Top 10 Mistakes when Choosing an Education Consultant.

                          Many students land up choosing the wrong consultants

Are you planning to study abroad? Do you know which consultant is best for you? If you agree with the first and still doubt the second, following guidelines will help you find a suitable consultant. Many people end up choosing the wrong college or course because of the wrong education consultant.  Here are 10 common mistakes made when choosing an education consultant. If you are confused on how to choose a Consultant, the following guidelines are here to help you!

1. Consulting Free or Cheap Education Consultants. 

Hidden costs in free consultancy

There are consultancies that provide services for free or comparatively charge low. One of the intentions with such offers is to attract more clients. A student should know why they are providing offers. Sometimes consultancies have hidden costs included in visa preparation, study materials and health insurance that can be even more expensive than an average cost. Choosing these consultants gives you limited choices. You have to agree with everything they provide and sometimes, they may not even provide what you are looking for.

2. Ignoring the consultant’s history.

Knowing your consultant’s performance history is important.

Neglecting the consultant’s career experience is another mistake in choosing them. You should have adequate information about your consultant such as their success rate and their affiliation with universities overseas. When you ignore your education consultant’s history, you land up with inexperienced and poorly performing consultants. 

3. Avoiding recommendations

 Don’t avoid recommendations  

Another reason in choosing a wrong consultant is ignoring recommendation. People who have already been overseas will have vast knowledge on whom to choose as your consultant. They will give you enough information on various suitable consultancies within your locality based on their various experiences. Avoiding recommendation will lead you to a wrong education consultant.

4. Failing to research about your chosen college

Lack of research

When a consultant suggests you with various universities, make sure to go through the  courses they provide to avoid studying a wrong course. They may suggest a popular university that does not provide the course you want to pursue. 

5. Limiting the number of consultancies

 More options provide better choices

Students usually stick to a few number of consultancies. You should always go for maximum choices that are available. The more options you have, the better chance it provides to choose a suitable consultant. Limiting your choices leaves greater opportunities go unnoticed. 

6. Sticking to few oversea colleges

                 Spending time on choosing the best college is better than choosing the wrong one

Students often consider two to three options when choosing a relevant college. It is better to have more options that give you freedom to choose the best college based on quality, cost, course duration and future scope. You should always go through all the overseas options provided by your consultant.

7. Ignoring to check the country list of your consultancy

                            Check whether your consultant  has your dream college in their list.

Once you identify your consultant, it is wise to go through the list of countries and colleges they are affiliated with. Your consultant may be good in dealing with your application for colleges in Canada and Australia but may not be for the USA. It is advisable to inquire about their affiliation with universities outside.

8. Ignoring to check the knowledge of a consultant

Know your consultant better

There are consultants who only think about mining money from the students. If your consultant has adequate information, it will be easier for your visa formalities and they will give you proper guidance. You should always look for a well informed consultant to avoid inconveniences and end up paying a huge amount to someone who doesn’t know much about foreign education. There can be consultants who have good records, but may not be familiar with the new universities they are linked with.   

9. Avoiding Reviews

Going through reviews will help you to choose a better consultant

Students often ignore to check the reviews of their chosen consultancies. The reviews on their website, social media pages and their client’s testimonials will help you choose a right consultant. Their good reviews will help you gain confidence and trust. Most people prefer to visit Google My Business  (GMB) ratings to select the consultant.

10. Prioritising acquaintances over Studies

                                      Prioritise your career.

Most students wish to study at a place where their acquaintances such as friends, families and relatives are studying and they contact the same consultants. Before choosing the same consultant as that of your acquaintances, make sure the consultant you select is capable of delivering the services you need. This will help students to avoid mistakes in choosing the wrong consultant.


Finding a suitable consultant is challenging for many students.Neglecting to research preferred consultants such as, their oversea affiliation and their performance, failing to accept recommendations and limiting the options in choosing consultants are few common mistakes made when choosing a consultant. 

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