Why choose New Zealand as your study destination?

Wellington- The capital city of New Zealand.

Choosing the relevant course and suitable study destination is a pivotal task that impacts your career. It is vital to consider whether the university achieves your academic needs, guarantees a life-changing job, and provides the best exposures and experiences. As per the research, New Zealand is one of the best study destinations in the world. It has an internationally-renowned education system providing 21st-century skills, result-driven pedagogy, world-class facilities, and an exhilarating lifestyle.

Exploring beautiful landscapes, enjoying the local’s hospitality, experiencing their unique culture and lifestyles are some of the substantial perks for an international student to study New Zealand. It is a safe study destination with a friendly community. The high-quality education at an affordable cost and conducive learning environment are the reasons for the consistent growth in international students’ intake in New Zealand. 

Following are the concrete reasons for choosing New Zealand as your next study destination.

#1. Globally recognized qualifications

 The qualification of New Zealand accredits graduates throughout the world. 

New Zealand has eight universities, and all the universities rank high in QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) World Rankings and Times Higher Education Rankings. The qualification of these universities accredits their graduates throughout the world. The NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority ) ensures the universities are registered to intake international students and maintain education standards.

#2. Excellent pedagogy

Newzealand focuses on researched-based pedagogy at par with a British education system.

Universities in New Zealand follow research-based teaching, and learning happens systematically by dealing with situations and comprehensive research with first-class facilities. Lecturer trains the student to work independently as well as in a team at various standards. Studying in New Zealand will encourage the students to think critically, raise questions, and benefit from teacher-student interaction. Students will get an opportunity to implement the classroom concepts in real-life situations while approaching logical problem-solving methodologies.

#3. Research and innovation

First-class educational facilities.

New Zealand offers a world-class reputation for innovative research and data acquisition. The students’ innovation spirit made modern technologies the hub of research and development (R&D) in medicine, physics, astronomy, computer science, geology, engineering, agriculture, etc. The highly experienced faculty, access to the latest technology, and well-equipped laboratories enable the students’ easy flow of research and development. 

#4. Students are allowed to work to support their studies.

International students in New Zealand are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week.

International students in New Zealand are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week during the semesters and full-time during the semester breaks. The wages for students in New Zealand are reasonable to support their studies and earn handsome pocket money for traveling and shopping.

Additional privileges for Ph.D. scholars

Ph.D. scholars can work full-time during their studies.

Ph.D. scholars can enjoy the additional privileges to pay the minimal tuition fee as locals. Unlike other degree students who survive with a part-time job, Ph.D. scholars can work full-time during their studies.

#5. Highest-quality learning experience

Enjoy the research-based pedagogy of New Zealand with world-class facilities.

Students can enjoy the research-based pedagogy of New Zealand at par with the British education model. Most South-Asian countries follow the British education system, making it easier for them to adapt to New Zealand teaching methods. The majority of the lectures in New Zealand are teachers as well as researchers. The high-level faculty ensures the highest-quality learning experience. Vice-Chancellors’ Committee of New Zealand is the representative association of the respective university. They have legal responsibility for approving and moderating the course to ensure a high standard of education.

#6. Safe and peaceful country

Enjoy the fantastic music festival in New Zealand.

The Global Peace Index of 2018 ranks New Zealand in the second position for peace and prosperity. We can quickly figure the social tolerance and political stability of the Kiwi democracy in New Zealand. As an international student, you’ll have discounts on public transports and airfares.

#7. Work with a student visa

Apply for a student visa if you wish to study in New Zealand.

International students need to apply for a student visa if they wish to live in New Zealand for more than three months. The student with a valid visa can stay in New Zealand for four years and work a maximum of twenty hours per week. 

Students must have the tuition fees for the course, and they must be enrolled in approved universities to apply for a student visa in New Zealand.

The online student visa application fee is 10% cheaper. However, students can choose to apply student through the New Zealand embassy or education consultant in their home country. 

#8. Adaptability while coming out of Your Comfort Zone

Friendly community and conducive learning environment.

Research shows that most of the students experience the first independent living during the pursuit of higher education in a foreign land. Students may feel lonely at first while coming out of their comfort zone to New Zealand. The mild, friendly culture will quickly heal the lonely feelings within a week. New Zealand is the perfect study destination for students wishing to study abroad without the confidence to experience an extreme culture shock or adaption to an independent life in a foreign land. 

#9. The New Zealand lifestyle

Students can cherish the serene landscapes of New Zealand.

New Zealand offers a multi-cultural environment that exists in harmony with the native lifestyle of the country. International students can enjoy the unique native cuisines and other foods of their choice. They can experience all kinds of natural landscapes ranging from steaming volcanoes and snowcapped mountains to golden sandy beaches, sloppy green hills, and lush rainforests. A more extended stay in New Zealand provides the opportunity for every student to grow with its diverse culture and natural beauty simultaneously. 

Wrap Up

Study in world-class universities in New Zealand.

New Zealand is an emerging top study abroad destination around the world. Universities in New Zealand have an excellent education system that provides various research opportunities and the highest-quality education with internationally accredited qualifications. New Zealand has many valuable perks for international students, apart from high-quality education and world-class facilities. New Zealand offers a welcoming and friendly society with an excellent support system for international students. 

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