What are the benefits of studying in a regional university and the Importance of a good SOP?

Studying at a designated regional university offers attractive benefits for international students. The fun part of studying at a regional university in Australia is the opportunity to see fantastic wildlife animals such as Kangaroo and Koala, situated in the university’s residential area.

If you are searching for the best regional universities in Australia, you are on the right page. Go through the lists of benefits of studying at a regional university. Global Reach will help you with the benefits of studying in a regional university in Australia and the importance of a good SOP.

  1. Minimal cost of living in regional areas

                     Affordable cost of living in regional areas in Australia

Studying at a regional university in Australia is affordable for international students. The cost of living is comparatively low and affordable than other big cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. As per the research done by collecting information from other international students from different regions, Townville in Australia is the most affordable city with the cost of living as low as AUD 1000 per month, with a luxury compartment. It is cheaper than Sydney, with AUD2000-2500 per month.

 Below are the list of cities and the cost of living per month.

CitiesThe estimated cost of living in AUD
Sydney2000 – 2500
Adelaide1500 – 1700
Hobart, Tasmania1500 – 1700
Perth1200 – 1500
Darwin1200 – 1500
Townville800 – 1200
Cairns800 – 1200

  1. Sociable Australian Culture in regional areas

Australia is a friendly country

Regional Universities have fewer international students than the other universities in megacities, which means a close community integration. The students often meet each other, and they get to know more. Townsville’s total population is just 195,430 as of 2020, which also houses one of the prominent universities- James Cook University.

  1. Permanent Residency Opportunities after graduating from regional universities

Permanent residency in Australia for international students

Studying at a regional university in Australia offers opportunities for students to get permanent residency. Once you graduate, you get an absolute advantage of five extra points while applying for permanent residence in Australia.

  1. Relaxing lifestyle of regional areas in Australia

The relaxed lifestyle of Australian

Most businesses close early, so you get time for yourself to relax. It offers a vacation lifestyle away from the overcrowded and busy cities. People here go for a short swim at the beach or fish in the lake during their free time. The regional areas are also developed with some of the best facilities. Life is relaxed here, and you feel close to the community as people know each other due to the low population.

  1. Perfect atmosphere for studying in regional areas of Australia

Regional areas in Australia offers the best academic environment

Most regional universities are peaceful and have an ideal academic environment. These regional areas have some of the most beautiful vistas including tropical rainforests, white sandy beaches, hills, and deserts. Regional universities are the best places to experience Australia’s natural environment.

The Importance of a good SOP?

A successful Statement of Purpose will decide your admission

Your Statement of Purpose (SOP) is an essential letter if you are applying to study abroad. SOP is a short essay that gives a brief background of your education, achievements, goals, and the desired course at the university. A good SOP helps you stand out among other applicants because it talks about what you can contribute rather than just your academic grades.

SOP also talks about your extracurricular achievements, your interests, and hobbies. It gives a perfect picture of your personality and if you can integrate with the university culture. It shows your creativity and writing skills. Global reach has some of the most efficient staff who will help you develop an appealing SOP.

Things to remember while writing your SOP

Write your SOP in your own words to avoid plagiarism. Do not copy-paste sections from external sources, templates, or other people’s SOP. Avoid such malpractices because these are some of the most severe academic offenses that can get your application rejected.  It’s advisable to write your ambitions and goals in your unique way to avoid duplication of the statement. 

Keep it simple and straightforward.

Follow KISS principle to develop a good SOP

The admission committee reads hundreds of applications, so details count. Global Reach will help you with the guidelines for the appropriate length of your SOP.  A good SOP should not exceed more than one page. Perfect word count, structure, and spacing are essential requirements for selection. Remember to keep your SOP simple.

How can you write a SOP?

Ways to develop a good Statement of Purpose

Write your SOP based on the school’s requirements and the program you are applying for; the requirements may vary from school to school and from program to program.

Paragraph one: What is Your Story?

In the opening statement of your SOP, give a brief introduction about yourself. Let them know about the program you are interested in. 

Paragraph 2: Your source of inspiration.

In the next section, talk about what inspired you to pursue the program you are interested in. Your source of motivation can be your parents, teachers, and other renowned personalities. Remember to keep your source of inspiration unique and relevant to your program.

Paragraph 3: Your experience

Focus on your past experiences related to your interested program. You also include your extracurricular activities, past work experience, sports teams, and clubs. It’s okay not to mention every achievement in detail. 

Select a few that are great and can help you get selected. Suppose, if you are interested in Journalism, highlight the experience you have in media studies such as print media, photojournalism, digital media, and foundation of media or mass journalism. Such experiences will help you stand out among many applicants.

Paragraph 4: Why do you want to study at that particular university?

Here you talk about why you prefer that particular university and what you value the most about it. Talk about your expectations from that university and the contributions you can offer. Having perfect knowledge about the university will help you seem fit for selection. 

Paragraph 5: What are your follow up plans?

In the last paragraph, talk about what you hope to achieve from the program you are interested in. Discuss your next steps and what you want to take away from the university. Show a clear picture of your career plans and how you can contribute to your home country after moving back. In conclusion, it is good to thank the admission committee for giving their time to go through your SOP. Show your genuine enthusiasm and excitement for a new chapter of your life. Make sure you edit and re-edit your SOP to avoid any errors before submitting it. Start writing your Statement of Purpose by following our instructions and enhance your writing skill.

Now that you know the benefits of studying in a regional university in Australia, start writing an excellent SOP to get yourself enrolled for the particular program you are interested in pursuing.

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