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Education plays a vital role in every aspect of life in the 21st century. Achieving higher education increases opportunities and enhances the quality of life.  To pursue further studies, New Zealand is considered one of the best study destinations. According to Immigration New Zealand figures, there are 38,954 international students. New Zealand offers multiple universities such as  Victoria University of Wellington, and the University of Canterbury,  with an affordable tuition fee and cheaper living costs. The benefits of studying in New Zealand vary from a balanced lifestyle, cultural diversity, obtaining citizenship, untouched nature, low cost of living, and wondrous country.

A Balanced lifestyle 

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Although New Zealand is a developed country with an advanced economy, there are fewer settlements. New Zealand has a safe and secure environment; as a result, the crime rate is low.  The country placed 3rd on the global peace index The Pastoral Care of International Students ensures that all students are taken care of, every school and university follows this practice. Both domestic and international students enjoy the benefits of getting job opportunities in retail, hospitality, banking, finance, etc. The student visa allows them to work for 20 hours a week and 40 hours during the holidays, this helps them in meeting living expenses. Companies recognize the importance of the balance between work and your life, so doing overtime work is rare. People get plenty of time for recreational and outdoor activities such as water and snow sports. 

Diverse cultural environment

 Interaction among students and sharing their culture

New Zealand consists of people with diverse ethnicities of European descent, indigenous Maori, Asians, and non-Maori Pacific Islanders. For instance, the most ethnically diverse region is Auckland. University students have an opportunity to experience multiple interactions and build relationships. Students get to learn about the culture of different countries and as a result, they become well rounded and open-minded. 

Obtain Citizenship

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New Zealand is the best place for a student to live and earn. To get citizenship, students must reside there for five years with a minimal travel history outside the country. It is important to speak and understand English. The department of internal affairs is responsible for evaluating citizenship applications. There is an official ceremony to take an oath promising to be a loyal subject of the nation. Only then are they able to apply for New Zealand citizenship. This benefits students who wish to stay there after the completion of their studies. 

Low cost of living 

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Kiwis (New Zealanders) enjoy the privilege of high-quality life with a low cost of living. There are 16 states and the cost of living differs from one state to another. Amongst them, the cheapest state in Rotorua. Auckland and Wellington are among the cheapest cities in terms of low living costs worldwide. In addition, the price of basic necessities are much cheaper, this benefits international students and is a perfect destination to study.

Wondrous Country

  Two different seasons

New Zealand is a beautiful place to explore. Studying can be stressful but this place allows you to refresh. It is divided into two parts: tropical north where the temperature never falls below 16 degrees celsius even in winter. People living in this region only experience the summer season. Similarly, the other part of the country called the colder alpine south only has a winter season. Most of the mountains and rivers are young, so waterfalls are common in this country.  People create memories through hiking, bungee jumping, and taking pictures. 

Untouched Nature

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New Zealand has a clean and green environment that attracts all people. Places such as Milford Sound, Wellington, and Queensland are also a destination for movie makers as it has beautiful scenery. For example, “Lord of the Rings” was shot in this country. Students can get the opportunity to see the rarest bird Kiwi (hidden bird). It symbolizes the uniqueness of New Zealand’s wildlife. 


With an increasing number of people visiting the country, it is one of the best and unique places for studies abroad and tourist destinations. The beautiful nature and the low cost of living act as the centre of attraction for the students. 

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