Discover the top 5 reasons to study in Canada as an international student. Explore quality education, diverse culture, work opportunities, and more!
Want to study board? Read on to learn about the steps you need to take to study abroad with Global Reach!
Every year, thousands of international students apply to study in Canada. Discover what it's like to be a typical international student in Canada!
AI vs. Machine Learning are closely related and interconnected. People often use the terms interchangeably when discussing AI vs. machine learning. 
Canada is one of the most popular study destinations for most international students. Study in Canada is less expensive than in other countries.
Universities For MBA in Canada
If you want a quality MBA degree, Canada is the place to be. Reach out to Global Reach Bhutan professional for additional assistance with your MBA in Canada!
University of Windsor
Your experience at the University of Windsor will shape your life and make your future brighter! It might lead to a profession and a future in Canada, or it could lead to greater job opportunities in Bhutan.
University of Alberta
What makes the University of Alberta the ultimate destination for higher studies compared to other international education hubs like Ontario, British Columbia, and more? Let’s find out
Study in Canada
Canada has a distinct grading system compared to other countries' educational systems. Institutions use a system similar to GPA (Grade Point Average), the average of all the grade points you've received during your degree program. This varies considerably across the country and among institutes providing higher education programs.
Fancy universities like Harvard (Massachusetts), Princeton (New Jersey), Yale (Connecticut), Columbia (New York), Brown (Rhode Island), Cornell (New York), Dartmouth (New Hampshire), and Pennsylvania are categorized under the Ivy League Colleges. Each of the eight is distinctive in its own way and offers different courses for students.

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