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 International students at the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom is one of the most sought-after study destinations in the world where students from different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicity meet. As Bhutanese students are becoming more exposed to the concept of studying abroad, numerous applicants are choosing Great Britain as one of their preferred study destinations. It is indeed a fact that the lifestyle of westerners is more advanced compared to the Bhutanese. Hence, a student planning to study in the United Kingdom must be aware of the expenses for an international student. Although the United Kingdom’s education certificates are much acknowledged around the world, it is guaranteed that a student will never regret their decision of selecting the United Kingdom as their study destination. 

Tuition Fees for international students

Tuition fees and courses at the United Kingdom

There are numerous top universities to choose from that provide different courses. The expenses and tuition fees can vary in different universities. As Bhutanese students are concerned about the cost of studying abroad, it is more advisable for a student to pursue a master’s degree in the United Kingdom, but there is always an option of choosing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The master’s degree tuition fee for the international student is an average of £16,081 per year, £11,000 per year for postgraduate, and up to £38,000 per year for undergraduate excluding the living expenses. The fees are comparatively higher for different courses in the United Kingdom for international students, but the benefits after the completion of the course are much higher in terms of self-value in the job market or any other future endeavors. As Bhutan strives for expertise from other advanced countries, it is always better for a Bhutanese to return with knowledge acquired from a country with academic distinction and implement it in the home country.

General living expenses in the united Kingdom

Can living in the UK be expensive?

No question living in the United Kingdom is costly. For a Bhutanese or some other international student, it is always sensible to have a stronger financial background unless you are a merit student with scholarship offers. An average of £756 per month must be retained by an international student in the capital and £596 for cities other than the capital, London. The universities can be in different parts of the united kingdom as per the students’ choice, so they must be able to meet those costs to make a living in the united kingdom apart from the university fees that they have paid. There are ways to earn as a student by working part-time. The United Kingdom allows international students to work up to 20 hours a week. The average income per week is £112.20 and can rise up to £131.70 as per the nature of the work.

The advantage of acquiring a master’s degree in the United Kingdom is; after the completion of the course, students have 4 months to look for employment and if they are recruited for a job, they can apply for a general work visa and work up to 5 years.

Expenses for international Students in the United kingdom

Expenses in the united kingdom for international students

As stated earlier, living in the United Kingdom is not cheap for an international student. Some of the basic expenses for a student to take into account are; accommodation, transportation, food, and leisure activities. These are the factors that need financial analysis every after a week or two to keep the flow of survival and to fulfill necessities. Below are the approximated costs per month for different expenses.

Accomodation (excluding bills)£400 – £600 per month
Food£40 – £50 per month
Bills£160 – £200 per month
Clothes£25 – £30 per month
Leisure activities£10 – £15 per month
Books and stationery £21 per month
Transportation£32 per month
Going out£120 per month
Average total £700 – £800 per month

The booking of accommodation must be arranged before travelling to the United Kingdom that will be assisted by the agency and the students must make sure that the fundings are sufficient for traveling and living for the first few months after arriving in the country. Further arrangements can be done respectively. 

Benefits of studying at the United kingdom

 Why choose the UK as your study destination?

As The United Kingdom shelters some of the top universities and colleges, it has gained clear recognition in terms of education excellency around the world. The Educatio standards are also being closely monitored by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) that ensures all the students receive the best quality in learning. 

Students can also work part time to meet daily expenses and gain experience along the way. It will not only help a student to earn but also make themselves engaged in the field of work. Exploration of nearby countries such as France, Netherlands, and Belgium are also possible as they are well connected to the United Kingdom. Learning new cultures, values and having a sense of independence is what a student will acquire.

Health benefits for international students are provided for free until the completion of the course. A student has to pay a small amount for International Health Surcharge at the beginning of your course. 


Choosing the United Kingdom as your study destination apart from the high-cost always possesses value. It can not only shape your future, but it will also make you a better person with immense knowledge and professional skills. As the course completes a student can apply for a work visa and gain more experience. The benefits of a United Kingdom degree are massive in terms of recognition and requirement.

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