When you look back, your university experience will mean more than just taking notes in class and writing assignments, so make it memorable and meaningful! Choosing Coventry University (CU) in the United Kingdom will help you achieve your goals and have a memorable college experience. CU offers high-quality education, a lively campus community, a ton of entertainment, and you can meet people from all walks of life.

We at Global Reach Education Consultancy can help you have a memorable college life at Coventry University. We are confident that you’ll enjoy studying in this dynamic city. 

Here are 10 reasons why choosing Coventry University is a good choice for you!

This blog includes:

  • Outstanding Student Experience
  • One of the Top Universities in the UK: Awards & Rankings
  • Exclusive Student Support
  • the Innovative Learning
  • City of Vibrant Culture and Arts
  • Quick & Easy Transport
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Global Opportunities
  • Notable Alumni Network
  • Excellent Night Life

1: Outstanding Student Experience

Coventry University

Coventry University has been named the University of the Year for Student Experience in Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019 and The Complete University Guide League Tables for 2021.

With over 160 societies and over 55 sports groups, their student union makes it incredibly easy for you to spend time doing what you enjoy.

TheHub is a campus gathering spot where you can also get food from the food court or a cup of coffee from Costa!

Coventry University is near a convenience store, Square One, and the Students’ Union, where you can enjoy live music and quiz nights.

Coventry University’s Sports Centre offers a variety of group fitness courses as part of its Active Life program if you want to work out. CU is the best university in the UK to experience great student life. 

2: World-Class Education

Coventry University

The fact that Coventry University frequently ranks high in both national and international rankings is a solid reason for you to enroll there! 

Their previous five-year accolades and rankings, including their most recent mention in the Complete University Guide league tables for 2021, speak for themselves.

The Guardian University Guide has continuously ranked them as the nation’s top modern university.

You will benefit from a world-class education, international faculty and staff, cutting-edge facilities, and outstanding student culture at CU. 

3: Exclusive Student Support

Coventry University

Coventry University provides an exclusive support system for all students.

The Hub’s Medical Centre, Spirituality and Faith Centre, Welfare Department, and Academic Writing Service are always there to support students. 

CU also has a talented team dedicated to preparing students for employment after graduation! 

For prospective students, CU offers online resources that include advice on writing personal statements, career planning, job interviews, and resumes. 

Want to study at Coventry University and benefit from their excellent student support? Contact Global Reach Education Consultancy and start processing your application to CU! 

4: Innovative Learning Coventry University’s Disruptive Media Learning Lab, a creative unit, incorporates cutting-edge instructional strategies.

The unit brings together academics, technologists, librarians, and researchers to investigate how games and creative activities might enhance learning with little assistance from Lego and the planet Mars.

Students frequently play with Legos, pretend to be Martian settlers, and play cards in the Disruptive Media Learning Lab.

Here is some of their creative approach to education, which focuses on games and playful thinking to create a 21st-century university: 

  1. Lego-a-go-go

Lego-a-go-go is an interactive and engaging problem-solving method that uses Lego building blocks to assist students in answering questions or creating models for projects.

  1. Mega project: Mars Colony

Mars Colony is a massive project focused on a hypothetical Mars colonization mission. Students from all faculties, including mathematicians and physicists, work on the rocket, with psychologists looking at the human side of the mission.

5: Vibrant Arts and Culture

Coventry University

Coventry, a vibrant city, is known as the UK’s City of Culture! While studying at CU, you can anticipate poetry, theater, dance, music, and more secluded celebrations of the city’s cultural past.

Along with the renowned Ricoh Arena, which has a 32,609-seat stadium, an exhibition hall, a hotel, and a casino, other concert venues include the atmospheric live venue Kasbah and the Warwick Arts Center.

You will have access to many fantastic performances if you decide to attend Coventry University.

In fact, the first civic theater constructed in Britain following World War II was the magnificent Belgrade Theater in Belgrade Square, where you can witness numerous fantastic performances, from gripping dramas to musicals.

6: Quick & Easy Transport

Coventry University
Coventry University has access to quick and easy transport

You won’t get lost in Coventry because everything is located close by for your convenience. Buses and taxis are always available to take you from point A to point B at any time of the day.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Coventry, England, is where the renowned black taxis of London are produced? They are dispersed across the streets with licensed drivers and businesses, ready to transport you home safely and quickly.

With a high number of black taxis in Coventry, you can go anywhere around the city any time you want. 

7: Employment Opportunities

Coventry University

The Coventry University Talent Team is committed to assisting you in becoming ready for life after college and the workforce!

Their career specialists will help you develop employability skills so you can apply for graduate-level jobs.

You can schedule one-on-one career or placement counseling sessions with the Talent Team, which will prepare you to take up any job. 

CU also offers online resources to help you with CVs, interviews, career mapping, work experience, and personal statements. 

8: Global Opportunities

Coventry University

The fundamental objective of Coventry University is to give students the chance to graduate with a truly global perspective and a higher employability rate. 

Coventry University continuously ranks first for giving students access to international experiences. 

All students can travel the world and learn everything they need to know about a field of work through their Go Abroad program.

After you’ve finished your second year, the amazing study abroad program offers you a chance to attend one of their partner universities outside the UK.

With this experience, students can increase their starting salary, acquire the worldwide competencies companies demand, and improve their career prospects. 

9: Notable Alumni Network

Coventry University

Another reason you should attend Coventry University is their famous alumni network.

CU has a fantastic alumni profile for prospective students to learn more about what it’s like to live and study in Coventry and to get a sense of where their degree might take them. 

If you ever doubt whether Coventry University is good, look at some of the notable alumni and what they have to say about their time at the university:

  • Andrea McLean, a Scottish journalist and television host, best known for co-presenting Loose Women and providing the weather for GMTV, graduated from Coventry University.
  • Quote Catherine Cuello-Fuente, talked about how her time at Coventry University helped her develop as an independent, analytical, self-reliant, and diligent worker. She also discovered how crucial teamwork is.
  • Aman Bir Singh: In his opinion, university exposure is unmatched. He developed solid industrial relationships while studying automotive engineering.
  • Benedicta Banga always remembers Coventry University for helping her grow and build a successful career. She thinks the lecturers were devoted to helping her succeed in the course.

10: Excellent Night Life

Coventry University

While the academics at Coventry University and top-tier, it is also important to have a good work-life balance. Socializing with people is not only a great weekend activity, but it is also important for networking and creating lasting relationships. 

Grab a couple of beers with friends (that’s completely legal over the age of 18!) at one of the many fantastic spots, like the Students’ Union.

Three Wetherspoon locations in the city center ensure you will always have enough food and beverages to have an enjoyable time.

If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, The Phoenix on Gosford Street has BT/Sky Sports, for soccer enthusiasts, where you are sure to meet like-minded people.

No matter where you choose to be in Coventry, you will always feel safe and at ease.

Coventry University is one of the best universities in the UK for studying abroad and preparing you for the working world.

Coventry offers an innovative learning approach, where you can ace your semester through effective yet unconventional means of learning. They have a winning team of lecturers and student support facilities to help you succeed! 

If you think these compelling reasons are enough to study at the prestigious CU, visit Global Reach to begin the application process. 

If you are ready to apply for Coventry University, learn how you can get student accommodation in the UK. It will be easier for you once you get there!


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