What issues do International students face while studying abroad?

Issues faced by international students while studying abroad

While studying abroad, there are various issues you will face. The issues can arise from any corner: the cultural shock, being homesick, and have trouble concentrating on your studies. Student life itself can be challenging, but leaving home to study in another country is the bigger issue.

Your student life is easier in your home country but being an international student, you will face issues and challenges.

Read on for the prominent issues faced by an international student when studying abroad to prepare yourself. 


Missing family and friends can be tough

You never imagine that you’ll miss your friends, mom’s delicious food, or kid sister, but in reality, you will. With the first flow of enjoyment, you won’t miss them, but you will start feeling homesick as time flies. Meeting new people will be fun, but being a newcomer, you might feel like they look cold and rude, just because you don’t know them. It is normal to be homesick; just don’t let it take over you.

To overthrow this issue, use social media is to resolve your problem. Facebook, Messenger, and Skype will help you stay connected with your loved ones, making you feel as if they are with you. seize the opportunity when it comes and be open to making new friends. If you are invited to a social gathering, don’t be shy and show up! The best way to  overcome your homesickness issue is by socializing 

Running low on cash

Plan out the budget on how you’ll spend your money 

After moving to a new place, you will be eager to explore the city or state. You want to enjoy life in a new place with drinks and clubbing every night, but it can’t be possible. You need to last longer with your budget; expenses incurred in food, clothes, transportation, and accommodation. It is easy to spend your money and make it double-digit without anyone telling. It is important to have proper palling when it comes to financing. 

Solve this issue with a strict self-made financial plan will be efficient. Keep track of the money you spend and pre-plan where you will spend the money. Try to be cost-effective; buy second-hand books, cook your meals every time, and look for a part-time job that will fetch extra. Socialize with other international students by attending a dorm party rather than going to fancy night clubs. 

Language or cross-cultural barriers

Difficulty in understanding new languages 

Language barriers are a common issue that international students face. For example, you study in a European Country where people rarely speak English, it will become a challenge to express what you feel. You cannot communicate with people without learning to speak their language. 

Universities offer different language courses. Take a language course, when learning is open and ask what you don’t understand. In time, you will be confident to talk. Practice makes a man perfect; learn after your class is over in your room, or try to speak with other friends to be perfect. 

Academic writing 

Having a tough time to write properly 

it comes to academic writing, international students face this issue. This is because what you write in your exam during high school is different from what you write in a university. For example, students going to Australia to study can find academic writing difficult from what they used to write. 

Tackle your academic writing by practicing because when you write, you understand better. Universities offer special programs on writing, take the course, and improve your writing skills. With internet facilities, international students can learn with the help of online tools, such as Mendeley, Google Scholar, Plagtracker, Grammarly, to name a few. Another way to improve writing skills is by reading books. It can improve your vocabulary as well as English grammar. 


Having issues with roommates 

Life is not easy when you are living with a total stranger who you have just met. When you are going to study abroad, you will have to live with other students. They will have their way of living and a different lifestyle that is sure to be at odds with yours’. Living on-campus or off-campus; you will have to live with roommates. 

Try to understand other people. Give time and personal space to your roommate, but be sure not to let them take advantage of you. Be a good friend, talk more, and keep your bond strong so that friendship lasts. If it doesn’t work,  wait until a new semester starts and then find a new roommate. Or you can move out and rent a studio apartment by yourself. 


Planning to do your work tomorrow rather than doing it now

With new places to visit and friends to make, it is easy to leave your study’s primary purpose. Procrastinating can be an issue thinking that you will complete your college task or assignment tomorrow, but it is not a good habit. You may think that you have time, but trust me, you will not have it without proper time management.

Stop delaying your work, and start working right after you are in your room. Complete that task in time and mark important dates on your wall or Google calendar. Make a study timetable where you study and complete your task. Learn to manage time; this way, you can have time to socialize and submit your assignment in time. 

The Lecturers 

Hard to understand the teaching styles being an international student 

If the lecturer is presenting, and you don’t understand, what will you do in your first class? Will you stay quiet or ask them? It is hard to understand when you are an international student because the way they present can be different and challenging to catch up with. 

Try to be friendly with others in the class. Instead of staying quiet, ask your questions when the lecturer is done talking or ask your friends for the notes. Also, try reading books related to the module from the university library. Browse through the internet to understand better, and if you have questions, ask the lecturer or your friends the next day. With time you will be adjusted to the new way of teaching. 

Everything is not outstanding, and when studying abroad, it is quite close; nothing is great without its problem. “where there’s a will, there is a way” so every problem has a solution. Be brave and bold to face any challenge that comes your way. just don’t get discouraged by the new environment after you leave your country. Be strong, smart, and committed! this will help you to tackle the issues you face being an international student. 

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