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Is The University of Alberta Good for International Students? 

University of Alberta
Consider furthering your studies at The University of Alberta

The University of Alberta, which has a little more than 7,200 international students, is becoming a popular study destination in Canada. Needless to say, the University of Alberta is a great choice for international students.

The real question is, what makes the University of Alberta the ultimate destination for higher studies compared to other international education hubs like Ontario, British Columbia, and more? Let’s find out! 

Why Consider The University of Alberta? 

Also known as UAlberta, the University of Alberta is a Canadian public research university based in Edmonton. 

It offers more than 200 academic programs encompassing a wide range of subjects. Its world-class education, facilities, and various other features make it appealing to students who wish to further their studies.  

UAlberta has a long history of providing excellent top-notch university education and a vibrant arts and culture environment. There’s more! Here are some compelling reasons to attend the University of Alberta:  

1. Canada’s Education Hub     

UAlberta ranks in the top five universities in Canada and among the top 100 globally. UAlberta houses the second-largest student population in Canada, with over 40,000 students, including domestic and international students. 

The University of Alberta is considered a comprehensive academic and research university (CARU). 

The university offers a wide range of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs, including several courses that are unique to Canada, such as undergrad paleontology and land reclamation.    

There are various factors that go into play when considering moving to another country to further your studies. Here’s what you’ll need to know about the university education opportunities in Canada.     

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2. Warm And Friendly Cities   

Alberta is a lovely place for international students, with vast spaces, waterways, hills, and more sunshine than any other Canadian city. The city is known for its recreational activities and has North America’s largest bikeway system.  

Alberta’s population is diverse, and the province is proud of its cultural heritage. It observes various vivid festivals, including Chinese New Year, German Christmas, Italian Day, Sikh Vaisakhi, and others – making it a cultural hub!   

For international students pursuing higher studies at the University of Alberta, it is an excellent opportunity to immerse themselves in various cultural activities.  

3. Part-Time Work While Studying  

When it comes to working part-time jobs for international students, Alberta does have its appeal. 

Alberta offers an affordable cost of living, and it is easier to find jobs that pay well both financially and professionally, and even better, students are charged reduced taxes. 

International students in Canada are permitted to work part-time to finance their studies. Students can work for 40 hours fortnightly when their classes are in session.

During winter and summer breaks, students can work up to 60 hours fortnightly. They can work on campus, in libraries, and cafes, take up administrative roles, or work off-campus.  

4. Wide Accommodation Choices   

International students can choose to live on-campus or off-campus depending on their affordability and availability. There are numerous options for staying on campus, including residence halls, self-catered halls, and more.

Off-campus students can choose from en-suite rooms, studio apartments, or homestays and condos for rent.

The rent in Alberta ranges from C$ 500 to C$ 2,000 per month. Make sure to pick a location close to your university/college so that you can save even more money on transportation.

5 Better And Affordable Healthcare Facilities  

Canada’s medical centers and other healthcare facilities are already well-known. The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan, on the other hand, allows and supports overseas students (AHCIP).

The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP), which the government funds, covers most types of health and medical care for Alberta residents, including international students studying at the University of Alberta. 

You can apply for the AHCIP as an international student once you have your student visa or plan to stay in Alberta for more than a year.  

Rest assured, you may now relax since you will not be responsible for any medical expenses if you become ill, injured, or require medical care while studying in Alberta.  

6. Unique Outdoor Experiences  

Canada’s own “Wild West” is one of the surefire reasons that intrigues international students to pursue higher studies at the University of Alberta. 

From amateurs to more seasoned, students can find a multitude of extremely thrilling opportunities in Canada’s wild west. Biking, mountain camping, water excursions, and visiting parks, Canada promises a fantastic open-air experience!  

Here are some of the unique outdoor activities you can experience in Alberta that are rather hard to find elsewhere:  

Chinook Winds  

Alberta, like the rest of Canada, is chilly. During the winter, students can expect heavy snowfall for several months. However, as summer starts to rise, international students can join the rest of Canada in wishing for Chinook winds. 

The chinook winds give Alberta something of an edge as these unusually warm winds do not occur in other parts of the country. Chinooks frequently heave up temperatures from below freezing, allowing heavy snow to melt in hours.  

 Ice Castle   

Experience the ice castles while studying at the University of Alberta 

The cold and snowy winter in Canada is a perfect opportunity for students to enjoy their winter breaks. Students can experience real-life ice castles with walkways every winter. 

Every day, more than 5,000 icicles are ‘farmed’ for the ice castle, which is illuminated from within at night.  

7. Zealous And Youthful Cities   

One common perception of Canadians is that they are courteous and nice, which, unlike other stereotypes, is true. Volunteerism is popular in Calgary, Alberta’s largest city. For the cause of giving back to their community, 71% of residents volunteer for 15 hours every month.

If you wish to learn in a bright and energetic environment, the University of Alberta is a fantastic place. Calgary’s average population is 36 years old, with 41% of Calgarians aged 20 to 44.

Cities nearby, such as Edmonton and Lethbridge, are also lively and youthful, with a varied spectrum of music, sports, nightlife, and festivals – making it an ideal place for international students to learn and earn in Alberta.   

What Is The Cost Of Studying In UAlberta For International Students?

The University of Alberta is in Canada’s top 5 universities with numerous well-known undergraduate and graduate programs; UAlberta graduates are destined for great things!

The cost of studying at UAlberta for international students pursuing undergraduate Programmes ranges from CAD 29,500 – to 47,314. (Exclusive of additional expenses like books and other study materials).

The cost of studying at UALberta for international students pursuing Masters’s Programs (MBA, Master of Accounting, Master of Education, and more) ranges from CAD 5,110 – to 28,281.

If you’re looking for a Canadian university with a world-class education and a dynamic cultural environment, the University of Alberta will definitely win you over.

Not only that, but UAlberta is an excellent option for those looking for post-graduate employment opportunities.

Now that we discussed why the University of Alberta is the finest choice, contact Global Reach to learn more about the universities and course options available.


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