Tshering Wangchen, Certificate in Culinary Skills, Fleming College, Canada

Hi, I’m Wangchen studying at Fleming College in Peterborough. My admission was done through Chhundu Enterprises ECPF, Global Reach and their services was really up to my expectations. My counselor Madame Dechen was kind and helpful with all information regarding my admission and visa proceedures. I would like to recommend Global Reach if you are considering studying abroad.

Red Tshering Dorji, Bachelor of Environmental Science, Deakin University, Australia

I went through Chhundu Enterprises ECPF, Global Reach and was awarded the Deakin University Vice Chancellor Meritorious 100% scholarship. I was advised on my study options, future prospects, assisted with university application forms, visa forms and was issued a visa within 5 days. My scholarship interview was conducted at the Global Reach office in Thimphu and I was given options of where to find accomodation as an international student. The entire process was handled in a professional environment. Thank you Global Reach.

Raj Ghimiray, Certificate in Applied Network Infrastructure and System Administration, Conestoga College, Canada

It has been a remarkable learning experience to grasp the points of dealing with international admission. My expectations were not only met, but exceeded when it came down to the crunch issues of admissions and visa approval. The staff at Global Reach are friendly, caring and professional.

Global Reach made it simple. I am grateful to my counselor Ms. Dechen Wangmo for providing an excellent service throughout. I just want to tell you guys that if you want to study abroad take a wise decision and visit Global Reach…

Rinzin Lhamo

The best consultancy that I would recommend for everyone who has a dream to study and work abroad. The office provides service with full dedication from the counselors.  All the counseling are provided for free unlike other private consultancies where we have to pay consultancy fees.  So, to get the best, fast and reliable service I would highly recommend Global Reach to everyone. Visit Chhundu Enterprises, ECPF, Global Reach and make your dream come true.

Bindhya Pokhrel

I went through the Phuentsholing office they were prompt, friendly and reliable in assisting the me through the process. Best of all; got my visa approved within an hour. The hassle of notarizing is eliminated if you are availing services from Chhundu Enterprises ECPF, Global Reach.

Ugyen Wangchen, Bachelor of Business Administration, Yorkville University, Canada

I highly recommend Chhundu Enterprises, ECPF Global Reach for those who are planing on pursuing their higher studies outside in Canada as it provides a quality services at a rate no one can par. Their ways of dealing with a client, always guiding them rather than doing everything for them, helps in a lot of ways unlike other consultancies where the fees are ten fold, they do everything for their clients rather then guiding them and it affects how one can learn a lot from all the different processes.


I am fortunate that I chose Chhundu Enterprises ECPF, Global Reach as my advisor. They have the most talented and reliable counselors who are great with their services.  I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to especially to Mr. Karma and Madame Nima for making my study possible with their enormous guidance and support. My visa took 2 weeks. Thank you for making my dream come true.


I am very pleased with Global Reach. The staff were very helpful and approachable. My counselor Mr. Karma was there with me every step of the way from helping me locate a university of my choice till completion of the admissions process.

Thrilled that I got my Student Visa within just 2 hours of giving my Biometrics!

I have always had a good history with Chhundu Enterprises ECPF, Global Reach since 2012 when I applied through them for my undergrad studies! They continue to maintain a good record of quality and efficiency in their service.I highly recommend anyone applying for further studies to seek their consultancy.

Dechen Norbu, Certificate in Business, Crandall University, Canada

If you are planning to study abroad Chhundu Enterprises ECPF, Global Reach will advise you with the best and the most ideal universities for you. The counselors are all very open and are ready to help you realize your dreams to go study anywhere. I will be going to Crandall University in New Brunswick, Canada for the Sept 2019 semester. The overall process was very easy from them.
Thank you Global Reach!

Yangden Karma

To one of the best consultants in Bhutan, it was an outstanding coordination by the team. I also appreciate the team for the amazing work done on my application processes and the visa file. I was amazed how professional and quick the team was. They have made the whole process easy for me. I am glad I came to them.

Deesup Lhendup Choden

Best consultancy with best counseling for every step you take!

Tshering Dema

I strongly recommend Chhundu Enterprises ECPF, Global Reach, if anyone is opting for further studies abroad. They provide you assistance in every step and are way forward. Thank you so much for your guidance.

Namgay Lhamo

I am very pleased by the service  from Chhundu Enterprises ECPF, Global Reach while processing my visa for Australia, mainly the Phuentsholing office with the guidance and support from (Madame Tshering and Madame Nima). They gave us prompt e-mail and call responses to all questions during the process. At the same time easy to communicate with. Thank you for being patient with us. The personalized services made us feel special and cared about. We certainly recommend your services to everyone we know.

Tashi Wangchuk

99 percent chance of getting your Australian Visa. Filled with professionals who can guide you to pursue the best education in Australia depending on your interest and educational background.

Tshering Pem Tamang

The service is very good. Special thanks to Miss Tshering (senior counselor Phuentsholing, Bhutan) for the support throughout. Much love.

Yeshey Wangchuk

An ardent learner I always looked for an avenue to study abroad. I wanted to upgrade and embrace quality education in Australia. It was impossible to do on my own so I approached a reliable consultant in Bhutan, Chhundu Enterprises ECPF, Global Reach. Every client had their own counselor who was trustworthy and knowledgeable. Applications are handled professionally and productively. I remain grateful for their support I recommend everyone to take the opportunity and make use of their service as a gateway to further studies. They are indispensable.Kadrinchey la.

Sangay T Om

Thank you Global Reach for making my journey a success. The team is well experienced and I would like to recommend their quick services to all those who are trying for your further studies. Thank you once again Global Reach.

Rixin Dema

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend an outstanding education consultancy, Chhundu Enterprises ECPF, Global Reach. Mr. Phub Tawchu you are the best advisor andwith your knowledge and expertise you have helped me fulfill my dream. Global Reach deserves 10/10 for each and every one of them in terms of job performances Mr. Koonden, Madame Sonam and Mr. Phub. Thank you one and all.

Thinley Yoezer

I appreciated the services rendered by Chhundu Enterprises ECPF, Global Reach Bhutan for our youth.

Phub Dorji, MBA, University of Canberra, Australia

I first heard about Global Reach through my friend who took the services of Global Reach before.  I decided to process my studies through Global Reach and I got my visa and I found their service excellent. The counselors are frank, friendly, helpful and efficiently guided me through the application process and helped me get my visa on time. I would like to thank Global Reach for being best to me, thank you.

Ugyen, Master of Education Studies, University of Canberra, Australia

My name is Ugyen, I am currently working at UIHS as a teacher and I applied for Masters of Education with University of Canberra in Australia. My visa approved yesterday. I have a cousin, who availed their services in 2016. He suggested Global Reach. Regarding the service provided by the agent, it was really wonderful. Everything went very smoothly and I could go as per the requirement to the university of my choice. Thank you so much.

Sonam Lhamo, Master of Education Studies, University of Canberra, Australia

Good Morning, my name is Sonam Lhamo. I work as a teacher in one of the schools in Thimphu.

I have been trying to pursue my studies abroad and I consulted Global Reach, which my friend recommended and I strongly believed that he recommended the right place for me to consult. My feedback is that all the counsellors are equally competent, they are reliable, and they are very encouraging.

Tandin Gem, MBA (Plus), University of Canberra, Australia

Hi, my name Tandin Gem and I graduated from Sherubtse College and currently working as a stock broker with the Bhutan National Bank Limited. I would like to thank the Global Reach team for their constant support and help during the entire process. I chose Global Reach because I had several positive referrals from my relatives and friends and I am glad that I made the right decision. With their constant and effective counseling, I was able to choose my course and university without any hassle.  I recommend Global Reach to all those who are planning to study in Australia. Thank you.

Tshewang Tamang, Master of Education Studies, University of Canberra, Australia 

Hello, my name is Tshewang Tamang and I am 23 years old. I graduated from St Joseph’s College, Darjeeling India and was working at the faculty of Science since 2013.  I felt I had to upgrade my knowledge and so I planned to pursue my Masters degree and I am able to go. I got a chance to upgrade my qualifications from the University of Canberra and to make my dream come true. I will always be very grateful to Global Reach Thimphu.

I first heard about Global Reach from my friend who was pursuing his Masters in Computer Science Engineering and my sister-in law who has been pursuing her Masters Degree at the University of Canberra. Now what is really important about the Global Reach team is the moment you enter the office, from the first day onwards you won’t feel the hectic task of going from one place to another. The services here, the way they deal with the clients, the service that they provide are tremendous, marvelous and is really convenient for every student. Because from the first day you find out what needs to be done and they make sure that everything is done within the given time. I recommend to every one of you that if you ever wanted to go abroad and study, your best friend, your best ally would be Global Reach. Thank you.

Binu Kumari Yogi, Master of Education Advance, Edith Cowan University, Australia 

Hi, I am Binu Kumari Yogi, I recently graduated from Samtse College of Education and I got my Australian visa to go to Perth and continue my studies further. I opted for the Master of Education Advance and I heard about Global Reach through many friends.

I asked my friends who are in Australia whom to consult, whom to ask about the processes and many of my friends recommended me to go to Global Reach and try from there

So, I came here and I found that Global Reach is very systematic. All the counsellors are very friendly. They are all supportive and everybody here has a part to play. Initially, Sir Karma, he helped me to apply for university and after that, Sir Namgay helped me with the GT assessment. He helped me to get my COE that is confirmation of enrollment and after that, Sir Koonden, he checked my SOP and finally, ma’am Sonam, she helped me process my visa and thankfully I got my visa on the 17th, and I am very greatful for Global Reach and I am happy to say that we became like a family and I will always be thankful to them for everything.