Top 7 Reasons To Study In Australia

Top 7 Reasons To Study In Australia

Check out the pros of studying in Australia

Studying in Australia is a great way to expand your education and improve your career opportunities. Australia is known for its world-class education and diverse cultural heritage. Australian universities strive to equip students with practical skills and knowledge and to constantly review their approach to meet global standards and inspire students to think innovatively. Plus, the country is globally recognized as one of the most diverse and welcoming cities. The benefits of obtaining a degree in Australia are immense and we highlight some of these amazing benefits for you to consider studying in Australia.

Study in Australia for these 7 main reasons:

Australia ranks #3 as the most popular international student destination

Australia, a popular study destination

Australia is ranked #3 as the most desired study destination for students worldwide. The USA and the UK remain at first and second respectively. It’s no surprise why students opt to pursue their study careers in Australia. The country has diverse wildlife, stunning wildlife, diverse culture, high quality of living, and of course, amazing study opportunities.

Australia currently enrolls more than 800,000 international students

International students number keeps growing

Australia welcomes a significant number of international students in Australian courses, annually, adding up to the already growing number of the student body. Living and studying in Australia is what I most desire. Its high quality of education, multicultural community, diverse lifestyle, and efficient and easy access to education services make Australia an attractive study destination.

They come to rip the benefits of excellent education facilities, possibly immigrate and pursue their dreams.

Seven of the world’s top 100 universities are based in Australia

Study in top universities of Australia 

Australia is renowned for its top universities that offer different varieties of courses to all students. There are 1,200 institutions and over 22,000 courses – plenty to choose from. Australian universities are up there with the best such as Oxford and Cambridge.

The 7 universities in Australia are ranked by QS World University Rankings 2021, based on a methodology that assesses the universities on their academic reputations, research impact, and more.

List of best universities in Australia for international students

#1Australian National University (#31 overall ranking)

#2 University of Sydney (#40 overall ranking)

#3 University of Melbourne (#41 overall ranking)

#4 University of New South Wales (#44 overall ranking)

#5 University of Queensland (#46 overall ranking)

#6 Monash University (#55 overall ranking)

#7   University of Western Australia (#92 overall ranking)

Home to the world’s 7 most student-friendly cities

Australia is home to some of the most student friendly environments

According to QS Best Student Cities, 2021, almost every major city is amongst the best student-friendly cities worldwide. Melbourne has retained its position as the #3 most student-friendly city in the world.

There are other major cities such as Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane, offering their unique brand of Australia. Along with them, cities Canberra, Adelaide, and the Gold Coast are some of the world’s best with welcoming and affordable cities. One can live in Australia and explore the friendly communities.

Abundance of Scholarships opportunity for international students

Take advantage of the abundance scholarship opportunities 

Australia offers enormous  scholarship opportunities for international students – offered by  the Australian  Government, education providers, and a number of other public and private organisations.

They are available to students of any nationality, including Bhutan, and the application process and condition differs based on the organization offering the scholarship. These grants and scholarships will assist you financially in your studies. Moreover, the Australian work programme allows you to work and study, simultaneously.

Not all are destined for greatness, but that greatness can come from anyone – Discover an Innovator in you

What kind of innovator are you?

Are you aware of penicillin, Wi-fi, the Earth Hour initiative, and the Cochlear implant? Well, all were invented by extraordinary individuals who graduated from Australia. The Australian education system is well known for its high-quality research-oriented approach which has produced 16 Nobel prize winners to date.

From the 1945 Nobel Prize winner of Penicillin to the most recent prize in 2017 for the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons, Australian graduates are one to watch out for in the future.

A high standard of living and welcoming country

Australia is about as far as you can get

Australia is well known for its technological advancement, high standard of living, and a globally competitive economy in a variety of fields. Study in Australia and enjoy all the benefits of quality services, landscapes, and infrastructures. Besides education, their quality of health services, transportation, infrastructure, and other government services are rated well above international averages.

Its multicultural society, with more than 30% of Australians born overseas, makes it a haven of nationalities and cultures from all over the world.

Well, what are you waiting for? It’s high time you get your visa approved and get packing. Experience a cutting-edge education in Australia and explore means to rip benefits of its technological growth, career opportunities in a safe and welcoming environment. Living in Australia & exploring the Australian work program will assist you in pursuing your education career. Never say “NO!” to a life-changing opportunity, you will regret it.

These are the 7 reasons to choose New Zealand as your study destination.

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