Why study in Singapore?

Singapore has made its name with its diverse culture and national residents marking its accolades. Being one of the safest countries globally, Singapore is known for its well-structured urban planning and consistent economic development. Who will not love to study in Singapore?  

Education has been vital for this tiny nation, and Singapore’s government always gives it a top priority. Singapore universities are highly ranked and well-regarded around the world. The top university to study in Singapore is the National University of Singapore (NUS) that has always been in the top three among universities in Asia since 2013. 

If you are an adventurous and compassionate learner who wants to go beyond as an international student, you should know these five reasons to study in Singapore.

A global reputation for academic excellence


The best academic performance 

Academic excellence in Singapore has a high reputation not only in Asia but also around the world. The education system is one of the world-class, and students are encouraged to excel in their academics. According to the test conducted by Programme for International Students Assessment (PISA), Singapore has been named the top-performing location in academics several times. 

Singapore universities are known for their global recognition for their academics and advanced research facilities. No matter which country you are from, Singapore welcomes students from different regions to study there. Studying in Singapore will help you to build your strengths, abilities and expand your perspectives. 

Top Industry connection


Multi-companies with their headquarters in Singapore

With its independence granted in 1965, Singapore has flourished and grown into a mega economic powerhouse. Today, the industrial center opens its door for engineers, information technology, pharmaceuticals, professional services, etc. 

Multinational companies have their Asian headquarters and research development laboratories in Singapore. For example, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more, have opened doors for the workplace to international students. Being the business hub in Asia, Singapore is a mix of eastern and western cultures and a welcoming foreign investment stance. 

International students studying in Singapore can enjoy the leverage to work and connect with global industries providing job opportunities. For example, NUS offers students practical industry projects or internships that help for better career opportunities. The universities have formed a collaboration and strategic partnership with key industries. 

A Multicultural Society


Perfect place to explore different culture, religion and race

Singapore is diverse in cultural society, where people are respectful towards different races, religions, and cultures. Singapore has four official languages English (widely used in workplaces, schools, and universities), Malay, Chinese, and Tamil. Its diversity has enabled the country to attract international students from different corners of the world. 

With a mix of multi-ethnic cultures, the students thrive in their academic and other activities with English to communicate. With many similarities in lifestyle in Singapore and other world, to make yourself continent visiting the park is the right choice. With this said, international students may find some corners unique in Singapore. 

High quality of life


Study and live the perfect lifestyle

According to Mercer, the world’s largest human resource management consulting agency ranked Singapore as the highest quality of life in Asia in 2019. Efficient city planning, a developed economy, better geographical location, a calm legal system, convenient transportation, friendly climate, and adaptable atmosphere makes Singapore the best study destination for international students

Singapore has a high quality of life that sets the international students for a unique and immersive life experience. Studying in Singapore is confined in the classroom and goes way beyond the world at large. 

A safe and secure environment


safe and secure place to study in Singapore

Singapore is ranked the second safest place in the world in the 20198 Safe City Index according to the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU). The laws in Singapore are strictly implemented, that results in, low crime rate and its reputation as the safest place in the world. 

International students face issues such as family problems, inability to adapt to the environment, and stress, but Singapore universities have the best security system to make sure their students are safe and secure. Some universities have a security team that patrols its campus 24/7 keeping their international students away from being victims of crime. In general, Singapore has the best stable political and social environment. The government agencies and commercial entities are systematic and well-organized. 

Singapore has the best quality of education system and infrastructures, that makes it an ideal place to study. The above mentioned reasons will make you choose to study in Singapore. With many international companies headquarters set up in Singapore, you can grab better career opportunities and live there. 

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