Ten reasons for studying in Australia

Now it is the time of the year that you have to decide where to study. Have you been doing research or asking a friend about the best university? Are you reasoning out why you should learn? Don’t worry; keep calm, for I will list out eight great reasons to study abroad. These facts will make you never come back and make your life easy there.  Out of all the countries, Australia has some of the top universities to study. Yes, your dream country, of course. No delays and hassle, but be prepared as you come through each reason stated below. 

Australia is everyone’s dream to study and make their life comfortable.  It is home to diverse people who come from across the country and settle there. Not only that, it has the top education system in the world. It serves as a perfect destination for international students. The education system is not confined but is diverse to many other courses and topics you would want to take up. Once you step into the “Land Down Under”, get ready to explore the majestic view and city life. 

  • Australia Offers world-class education
World class approach to education

Australia offers world-class education.

Australia is the 3rd largest leading education provider to international students. It incorporates the latest innovations, technologies, and current trends to impart knowledge and ensure the highest education standard.  With its world-class education, it also has the best infrastructure and teaching faculty. 

  • No language barrier. 
11 Things You Should Know About Australian Culture

Communicate in English while you are in Australia.

Australia is an English speaking country; there will be no language barrier for any intentional students. For instance, if you bump into an unknown place or found lost, you will track your way to the right site. There will be no difficulty locating or finding the areas as all the signboards will, or directions are written in English. Communications between you and Aussie people will be easy and understandable. 

  • Culturally diverse
Australian Study Permit/Visa - ImmiVest Global

Meet people from different countries sharing different cultural. 

Australia is one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world. It is also home to many international students that makes it manifold. Different people from different countries come together, sharing unique cultures and traditions. 

It offers an excellent platform for each individual to experience a multicultural society that includes international public celebrations, a chance to learn a different language, and an incredible culinary offering. It is indeed one of the best ways to meet people and know them.

  • Get easy access to a student visa.
Student visas - RMIT University

You can quickly get access to Visa if you want to study in Australia.

Visa is essential to any international students to study abroad. For some reason, it is quite hard in many other countries to get a visa or pass the exam. Well, if you want to study in Australia, you can get easy access to it. There will be specific paperwork that you should provide with all documents and also health clearance. Fill all the requirements for your visa process, and then you can quickly get through it. 

  • Great job opportunities
Australia Says Goodbye to the World's Longest Boom - The New York Times

Australia offers an array of job opportunities. 

Once you land in Australia, there will be no issue in getting job opportunities. It offers numerous jobs that will fit you and earn well.  After you complete your education, you will get jobs according to your qualification.  With each work, you need to provide a valid certificate that will fetch you an excellent company to work with. While working in Australia, you will be able to stay longer or settle permanently. 

  • Work while studying.
Work-Study | Study in Australia

You can quickly get jobs while pursuing your education

One of the most exciting things about studying in Australia is that you can work while studying. With your student visa, you are allowed to work up to 40 hours every two weeks. Many other countries fail to offer this opportunity. Apart from your courses, you can take up any work that will fetch you the right amount of pocket money. You can earn so much that it will also be enough to pay the rest of the tuition fees. 

  • Improve English skills
We come from different countries, but we are the same ❤ @Scots English  College #Australia #st… | Improve english speaking, Improve english,  English language course

Study and improve your English while studying in Australia.

English is the official language of Australia. It makes any international students communicate efficiently within the community. Wherever you go or bump into, you will find people speaking English. From the market to cafes and any official visit, only English is spoken. So this way you will get the chance to speak English in day to day life. It will also help you in updating your vocabulary.  

  • Great places to visit.
Guide to Australia Working Holiday Visa [Australian Visa Subclass 417]

A place to visit: Sydney House opera in Australia.

Studying in Australia is just another exploration.  It offers you great places to visit for sightseeing.  The remarkable Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Sydney Harbor Bridge, and many more you can see. Apart from studying, visit these places and refresh your mind from your daily schedule. They are worth the visit rather than being alone in the room. 

The nightlife in Australia is fantastic. You will see from fancy restaurants to cafes, to clubs and bars. There is an endless list of places that you cannot finish visiting. Apart from studying, make sure you have leisure time and see all these fantastic places and have fun.

  • Considerable tuition fees

High quality education with considerable tuition fees in Australia

Australian government offers a considerable tuition fee depending on the levels of education. The universities cost in Australia are considered relatively efficient because of its high quality education facilities. The Average cost of different education program includes;

  1. Diploma programs and Associated degree : The cost ranges between AU$12,000 – 15000 a year
  2. Undergraduate program: It costs about AU$20,000 – 45,000 a year.
  3. Master’s and Phd programs : The program charges around AU$ 45,000 – 50,000 a year.
  • The living cost

The diverse lifestyle in Australia

International students spend around AU$ 1,400 to 2,500 a month to cover all the living costs in Australia compared to other countries. The country have a rich city lifestyle, but the cost of living depends on cities.It includes accommodation, food and other cost;

Estimated spending in Australia;

  1. Groceries and dining al fresco(eating outside)- AU$80-280 per week
  2. Gas and electricity consumption- AU$35-140 per week. 
  3. Phone and internet costs- AU$20-55 per week
  4. Transportation costs (Public Transport)- AU$15-55 per week
  5. Car(if purchase)- AU$150-250 per week
  6. other entertainments- AU$80-150 per week.

Make your dream come true and fly to Australia and pursue your education. Explore more about the places. While studying, you can fetch jobs and earn well. Once you get used to their lifestyle, you can settle permanently In Australia. 

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Australia is the most preferred study destination among Bhutanese people. Most Bhutanese people are found in Australia pursuing different programs for vibrant career paths. Studying in Australia is the best choice to follow your dream. 

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