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A very crucial aspect of going to study abroad is the management of the entire process by your chosen educational consultant. Bid adieu to your worries with Chhundu Enterprises ECPF, Global Reach, Bhutan’s leading overseas educational consultant, by your side. With an unparalleled track record, we are a trusted name in providing quality guidance to students all over South Asia.

Comprehensive Counseling:

With a number of skilled counselors, we provide specialized, comprehensive and even-handed information to you. Counseling is tailor-made to suit individual requirements, taking into consideration a student’s background, aptitude, interests and career goals.

Global Reach was honored in 2008 by AEI (Australian Education International, Australian High Commission) for having the highest number of EATC qualified counselors than any other agency in the Indian subcontinent and also for the high number of British Council certified Education UK counselors. Additionally, we are an approved New Zealand Specialist Agent (NZSA) also the first to be certified by the American International Recruitment Council. Our regional team also has a number of Singapore educational experts on board.

Selection of programs and universities:

Our team helps you make the right choice while selecting a course that is in sync with you future career goals. Zeroing in on the right university is a critical part of the entire study abroad process. We assist our clients in selecting the institution best suited to their needs, considering various factors such as academic backgrounds, test scores, location preferences and individual aspirations.

Application processing:

Organizing the application pack is the stepping stone towards getting an admission. We assist you in rightly preparing the application, ensuring that all documents are in place, thereby increasing the chances of securing an admission. Most universities offer scholarships with specific eligibility criteria.

Test preparation:

Universities often require international students to submit tests like SAT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL/IELTS. We help you prepare for these tests if required via our associates who are experts in the domain. Additionally, free sessions are also offered to our registered clients at some locations.

Visa counseling:

Obtaining a visa no longer seems to be a formidable or cumbersome process with our team of visa facilitators helping you in scrutinizing and organizing your visa papers efficiently. Mock interviews are conducted whenever necessary so as to equip our clients better to face real-life interviews. For Australia, we have the unique distinction of being one agency authorized to lodge student visas directly under the aegis of e-visa.

Pre-Departure sessions:

Understanding your concerns of going to a completely different country, Global Reach arranges a pre-departure session where all information regarding a country, its people, important documents and necessary items to be taken along etc are provided to students. We help ensure that you are equipped with useful tips that will make your stay in a foreign country comfortable and hassle-free.

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