Top 10 reasons to study Perth

Perth- The capital of West Australia

Perth evolved from a small settlement in 1829 to a place worthy of being capital. Perth is the capital of West Australia, and it is a renowned  ‘Education City”. It is a famous city for the State-Nomination Migration Program. The city has global recognition for its low unemployment rate, sustainable economy, and reputed universities. 

Perth is the best study destination in Australia for international students with an affordable lifestyle, pristine beaches, clean environments, warm weather,  and a clear blue sky. Universities in Perth provides high-quality education and valuable career opportunities. 

Following are the top 10 reasons for choosing Perth as your study destination in Australia.

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1. Perth is now classified as a Regional Area!

Perth qualified on the regional postcode list, Australia.

Studying in a regional area is the best option for international students in Australia because it offers a relaxing lifestyle, personalized university experience, beautiful vistas, migration opportunities, and better integration with the Australian culture.

International graduates with a bachelor’s degree from a regional campus will be eligible for a post-study work visa for additional two years. Studying at the Regional campus has other opportunities for permanent migration.

2. The best universities in Perth

Curtin University – one of the top universities in the world

Perth has many institutes and universities that provide a wide range of courses with quality-content and renowned certificates. The University of Western Australia and Curtin University in Perth ranks on top of Australia’s best universities. Edith Cowan University and Murdoch University are famous for Bhutanese students.

3. Feasible student life in Perth

Street sparkling theatre during the international streets arts festival

Perth is a student city and cultural hub of Western Australia. Apart from quality education, students can explore the Australian lifestyle through various festivals, arts, and entertainments. International students in Perth can visit art galleries and enjoy theatres, dance, music, comedy, and movies. Northbridge is a trendy entertainment area, with lots of nightclubs and cafés. 

Students have opportunities to earn extra pocket money while studying for survival and shopping. Perth is an excellent place to explore and gain insights into various businesses.

4. Travelling and transportations networks in Perth

Perth Airport- The best-rated airport in Australia

Perth is located in west Australia and connects to the rest of the world through air transport. International students in Perth can easily travel to their respective countries or nearby cities. Perth’s urban public transport ( trains, buses, and ferries) links to rural areas. Perth provides free public transport for students within the city center.

International students are considered temporary residents, and they can drive in Australia with a valid license from the home country. 

5. Multiple nationalities and unique cultures in Perth

Fascinating multinational indigenous culture in Perth

Perth is a culturally diverse state in Australia, speaking more than 170 languages and practicing more than 100 religions. People over 200 different nationalities reside in Perth for education and work. It is an excellent opportunity for internationals to experience several cultures and festivals.

International students in Perth will get a native feeling with global cuisines, including seafood, beef, chicken, pork, and vegetables. Perth is suitable and welcoming for every individual around the world.

6. Perth is an affordable study destination

Fully furnished affordable rooms for students in Perth

Perth offers one of the world’s highest living standards at affordable rates. It is rated the most liveable city in Australia for the past 13 years. International students in Australia are eligible for forty percent discounts on all public transportation and free bus service within the city center.

7. Plenty of part-time job in Perth

Students join a part-time job for extra income for survival.

Student visa holders are eligible to work part-time up to 20 hours per week. In Perth, great jobs are available in administration, communications, hospitality, housekeeping, retail, and tourism. The work experience before graduation helps the student to experience the real-life working culture.

Students studying abroad learn to be independent, time management, resource utilization, and gain exposure to life.

8. Stunning Skyline in Perth

Stunning  Skyline in Perth

Central Park (also known as the ‘Rio Tinto building’) is the tallest building (51-story and 249 m) in Perth, completed in 1992. Students in Perth get the opportunity to witness stunning Skyline, Swan River, and enjoy the beautiful view of the city from iconic Kings Park. The park is refreshing, with impressive botanical gardens and preserved natural grassland on Mount Eliza.

9. The beautiful beaches of Perth

Astonishing Rottland Island in Perth

Perth is on Australia’s west coast, and it has beautiful beaches: Mullaloo Beach, Scarborough Beach, and many more on Rottnest Island. Perth has more sunny days, and it is perfect for people to go to the beach. Students can go to the beach for recreation, boating, fishing, swimming, walking, and playing. It is the opportunity to experience rigorous blue waves, salty sea breeze, and tranquility of the oceanic atmosphere. 

10. Safety

Affable police in Perth for security and surveillance

Annually 35,000 international students land in Perth to study. Perth is one of the safest cities in the world for international students. People in Perth are friendly with a great sense of community. 

Perth has low crime rates, and it hosts many international students. The student apartments are secure with strong security on surveillance. All universities in Perth have 24 hours security; the security team escorts students to the respective apartment when required.

 Note* 000 is the emergency number in Perth to receive immediate assistance from firefighters, ambulances, and police. 

Wrap up

Perth- The perfect Education City for international students

Perth, the Education City, is the perfect choice for international students to get the highest- quality education and experience diverse cultures. Research says that international students in Perth achieve good academic results and financial stability. Perth is the perfect study-abroad destination and the best city in Australia.

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