Top 5 Study Abroad Blogs and Websites To Follow in Bhutan 2021

Open to a new world of opportunities

For students, studying abroad is a lifetime opportunity. Many people believe that studying overseas was the best decision they’ve ever made. It has the potential to change the direction of your life.

You’re probably the sort of person that wants to explore the world and experience new things if you’re reading this. You want a change in your life and perhaps like to learn a new language. Even if you are timid at times, you know that the perfect atmosphere may completely transform your personality.

Getting information about studying abroad is essential, but where can you find a reliable overseas education blog or a website that you can trust? Do not worry, here you will know about the right abroad education consultants who are certified, where to find them, and how to go forward. You can also find Bhutan educational consultant website mentioned below. 

  1. Chhundu Enterprises Educational Consultancy and Placement Firm, Global Reach Bhutan 

Chhundu Enterprises ECPF, Global Reach Bhutan

Global Reach Bhutan represents international institutions in Bhutan and has a long-standing reputation for being the country’s most thorough and first study-abroad consultant.

The counselors provide extensive career advice and connect individual student profiles to appropriate courses based on an individual’s academic background, ability, and ambitions. They are not only informed about the choices for students to decide from, but they also provide advice based on first-hand experience visiting international academic institutions.

To make the process even more thorough and productive, previous student experiences and testimonies are taken into account so that the applicants feel well informed about the before and after experience of studying abroad.

You can read their blogs and gather more information about studying abroad by visiting Global Reach Bhutan

  1. Chhundu Training Institute CTI, Thimphu

Invest in your future

Digital marketing, International English Language Testing System (IELTS) modular lessons, and Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI), the alternative English language competence test, are the courses offered by CTI. The two-month digital marketing training will prepare you for a job with Blue Dragon Digital Marketing, Bhutan’s first Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) digital company headquartered near Thimphu Tech Park.

The IELTS modular lessons are designed to focus on areas where Bhutanese students thrive improvement. The instructors will focus on Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking for the optimum performance of a student.

The instructors will walk you through the Deakin University English Language Institute test (DUELI). The DUELI test is an approved online alternative to the IELTS when applying for an Australian student visa.

You can read their blogs and gather more information by visiting Chhundu Training Institute

  1. EA-Z Education Consultancy and Placement Firm 

Shape your future for better opportunities 

They guide you in the proper direction while keeping the student’s interests and financial position in mind. “Opportunity never knocks twice,” says an old adage. Anyone’s fate may be changed by taking the right move in the right direction at the appropriate moment. Furthermore, they say that “they feel that making the right professional decision and receiving prompt admission through the correct channels may improve your future chances in a variety of ways.”

They help students with:

  • Right course choices, fees structure, and expenditure.
  • Right institution and university for higher studies.
  • Offer the best colleges and universities that provide international standard facilities. All of the course programs are at par with international and global standard universities for quality education.
  • Guide students in all their related educational activities to excel and gain more out of the course studied.
  • Visa application process.

You can inquire at EA-Z

  1. Samden Kuendup (SK) Education Consultancy


A young Bhutanese couple founded SK education consultancy in 2014. During their master’s program in ACT, Australia, between 2011 and 2013, the couple had the idea for the consultation service. Both graduated from the University of Canberra in Australia with a master’s degree in business administration (MBA).

They have a strong team at SK education consultancy, consisting of highly skilled and experienced personnel who provide professional services. As a result, SK education consultant seeks to guide and support students in pursuing their selected course of study and prepare and aid students throughout their stay abroad.

SK Education Consultancy is one of Bhutan’s leading providers of educational consulting services. More than 80% of the applications handled and applied through SK education consultancy have been successfully acknowledged to date. Throughout 1200 students have benefited from our one-on-one free counseling from qualified education counselors at SK over the last four years of service. More than 800 persons have been successfully enrolled and aided by our consulting to travel and study abroad.

To know more, visit Samden Kuendup (SK) Education Consultancy

  1. Universal ECPF “Gateway to your Child’s Future”

Gateway to a students future

Universal Education Consultancy and Placement Firm have a long history of being one of Bhutan’s most thorough and trustworthy study abroad advisors. In 2021, they will complete their eighth year of considerable work experience in the education sector, and they will continue to put students first. They only accept a limited number of students per intake to allow for thorough paperwork and meticulous visa filing since we value quality above quantity.

Their extensive network of colleges in Canada, Australia, India, and other parts of the world enables them to select the finest institutions for each student based on their career goals and provide the most significant logistical support and services. They serve with sincerity and dedication.

To know more, visit Universal ECPF

Studying abroad entails venturing outside of your comfort zone, embracing a new culture and way of life, and returning home with lifelong memories, values, and knowledge — all while staying on track with your schoolwork and graduation aspirations.

Studying abroad is one of the most effective methods to further your academic career, better your résumé, and develop a deeper connection with the world (and yourself). By visiting the individual abroad education consultant’s website, you may learn everything you need to know to get started on your study abroad trip and get all the information you need.

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