Top Five reasons why Bhutanese should study in the United Kingdom.

                                       Why Bhutanese should study in the UK?

The united kingdom is one of the foremost developed countries within the world. Their living standard, economy, and academic system are a number of the finest. Universities like Oxford and Cambridge with the most effective professors have created the most wonderful students. Nonetheless, they need several alternative well-reputed schools where folks come back from everywhere around the globe to review in the United Kingdom. 

The reasons why Bhutanese should study in the United Kingdom are:

1.Home to Some of the World’s Best Universities

                                   The World’s Best Universities in the UK.

Studying in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland means that learning at a world-renowned institution. The UK presently has six establishments in the world University Rankings, with the schools of Oxford and Cambridge each evaluating one hundred pc for his or her tutorial credibility.  learning in the UK provides one with the talents and qualifications to achieve success in the global job market and several opportunities to pursue their dream careers.  

2. AVERAGE EARNINGS through part-time jobs.

                                 Opportunity to Work while you study

International students who pursue their studies are allowed to do part-time for at least 20 hours a week or full-time during the holidays. According to some research, part jobs in the United Kingdom are paid higher than in other countries like New Zealand and Australia. Earning while studying will be a plus point for Bhutanese to study in the UK.

3. Free healthcare to international students.

                                  Provides free national health service.

The UK has the National Health Service.  If you’re learning within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for quite a half-dozen months you are accessible to free care facilities. this can be one of the nice advantages to Bhutanese students who are disquieted regarding funding their study abroad.

4.UK welcomes all international students and a Cheap Study Destination.

                   The UK is an unrestricted place for international students.

The UK has a record of welcoming international students to study at its universities. In comparison to other English-speaking studies abroad destinations such as the US and Australia, the UK is about  £2000 to £3000 cheaper.

You don’t need much in your bank to apply for your visa to study in the UK compared to other countries.

 5. cost of living

                    The cost of living in the UK is cheaper than in other counties.

The United Kingdom has reasonable consumer prices regarding grocery shopping. Apart from that, rent prices in the UK are 1.20% lower than in New Zealand. 

There are other benefits why Bhutanese should choose a high-queen high-quality, le post below:

  • High-quality post-graduate high-quality, education.

Universities in the UK provide higher standards of learning to ensure that they maintain that high quality of education. There are opportunities to be taught by the world’s leading academics to be creative, develop skills and build confidence.

  • The UK is an interesting place to live.

The UK is full of historical landmarks, famous music festivals, and amazing events to keep you entertained throughout the duration of your stay.

  • The UK provides Shorter courses.

Most undergraduate courses in the UK take three years to complete and short courses mean quicker graduation and less money spent on things such as tuition and living expenses. Their two-year degrees are an increasingly popular option, while most post-graduate programs last just one year.

  • Cultural diversity.

You will get the chance to mix, meet and interact with international students from all over the world, learning more about different walks of life.

  •  High rate of employability.

Employers want high-quality graduates who have specific skill sets, including effective and creative thinking skills. UK education is recognized by employers, universities, and governments worldwide.


Studying in the UK will be a solid foundation to boost the potential for enhancing your employment prospects while you pursue your degree. Having an opportunity to work while you study, getting free healthcare and a cheap living standard will be the best options for any Bhutanese to study in the UK.

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