selection process. Stumbling to answer questions about your passions and interests and your motivations for applying to university may hamper whether you will be selected or not! So, when replying to queries, be confident, polite, and friendly.

Tip 5: Apply as Early as Possible

Your journey to getting admitted to one of the Ivy League Colleges may become successful if you apply early. You can only apply to one Ivy University for Early Decision (ED). So, make a wise choice and be confident about selecting the university. Once you apply for the ED, you have to withdraw any other applications to other universities, and you must be fully committed to attending the university.

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