Writing a good SOP sets you apart from other applicants, and it helps open doors for scholarships and job placements. Here are the five common mistakes made by students while writing SOP;
Statement of Purpose (SoP) is the vital letter of intent describing your personality, goals, and achievements for admission in a renowned university. The admission committee will evaluate your clarity of thoughts, passion, dedication, inspiration, and uniqueness for admission. The SoP clarifies the student's career path as per their professional interest.
We have all heard of the Statement of Purpose (SOP), but why is it so important? You might wonder how a few pages of the document can affect your prospect of studying abroad. Learn everything you need to know about SOP and the importance of a good Statement of Purpose. 
A SOP is a long article that is needed by colleges abroad and these days it serves as a portion of the admission application cycle. As the full type of SOP uncovers, a Statement of Purpose is an article expressing the reason for applying to a specific course in a specific college.
Statement of Purpose is the essential document for your visa application. Many students pass it off like it is just another essay about them, and naturally, write a monotonous statement that doesn't stand out. That is why the university admissions committee and visa officers have put a hefty weight on SOP

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