Why use an Education Consultant?

Students start nurturing fresh hopes and opportunities for their future after completing high school. They are anxious about their next move: deciding to go abroad, choosing the right course, selecting the perfect study destination, determining tuition fees, and eligibility. 

Approaching an overseas education consultancy like Global Reach puts an end to your anxiety and bewilderment. Consultancy is vital for documenting the sophisticated process for students to pursue higher education. Research says 80% of students taking the application process’s liberty are stuck on writing an excellent standard operating procedure (SOP) or processing their visa.

People misunderstand that considering overseas education consultancy to study is an immediate admission to college and a ticket to fly. It is a sophisticated process that needs tremendous patience and wise decision.

Following are the reasons to use an Education consultancy or an education consultant.

Professional guidance

Professional guidance at your service.

It is essential to choose the right university and the perfect course according to your interest and circumstances. The Internet or peers can be a good source of information while planning for higher studies. However, it takes lots of experience and tools to achieve the correct path. Certified education consultancy assists in planning and processing overseas studies. They guide you in selecting the best course and university.

Experience makes the difference!

Trust a reputed consultancy and step forward towards your dream. Global Reach is the first and comprehensive education consultancy to represent overseas institutions in the kingdom of Bhutan. Professionals in international education (PIE) awarded “Education Agency Of The Year” to Global Reach. 

The experienced education consultant of Global Reach offers one to one counseling service to advise on career opportunities and match the individual student as per academic background, aptitude, and aspirations to suitable careers. They offer advice based on firsthand experience by visiting foreign educational institutions. They review former student experiences for rigorous and productive processes.

Scholarship opportunities

Education consultancy is the bridge to link you to scholarships

Tuition fees in pursuing higher education in a foreign land cost a lot. Education consultancies can help you to lower the cost through scholarships. Good academic results help get scholarships, but it is also important to follow standard operating procedures (SOP). Global Reach is knowledgeable about the critical elements in documentation to secure scholarships. They partner with renowned Universities, and it is easy to get a scholarship if you apply through them.

Education consultancy is the bridge to link you to various scholarship opportunities before your academic results.

Your safety is the priority.

Education consultancy assures the safety and quality of education

Studying abroad through a consultant reduces the risk of your life and career. Through consultants, your admission, visa, study destination, and the course is secure. Some students applied on their own, resulting in fraud in universities, wrong courses, visa rejection, and no refunds. The parents can rely on consultants for their children’s safety as it is difficult for them to reach foreign people. The people from the education consultancy visit their students and assure they are treated well in the Universities.

Career insights: Visualizing your career

Educational consultants can visualise your future!

Education consultants are knowledgeable about the complete journey of international students. It includes the initial decision to choose the course, study destination, and career opportunities after graduation. They will give you insights on current industry trends and career opportunities based on your fields of study.

Global Reach experts help you to visualize your career while you sit for one on one counseling session.

Multiple opportunities for your best fit

It is essential to choose right university and course to study

Education consultants provide many options for study destinations, renowned universities, and valuable courses as per your aspirations. Global Reach has multiple collaborations with several reputed universities in Australia, Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, Singapore, and other countries to ensure the students’ best quality education. The collaboration helps to speed up the application process and offers multiple scholarship opportunities.

Visa assistance: the gateway to your dream

Visa Processing – sophisticated process without consultant

Visa processing is sophisticated, and it is difficult for students. It requires various documents and a professional approach. Global Reach has experienced international relations officers to help the students gather the right documents to process their visas. Research says there are 99 percent chances for visa grant when the student applies through reputed education consultancies.

Funds management and survival insights

Studying abroad requires determination to be independent

Studying abroad is not easy. The student must have the determination to be independent in a foreign land. Education consultancy is aware of all the expenses while studying abroad. They can estimate the living cost, travel expenses, and tuition fees. 

Education consultants are also linked with foreign agencies for part-time job opportunities and reasonable accommodations. They brief students on forex, funds management, time management, and the designated country’s norms. Students will be glad to choose an education consultant when the reality meets the fortune in the foreign land.

Wrap Up

Education consultancy is the reliable bridge to your career.

An educational consultant is a skilled professional to foster the student’s academic and social growth by guiding students and families to choose the renowned university and the courses. They also provide individual attention to students and give firsthand insights on professional courses and the related career opportunities in trending industries.

Educational consultants can broaden the potential choices with their extensive knowledge and collaborations with various organizations and universities. They consider the weighing factors like cost, location, curriculum, and aspirations during the analysis. Students and parents have the platform to explore a wider variety of options to study abroad as an experienced educational Consultant.

Do you wish to study at the leading universities around the world?

Global Reach is the gateway to your educational dreams.

Global Reach is the first and comprehensive study-abroad Consultant with consistent professional service located in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Global Reach was awarded “Education Agency Of The Year” by PIE News.

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Sangay Dorji

A Specialist

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