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Which Are The Top Universities For Higher Education in Australia?

Top Universities For Higher Education in Australia
Top six universities for higher education in Australia

Australia is the world’s third most popular international student destination despite having only 23 million people. 

36 Australian universities were featured in the QS World University Rankings 2021. The Australian government invests $200 million in international scholarships every year.  

The fantastic student atmosphere inside and outside the classroom will ensure that you have a wonderful time in Australia.

Here are the top six universities for higher education in Australia. Make your choice now! 

This blog includes:

Australian National University (ANU)

University of Sydney

University of Melbourne

University of New South Wales (UNSW)

University of Queensland (UQ)

Monash University

Final Thoughts

1 Australian National University (ANU)

1 Australian National University (ANU)
ANU is the #1 University for higher education in Australia

Australian National University (ANU) is a top-ranked university for higher education in Australia

ANU is on top scoring high on almost all indicators, including academic reputation, international faculty, international students, and citations per faculty ratio. 

The university is known for its cutting-edge research and politics and law studies. 

ANU’s seven academic colleges offer over 50 single undergraduate degree programs. 

You can pursue three-year bachelor’s degrees, four-year bachelor’s degrees with honors, and five-year double degrees at ANU. 

Campus and Location

The Australian National University is located in Acton, a district next to Central Canberra. 

It is well-known for its park-like landscaping, with over 10,000 trees on campus. 

There are plenty of excellent outdoor spots to hang out with friends between classes.

Student Life

Canberra has a comparatively small population of roughly 400,000 people compared to Australia’s other major cities. 

So, ANU is just like its own student city because of its prominent location in a small town. 

Social life at ANU is vivacious since most students live on campus in residence halls. 

2 University of Sydney

2 University of Sydney
Attend the University of Sydney for higher education in Australia

The University of Sydney ranks 40th internationally and is the second-best university in Australia. It is one of the prestigious universities for higher education in Australia.  

According to QS World Rankings, the university is the best in Australia for Anatomy, Physiology, Veterinary Sciences, Medicine, Architecture, and English Language. 

Nine faculties and three schools make up the university’s programs.

The nine faculties are:





Health Sciences





The three Schools are:




Campus and Location

The University of Sydney is located in the Sydney districts of Camper down and Darlington, barely four kilometers from the city center. 

The university is top-rated for its quality education and prominent neo-gothic architecture.

Student Life

Students receiving education in Australia love the University of Sydney for its hippest neighborhoods!  

Newtown is the city’s hipster epicenter and is conveniently located near the university. 

You can study under reputed professionals meanwhile enjoying numerous pubs and thrift stores during free hours. 

3 University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne
The University of Melbourne is one of the best for higher education in Australia

The University of Melbourne is one of Australia’s best and the second oldest university. It is one of the best universities to get higher education in Australia. 

The university rank 41st in the QS world ranking, and it ranks 30th for both academic and employer reputation in the world. 

The university also does well in the international students’ index, with international students from over 130 countries accounting for 42 % of the student body.

Students choose a broad undergraduate degree in the first year and then specialize in their studies through a postgraduate degree. 

Courses offered at the University of Melbourne:







Fine Arts


Oral Health


General Studies

Campus and Location

The University of Melbourne has seven sites across Victoria, although the main campus is in Parkville, just a five-minute walk from Melbourne’s city center. 

The campus features heritage buildings and five libraries. 

Students have easy access to eateries and cafes in the suburbs of Parkville and Carlton.

Student Life

Melbourne, known as the cultural capital, is an ideal location to receive higher education in Australia and relish its unique culture!

The city is fascinated with food and coffee, so there’s always something fresh to try. 

Parkville lodging options are popular because of their proximity to the college, the city center, and some of Melbourne’s coolest districts. 

4 University of New South Wales (UNSW)

4 University of New South Wales (UNSW)
Register to UNSW for higher education in Australia

Register to UNSW for higher education in Australia

The University of New South Wales is another outstanding university for higher education in Australia! It is ranked 44th for academic excellence, and it remains Australia’s fourth-best university. 

The institution has eight faculties and is recognized as New South Wales’ finest university. 

Their eight faculties are:

Art & Design

Art & Social Sciences

Built Environment






UNSW provides:

Single bachelor’s degrees

Dual bachelor’s degrees (which combine two or more subjects into one program).

Combined bachelor’s degrees (two degrees within one program).

Campus and Location

The main UNSW campus is in Kensington, seven kilometres from Sydney’s central business district and two kilometres from the coastline. 

The University of New South Wales is so big that it has its postcode, so there are lots to see and do on campus.

The Main Library, the Quad, and the lawns are popular on-campus gathering locations for studying or catching up with friends.

Student Life

Sydney is a beautiful, postcard-worthy city, and its beaches are what make it unique. 

You can hang out with your mates by the water or go to Coogee Beach for a swim. 

As Australia’s largest city, Sydney is lively and always bustling, so there’s plenty to do for students. 

5 University of Queensland (UQ)

5 University of Queensland (UQ)
UQ is one of the best universities to get higher education in Australia

According to the QS World Rankings, the University Of Queensland (UQ) ranks among the top 50 institutions. 

The Centre for World University Rankings has ranked UQ first for its Biodiversity Conservation program. 

It is also noted for its research in the fields of marine biology, freshwater biology, and water resources.

UQ researchers have gained popularity for several recent breakthroughs, including the cervical cancer vaccine. 

Campus and Location

UQ has three main campuses, with the main one in the neighborhood of St Lucia.

The campus is recognized for its picturesque setting and sandstone structures.

Student Life

Brisbane’s student life is thriving as the city establishes itself as its dynamic city alongside Sydney and Melbourne

Brisbane is blessed with pleasant weather every year. Students frequently kayak, bike, or travel to the adjacent Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast. 

Brisbane has its man-made city beach, a favorite weekend hangout for students.

6 Monash University

6 Monash University
Monash University is one of the best and largest institutions for higher education in Australia

Monash University ranks 43rd among the top 50 institutions for academic reputation and receives a perfect score in the international students’ indicator.

It is labeled the best in Australia for Engineering and Technology by Times Higher Education and number two for Pharmacy and Pharmacology by QS world rankings. 

Monash University offers 126 undergraduate degrees and 59 double degrees to complete within four to five years.

Campus and Location

Monash University’s main campus is located in Clayton, 23 kilometers southeast of Melbourne’s city center. 

The institution has five campuses in Australia and a global network that includes locations in Malaysia, Italy, India, and China.

Student Life

Many students live on-campus in residence halls because Monash University is within a 30-minute drive from central Melbourne. 

The campus has everything that students require.

Education in Australia is excellent if you choose the top-ranked universities. The international community highly regards many universities in Australia for academic excellence. 

But the given six are the top universities for higher education in Australia. Now, it’s in your hands to decide which university you want to attend.

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