Can Bhutanese students work In New Zealand?

Job opportunities in New Zealand for students

There are many study destinations for Bhutanese students that provide an opportunity to learn and earn at the same time. Many Bhutanese students either go to countries such as Australia or Canada to pursue master’s or postgraduate degrees and to work. New Zealand is a country with strict laws, safeguarding the security and welfare of all the international students who come to study and provide a secure atmosphere for them. Yes, Bhutanese students can work in New Zealand while studying and can work even after graduating. 

Study and Work

Study, work and earn

Bhutanese students enjoy the privilege of studying and working. They are allowed to work up to 20 hours during term time. This applies to the students who are having 2 academic years. 40 hours during the holidays for those students who are studying full-time for at least 1 academic year. No restriction on the hours for students pursuing masters in the field of research and doctoral degree. The minimum wage rate for students working earns NZ $ 14.75 per hour and has to pay taxes. However, the taxes are reclaimed at the end of each financial year through a lodging tax return. There is a wide range of companies offering part-time work to the students. Some of the popular part-time jobs include;

  • Attendant in supermarket
  • Door-to-door marketing 
  • Call center job

What type of work can students apply?

Varieties of jobs available

Summer in New Zealand starts from November to March. It is the busiest time of the year for jobs related to tourism and holidays such as Christmas also fall in this season. Lots of summer job vacancies are attainable in shops, bars, hotels, lodges, and restaurants. Larger hotels and restaurants advertise their jobs on websites such as Season workers. Bhutanese students can apply for such types of jobs. There is a huge agricultural industry that requires many seasonal workers for harvest time and sheep shearing. At times large companies pay selected students to promote their brands in universities such as holding events to promote their services and finding other ways to support them in front of other students. Students are allowed to provide private tutoring for other students or students from local schools or communities. Educational institutions provide work for students as a part-time job in the field of teaching, tutoring, and carrying out administrative duties. Such type of work is good for Bhutanese students to gain experience and build a network with people in the field of study, adding value to your Curriculum Vitae. These are some of the work for students to meet their living expenses. 

Benefits for studying in New Zealand

1.Acquire Permanent residency

The flag of New Zealand

After graduation, if the job is related to the degree Bhutanese students have pursued, they are allowed to work in New Zealand for up to one year and apply for permanent residency. To get citizenship, students must reside there for five years with a minimal travel history outside the country. It is important to speak and understand English. The department of internal affairs is responsible for evaluating citizenship applications. There is an official ceremony to take an oath promising to be a loyal subject of the nation. Only then are they able to apply for New Zealand citizenship. This is an ideal destination for Bhutanese who want to start a new life and not just live abroad for a few years. 

2.Learn about diverse Cultural environment

Interaction among students

New Zealand consists of people with diverse ethnicities of European descent, indigenous Maori, Asians, and non-Maori Pacific Islanders. For instance, the most ethnically diverse region is Auckland. University students have an opportunity to experience multiple interactions and build relationships. Students get to learn about the culture of different countries and as a result, they become well rounded and open-minded. 

3. Marvellous Country

Two different seasons

Studying can be stressful for students, however this place offers them a chance to refresh. The place is divided into two parts called tropical north where the temperature never falls below 16 degrees celsius in winter and the other part is called colder alpine south that experiences only winter seasons.  Bhutanese Students can create memories through hiking, bungee jumping that are most common, and by taking pictures.

Students pursuing higher education in other countries mainly learn and at the same time earn for their expenses. Many countries provide students an opportunity to earn and meet their expenses. New Zealand is one of the countries that allow students to work for certain hours as a waitress or waiter in restaurants and hotels. The universities also provide them to be a tutor or give private lesson classes to other local and community students. New Zealand offers lots of job opportunities to students and is no exception to Bhutanese students.


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