University of Windsor

What is The University of Windsor Known For?

University of Windsor
The University of Windsor, Canada

The University of Windsor is a global, student-focused university in Windsor, Ontario, sitting on the Detroit River at North America’s busiest border crossing. 

The location of Windsor makes it ideal for one of Canada’s most important internationally oriented institutions.

It’s known for its world-class education and exceptional student services, allowing students to get the most out of their studies and university life. 

Graduates from the University of Windsor are regarded as global citizens with a broad knowledge base and transferable abilities to thrive in any work situation. Within two years of graduation, 95.1 % of its alumni find work! 

Here are just 10 reasons why UWindsor is a popular study destination for international students. 

This blog includes:

Globally Recognized University

Best of Both Worlds – International Diversity

Scholarship and Funding Programs

One of the fastest growing research institutions in Canada

Affordable Education and Living Costs

Positive and Healthy Student-Faculty Relationships

Work and Immigration Opportunities

A Wide Range of Programs

Unwavering Student Support

Exciting University Life

Final Thoughts

1 Globally Recognized University

Globally Recognized University
The University of Windsor is globally recognized.

The University of Windsor has strong academic standards and an international reputation. 

By enrolling at this University, you will receive a high-quality education that will help you build your career and open opportunities for your future!

2 Best of Both Worlds – International Diversity

International Diversity
The University of Windsor is a multicultural university

The University of Windsor provides a unique student experience, attracting students from all over Canada and more than 40 international countries each year. 

It is located in Canada’s southernmost city, just 5 minutes from downtown Detroit and within easy driving distance of Toronto, Chicago, and other major cities in Ontario and the United States. 

Windsor is a safe, diversified, and student-friendly Canadian city with one of Canada’s mildest climates and affordable housing.

3 Scholarship and Funding Programs

Scholarship and Funding Programs
The University of Windsor offers funding programs.

The University of Windsor offers scholarship and funding programs to both domestic and international students. 

They are happy to offer a competitive funding program for graduate students, including admission grants, national and provincial scholarships, departmental scholarships, and job possibilities.

Do you want to know if you qualify for any scholarship or funding programs? Contact us at Global Reach today to see if you’re eligible for scholarships!

4 Ontario’s Fastest-growing Research Institution

Ontario's Fastest-growing Research Institution
The University of Windsor is one of Ontario’s fastest-growing research institutions.

The University of Windsor’s renowned faculty is well-known globally and is dedicated to engaging graduate students in cutting-edge research and education opportunities. 

You will benefit from long-standing industry collaborations in Windsor and North America and research facilities, including a $110 million state-of-the-art Centre for Engineering Innovation.

The researchers have received international acclaim. Research Chairs in various categories enable the University to attract and maintain the best brains in research across multiple fields.

Their computerized library system houses over three million print and microform titles and CD-ROM databases. 

Thanks to high-class computer resources such as CAD/CA, laboratories, networks, and the Windsor Research Data Centre, students have all the tools to thrive in the classroom and the lab.

5 Affordable Education and Living Costs

Affordable Education and Living Costs
The cost of living and education is affordable at the University of Windsor.

You should consider UWindsor if you seek a low-cost degree in Canada in a highly developed country. 

UWindsor offers graduate programs at cheaper tuition fees for both domestic and international students. 

Many overseas students choose to study at the University of Windsor because of the University’s excellent reputation, the low tuition costs, and the comfort of living. 

The UWindsor’s cost of living and tuition costs are generally lower than those in the United States and the United Kingdom.

6 Positive and Healthy Student-Faculty Relationships

Healthy Student-Faculty Relationships
The faculty at the University of Windsor has a strong and healthy relationship with students.

The University is also known for having innovative staff and outstanding student-faculty interactions. 

UWindsor offers students a warm and supportive learning environment with small class sizes and various student activities, clubs, and organizations.

Their award-winning staff prioritizes exceptional undergraduate experiences, cutting-edge research programs, a high-quality education, and international engagement in their strategic plan.

7 Work and Immigration Opportunities

Work and Immigration Opportunities
The University of Windsor will assist you with work and immigration opportunities.

Volunteering, on-campus jobs, off-campus jobs, co-op, and internships are just a few ways that overseas students can earn significant work experience while attending the University of Windsor. 

You may be eligible for a post-graduation work visa after successfully finishing your studies at the University. 

Working or volunteering after your graduation will assist you in applying to become a permanent resident of Canada.

8 A Wide Range of Programs

A Wide Range of Programs
The University of Windsor offers a variety of courses for students

The University of Windsor offers more than 70 Masters’ and Doctoral degrees in various fields, including the Master of Laws, Master of Engineering Management, Ph.D. in Nursing, and Ph.D. in Argumentation Studies.

Standout Programs

Specialization in Commerce/Accounting: This curriculum prepares students for the one-year MBA Professional Accounting Specialization offered by the University.

Aeronautics Leadership: Students receive commercial flying instruction and courses in the arts, science, commerce, and engineering at Windsor International Airport.

Human Kinetics/Sports Management & Leadership: Graduates of this hands-on curriculum will be able to deliver sports programs, execute events, run facilities, promote sports, etc.

Cool Courses

Ancient World Religions: Paganism, holy texts, rituals, and mysticism are among the topics covered.

Seeing Culture Through Things: Investigate the physical manifestations of our global culture, including commodities, consumption, and advertising.

9 Unwavering Student Support

Unwavering Student Support
The faculty at the University of Windsor provides unwavering student support.

The International Student Centre (ISC) at the University is the place to go for any aid or support you may require as an international student.  

Their team is available to assist with academic and personal difficulties, study permit or visa renewal applications, and work permit applications.

They also have a Soft Landing Program, which makes your transition to studying in Canada as easy as possible. 

Drop-in sessions, international student orientation, and a bus tour of the city are all available to help you get familiar with the area.

10 Exciting University Life

Exciting University Life
Exciting student life at the University of Windsor

The University boasts over 100 student clubs and organizations and strives to create a vibrant and inviting campus environment!

These student groups, organizations, academic organizations, and Greek societies can help you meet new people and integrate into life at Windsor.

You will find it easy to get involved in the community, meet new people, and make friends!

Your experience at the University of Windsor will shape your life and make your future brighter!

It might lead to a profession and a future in Canada, or it could lead to greater job opportunities in Bhutan.

It’s a perfect University to upgrade your education while enjoying Canada’s multicultural diversity, clean environment, and wonderful quality of life. 

Are you ready to attend the University of Windsor to further your education? Call us, email us, or visit our head office in Thimphu, Global Reach Education Consultancy, to help you with your process! Before you leave for the UWindsor, please make sure you read how to apply for a study permit in Canada!


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