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Frequently asked questions

Why does a 2 year gap make a risky profile for an Australian student visa application?

A gap of 2 years or more requires strong evidence to reflect that you are a genuine student applicant

Can I open an Aussie bank account from Bhutan?

Yes, our counselors can open it for you.


Shortlist universities based on preference and budget

Application assistance

Assisting clients in strengthening their SOP

Guide clients with universities and destinations

Navigate clients to select three university options and discuss the pros and cons

Ensure you have the best experience with us

Informed Decision

Comprehensive information is given so you can make the final decision

We offer you the information to make a comparison of courses, work opportunities, fees, university ranking and discuss your future plans

Once you decide we review the decision with you

Travel plans, overseas health insurance, opening a bank account and accommodation options are services you area provided

We help you make a decision based on information because it is your future

Your Counselors

Kinley Choki Dorji

Preeti Gazmer

Tshering Wangdi

Sonam Yangden

We believe in our values. Since our inception we have tried to reflect the same ideals that remain the guiding force when serving our clients.

Our Core Purpose is to help our clients make an informed decision.

Core Values

Be professional:

  • Our clients’ interests come first
  • Be committed to our clients
  • Be transparent
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect

Be credible:

  • Our information has to be up to date
  • Our information is factual
  • We work with partners that are ethical

A trusted team:

  • Uphold the obligations of professionalism and credibility
  • Nurture the team so we develop and retain exceptional people
  • Think out of the box
  • Mentor one another
  • Help each other

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