Pitfalls of using the wrong education consultancy

A mismatch between your likes and dislikes

One of the main reasons for a student to excel in his/her studies is to choose a field of education that they are most fond of studying. It is common for a student to go abroad to pursue higher education, so they rely on international student consultants to help them start the process. The abundance of education consultancies in the country nowadays is overwhelming to a student which makes it difficult to choose the right one. What will happen if you choose the wrong education consultancy? What are the consequences? What are the disadvantages? These questions are stressful and becoming indecisive about the correct course and consultancy will usually lead to differences between your likes and dislikes. It is okay to research and take time while choosing the right consultancy because your future depends on the decisions you make. Here you will know the answers to questions relating to choosing the wrong education consultancy. The key points are highlighted below so that a student can have a wider knowledge of education consultancies in general. 

1. They may not give you options 

Lack of options to choose from

There are education consultancies that provide limited information and details about universities and courses that they provide. If a student chooses the wrong education consultancy, he/she may not have enough options to choose from. For example, if an education consultancy is not affiliated with different universities located in different places of the third country, a student will not have any other option to choose from than to choose the one that the consultancy is relying on. They also might not help you sort through the options as they only provide a few. Hence, a student might find themselves in a place that they do not like and are compelled to study a course that does not interest them.

2. They can be Biased

Inclined towards higher commission payee

The education consultancies receive certain commissions after a student has enrolled in a university suggested by them. It can be 10% of the total education fees. The consultancy might suggest a university from where they can receive higher commission rates. Unknowingly a student might accept to pay the amount because of the persuasion. They can also be biased towards individuals who are making payments before the application process starts. This means, if you are willing to pay the fees after gathering information, they will not fully disclose the required information.

3. You have to take precautions 

Always be cautious while choosing education consultancy

Some of the education consultants are not registered under the government. They are privately run by individuals who claim to be one of the best. A student should always research the consultancy that they want to proceed with. An unqualified education consultancy can make the application process harder and time-consuming. A student or an applicant should always keep in mind what they want to study and where they want to go. They should not rely on consultancies that make false promises that are too good to be true. The consultancy should be considerate of your needs and fulfill them.

4. Decision influenced by a consultant.

Influential consultants will persuade you to believe them

The suggestion of institutions and courses by a consultant can be based on their opinions and biases. An education consultancy is a business and all businesses are run for profits. The interest of a student may not be a priority for a bad consultancy as long as they get paid. An example can be, There can be institutions that provide scholarships. An agent inclined to make a profit may charge a student for fees and services for those scholarships provided by the institution. 


Using the wrong education consultancy can be detrimental to one’s career. Fraudulent consultants, bias suggestions, and influential education agents are factors that harm a student’s decisions. A student should always try and look for consultancies that are legally registered under the government. Choosing the wrong education consultancy can lead to bad career choices and placement.  


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