10 Reasons to Pursue Education in the Safe City of Canberra


The decision to pursue an education comes with many confusion and questions when you chose to go abroad. The choice is straightforward if you’ve decided to go to the land down under for your studies. Canberra is the perfect choice with its’ vibrant and safe city welcoming students from all over the world. Australia’s national capital got its name from the word “Canberry,” owing to its significance of being a ‘meeting place’ for people from all walks of life. Canberra may not be as famous as Sydney or Melbourne, but it is one of the best destinations for students worldwide. Here are the top ten reasons to study in Canberra:

1. Canberra – The Political Centre of Australia

Canberra, also known as the Bush Capital, is located in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), away from the coastlines. Unlike Melbourne and Sydney, your skyline will be surrounded by beautiful mountains instead of skyscrapers. Canberra is the largest inland city in Australia, housing the Australian government along with its Parliament House. Choosing to live in Canberra during your education in Australia will keep you updated with all current happenings. You will be informed and involved in all significant events in Australia that will significantly broaden your life views.

2. Canberra – Australia’s ‘most educated’ city


The level of education for Canberrans on an average is distinctively higher compared to the rest of Australia. People in Canberra are twice as likely to hold a post-graduate qualification and boasts of the highest proportion of individuals completing 12 years of studies, making Canberra an ideal city for someone looking to progress academically. With numerous world-class universities and training institutes and about 25% of the population being students, Canberra is the safest city in Australia for students to integrate into. This innovative and creative city attracts countless bright minds worldwide, making it the perfect place for you to learn. The graduates from the top universities and institutes in Canberra also have a reputation for faring better in the employment market.

3. The Inclusive Canberra Student Community

With one-fourth city’s population being students, you will have easy networking and instant assistance during your education. The cultural diversity highlights Canberra’s vibrant and energetic student community, with 20,000 international students hailing from over 100 countries studying there. The Canberra student community is known for its’ friendliness and openness to all new students. You will never feel left out by engaging with countless extra-curricular activities, societies, or clubs. The inclusive student community in Canberra will ensure that you learn everything about the city for a seamless transition.

4. The City of Canberra – Diverse and Multicultural


With more than 25% of Canberra’s population with foreign roots, the city has impeccable arrays of culture and tradition to experience. The presence of numerous international embassies also indicates the prevalence of rich cultural diversity. The city also hosts the biggest cultural diversity celebration, National Multicultural Festival that brings together over 280,000 people for a wholesome three days cultural extravaganza. The rich and apparent multicultural lifestyle is what every international student dreams of. The city also has an intriguing nightlife with bars, pubs, and clubs enabling international students to socialize and mingles with the community with ease. Canberra offers exposure and experience with the globe that will teach you about life more than any form of education. 

5. Canberra – Australia’s Safest City

Compared to other major cities in Australia, Canberra is reputed for having one of the lowest crime rates. Canberra’s diverse and altruistic community is the ideal kind of people you would want to surround yourself with as an international student. You can walk or cycle around the parks and lakes of the city of Canberra and commute to and from your university without any fear of jeopardizing your safety. The capital city of Australia, filled with intellectuals, is the safest in Australia. In Canberra, learn with the assurance of safety.

6. Canberra is Affordable!

Canberra is an affordable place to live while studying, with excellent living standards for students compared to Melbourne and Sydney. The average rental prices in Canberra are about 54% less (AU $ 124 per week) than in Sydney (AU $285/week) and Melbourne (AU $258/week). The lower cost of living lets you budget your money into more fun and entertaining ventures and trips. The city is considered one of the world’s most liveable cities, with easy access to necessities and affordable essential services. Save yourself some financial troubles by choosing Canberra as your education destination.

7. Canberra – A Well-connected City


The commute to university and stores in Canberra is shorter and relatively quicker than other major Australian cities. Cycle trails and paths are connecting all of Canberra, letting you go around the city with ease. The cycle-friendly city also hosts lots of venues to hire a bicycle and bike-friendly cafes. Unlike Sydney, Canberra’s traffic is even smaller, letting you get to places without much delay. The well-connected trails and paths make Canberra an easily accessible city and a safe city to cycle around. Canberra is just a 3 hours drive from Sydney with an airport that flies domestically and to some international destinations.

8. Job Opportunities for Canberran University Graduates

The universities and training institutes based in Canberra are among the best in Australia and internationally. The graduates from these universities and institutes are highly sought after in the job market and are readily employed by employers of respective fields. Getting hired and recruited by international companies and firms is more manageable for those who have completed their education with a university located in Canberra’s educational hub. You can also quickly work in the local market for companies and firms functioning in Canberra. It is seen that Canberra has the highest income rate, along with the lowest unemployment rate compared to the rest of Australia. International students have the opportunity for post-study work for a year and internship opportunities in numerous public and private organizations. Finding a part-time job while you’re studying is also easy.

9. Canberra – The Environment-Friendly City


Canberra is placed 18th on Arcadis, ranking of the most sustainable cities, making it one of the cleanest planned cities in the world. Canberra is an environmental haven for all life forms, with 53% of land under nature reserves and parks and farmland around the town. Quality of air and water in Canberra is a sign and reward of their endeavor to remain environmentally friendly. The heavy dependence on cycling as a common form of transportation and commuting is in-line with the city’s commitment to sustainability. Canberra is a safe city not only for you but also for biodiversity and the environment. The unified and holistic approach to living makes this city a perfect place for education and learning.

10. On-campus Accommodation in Canberra

In Canberra, you are guaranteed to find accommodation compared to the big cities of Sydney and Melbourne. There are plenty of on-campus accommodations available in Canberra, with about 90% of students finding accommodation. Living on-campus will let you submerge into the culture and community of the university. You will find yourself connecting with local and international students allowing you to experience a new level of a wholesome education. With on-campus accommodation, you will be living in a clean, safe, and close location so you can entirely focus on your studies.



Choosing to go abroad for your studies may be a daunting and nerve-wracking part of life but knowing everything about the place helps. Canberra is the go-to city for education in Australia, boasting unique credentials in various fields. So think about Canberra and its diversity, safety, and the environment when you’re planning to come to Australia to study.

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