Top 7 concern for an Australian visa

Australia is a popular destination for international students, behind the United States and the UK. Growing number of students choose to study there because of cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high education quality. 

So, you have decided to study in Australia. You have checked the best cities to live in and compared top universities for your studies. This is all good, but you need a student visa to fulfill your dream of studying in Australia. You need to complete a complicated set of requirements to get your visa. So to help you ace the visa test, here are the top 5 concern for an Australian visa

  • Genuine temporary entrant requirement
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Genuine temporary requirement for Australia

One of the essential visa requirements is to pass the genuine temporary requirement. It is an integrity assessment that all applicants must provide to show that they are coming to Australia for a temporary period of time to gain a quality education. With your application, you will need to provide supporting documents and evidence.  The best way to make your statement stronger is by telling them about the knowledge, experience, and financial benefits you will gain from studying in Australia. Tell them what you will do in Bhutan after completing your studies in Australia or mention reasons such as returning to a job or joining a family business to make your case stronger.

  • English language proficiency test

English language requirements to get your student visa approved.

To study in Australia, you will have to take a reading, listening, speaking, and writing test in English to show your English abilities. This means that you will have to meet the English language requirements to get your student visa approved. The score you need depends on your visa requirements and the university where you plan to study. Preparing for your test is an essential part of the process. Seek help from institutions that provide coaching classes because getting good scores is significant to get your visa approved. If you get your visa with an average score, you will have to take a foundation course to improve your language and communication skills.

  • Insufficient funds

Specific financial requirements to get your visa approved

You will have to meet specific financial requirements to get your visa approved. Show that you are financially stable and you can pay for your course fees and support yourself during your stay in Australia. Make sure you can provide documents as evidence to prove your financial stability. You will be required to produce a bank statement that proves you have this level of money to play with.  Make your bank balance look genuine, and avoid transferring a huge amount in your account right before printing your statement. It will increase suspicion and perhaps result in rejection of your visa. 

  • Medical certificate and security clearance

Health checks to ensure you are in good health to study in Australia

As a visa applicant, you must meet Australia’s health requirements. You will have to go through some health checks to ensure you are in good health to study in Australia. You must have an overseas student Health Cover (OSHC). It will provide medical and hospital insurance in Australia and must cover the duration of your stay. 

A clean security clearance proves that you aren’t a threat to their country or have past criminal records. Australian authorities will have access to this information and reject visa applications based on past misconduct. So, if you’ve got a bad immigration history or failed applications owing to genuine entrance attempts, your visa is likely to be rejected.

  • Choice of program

Your program should make sense to the IRCC official

There are two types of students; students who want to continue their studies in a related field and those who want to learn something entirely unrelated to what they’ve previously studied. Your program should make sense to the IRCC official reviewing your case to minimize your risk of refusal. Student visas get denied if the choice of the program doesn’t match with what you’ve studied. If you want to change your field of study, you need to provide a good reason. Your reasoning should be clear in your statement. This helps minimize the chances of Canada visa refusal.

  • Incorrect or incomplete documents

Submit proper and accurate documents to get your visa approved

Visa concerns for Australia will rise if you don’t submit proper and accurate documents. Provide substantiating documents that support your claims of purpose and transcript copies from your school. When you send incomplete forms to the immigration office, your file goes back to the bottom of the pile. Small things such as forgetting a health clearance document can make or break your visa application. So, Make sure your documents are correct because they communicate transparency and prevent violation of fraudulent documents. Take your time and go through your application to correct any mistakes or fill in any missing information on your application to prevent visa rejection.

  • Re-application

Don’t lose hope if your application gets refused, you still have options.

Don’t lose hope if your application gets refused, you still have options. Check why it was denied the first time and re-apply after having corrected the errors. Refusals typically come with notes, so review the notes to see where you can improve with your next application.

Applying for Australian visa requires a lot of documents and knowledge of government and Department of Home Affairs. You can save some money by not hiring the professionals, but it will never save you from big headaches and frustrations.

Being denied a student visa is certainly a disappointing situation. So to avoid such a problem is to connect with a qualified education consultant for support. Global reach provides comprehensive immigration assistance for the student visa, including filing applications and gathering supporting documents. Become a client of Global reach and give yourself the best chances of having your student visa accepted.

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