Popular course Bhutanese can study in Singapore

Popular course Bhutanese can study in Singapore

Study in Singapore - Universities, Application, Scholarships, Visa

Singapore emerges as a global study market that is attracting professionals and students from our landlocked country. If you choose Singapore as your study destination, you will experience excellence in education and a fascinating culture and exciting lifestyle. Studying and living in Singapore will provide a truly unique educational experience. A benefit of studying in Singapore is that individuals can be exposed to different cultures, lifestyles, and working environments. Exposure to such an environment can surely benefit in their future endeavors.

Many Singapore’s courses use various teaching methods, including discussion groups, lectures, coursework, practitioners, and case studies. These courses incorporate real-world applications with a hands-on practice designed to invoke professional success. Here is the list of popular courses Bhutanese can study in Singapore. 

1. Agriculture and Related Subjects

● Agriculture / Horticulture (General)

● Animal Husbandry

● Gardening / Floristry

● Veterinary Services

2. Applied and Pure Sciences

Science subject you can apply for studies-Singapore 

● Chemistry

● Earth Sciences

● Life Sciences

● Materials Science

● Mathematics

● Physic

● Science

3. Architecture, Building, and Planning

● Building / Construction Operations

● Building Design / Architecture

● Building Maintenance / Services

● Civil Engineering

● Construction

● Construction Management

● Property: Surveying / Planning / Development

● Structural Engineering

4. Aviation

● Air Freight Transport

● Air Passenger Transport

● Air Transport Operations

● Aircraft Operation

● Airport Management / Ground Services

● Aviation Safety

5. Beauty and Personal Care

● Beauty Care / Services

● Fashion Consultancy

● Hairdressing Services

● Manicure

● Pedicure

● Salon Work

6. Economics

● Applied Economics

● International Economics

● Microeconomics

7. Education and Teaching

● Careers / Education Guidance Work

● Education / Training / Learning (Theory)

● Teaching / Training

● Teaching / Training Subjects

8. Engineering

● Aerospace / Defence Engineering

● Electrical / Electronic Servicing

● Electrical Engineering

● Electronic Engineering

● Engineering / Technology

● Mechanical Engineering

● Metals Working / Finishing

● Power / Energy Engineering

● Road Vehicle Engineering

● Telecommunications

● Tools / Machining

9. Fashion Designing

● Fashion / Textiles Design

● Fashion Accessories Making (Craft)

10. General Management and Business

● Business / Finance

● Enterprises

● Financial Management / Accounting

● Financial Services

● Human Resources Management

● International Business Studies

● Management (General)

● Management Planning & Control Systems

● Management Skills (Specific)

● Office Skills / Administration

● Public Administration

● Typewriting / Shorthand / Secretarial Skills

11. Hotel Management and Hospitality

● Arts / Culture / Heritage Administration

● Baking / Dairy / Food & Drink Processing

● Cookery

● Food / Drink Services

● Food Science / Technology

● Hospitality / Catering

● Hospitality Operations

● Leisure / Sports Facilities Work

● Tourism / Travel

12. IT and Computer Science

● Computer Science

● Information and Communications Technology (General)

● Information Work / Information Use

● Libraries / Librarianship

● Using Software

13. Law

● Civil Law

● International Law

● Law / Legal Studies

● Law of Specific Areas / Countries

● Legal Practice / Procedures

14. Mass communication and media

● Communication / Media

● Communication Skills

● Journalism

● Moving Image / Photography / Media Production

● Print & Publishing

● Writing (Authorship)

15. Medicine and Life Sciences

● Caring Skills

● Complementary Medicine

● Crisis Support / Counseling / Advice Work

● Dental Services

● Health & Safety

● Healthcare Management / Health Studies

● Medical Sciences

● Medical Technology / Pharmacology

● Nursing

● Ophthalmic Services

● Paramedical Services / Supplementary Medicine

● Psychology

● Semi-Medical / Physical / Psycho / Therapies

● Social / Family / Community Work

Studying can be quite strenuous at the same time stressful. However, studying can be transformed into an exciting activity with the help of additional factors. Singapore, a well-developed country, also provides several advanced technologies as well as the latest information and knowledge. 

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A comfortable place for your future

Singapore also is an English speaking country that decreases the language barrier and enhances effective communication. Not being able to communicate can be distressing. 

Singapore also has some of the best universities. Six of its public universities are ranked among the top 20 in the world. With the latest technologies supporting the form of education in Singapore, learning becomes far more efficient.

Climate and weather in Singapore by months: may, March, April, June,  November

Singapore-one of an excellent place to study

Singapore is also known for its cleanliness, safety, and excellent transport services. Studying in Singapore is one of the smartest and safest countries that anyone would love. 

Climate is something we all ignore subconsciously when considering where to study. Depending upon the climate of a particular place, people tend to either complain or enjoy their stay. Singapore has a pleasant environment because of its tropical rainforest. The temperature does not vary much and is usually between 22 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius, considered the optimum temperature. 

Why Study in Singapore - Advantages of Study in Singapore

Build your career with the best services available at Singapore

Singapore also has policies that allow students to work in the country after their graduation. This is an excellent opportunity for students to gain experience at the same time earn from a country with a high GDP rate. What could be much better than studying and working in a foreign country that has a stable market economy? 

So take a minute to consider studying in Singapore and build your career with ease and comfort. Learning in Singapore will never be a waste since it has offered several benefits, which many other countries cannot. Not only does it offer you valuable services but also provides you with several diverse courses. Having a choice to select from several various courses provides you with a better choice for your career. 

Seasons in Singapore: Weather and Climate

Amazing seasons at Singapore-a great place to live your life

Do not wait and choose to study in Singapore and make your studies a top priority with comfort, safety, advanced knowledge, and a richer experience. If you still cannot believe the facts mentioned above, you can do some research regarding it. Seeing makes you believe it, and you will feel it when you see it for yourself.

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