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Are you planning to study in Australia? The first step to do so is to choose the course you would like to pursue there. There are a plethora of courses to choose from, which may confuse you. Global Reach, a Bhutan education consultancy, is here to help you choose a field of study that will help you build a better future and also guide you through the application process to your desired university and obtaining the necessary educational visa.

Global Reach is an expert at discovering the top courses in Australia for international students. Many top-ranked universities can be found in Australia, making it one of the most popular academic locations in the world. This continent is attracting a significant number of students from all over the world due to its world-class education system and exciting employment options. Want to know what are the best courses to study in 2021? Continue reading to learn more.

  1. Computer Science And (IT) Information Technology

Computer science is in high demand as a profession

In Australia and around the world, software and computer science engineers are in high demand. With the rise of AI, professionals working in this industry have a lot of opportunities and room to grow. Machine learning, data management, and finance are all excellent areas to specialize in.

  1.  Accountancy

Accountancy as a profession

A bachelor’s degree in accounting offers a world of possibilities for specialization and future education and work. Tax and management accounting roles are mentioned on the trade shortage list, indicating that they are in high demand.

  1.  Agricultural sciences

Agricultural Science offers a wide range of job opportunities

Agricultural sciences have a wide range of job opportunities as part of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) professional path. Careers in forestry, agriculture, farming, and agronomy all require this degree to ensure that the crops we plant are the greatest and that humanity will have food supplies in the future.

  1.  Architecture

Architecture offers creative job opportunities

It’s a business that’s being challenged and transformed by environmental demands. It’s critical to consider the sun, rain, and wind when constructing homes and businesses that are energy-efficient and have a low environmental impact. Architectural design, both commercial and residential, is a popular career choice in Australia.

  1.  Psychology

Psychology is in high demand in Australia

Psychology is another significant area that can be used in various occupations. Clinical psychologists, educational psychologists, organizational psychologists, and psychotherapists are among the professionals in short supply in Australia. In addition, the combination between psychology and machine learning has a promising career.

  1. Tourism and Hospitality Management

Tourism and Hospitality management

Australia has a thriving tourism business thanks to its stunning environment and diverse range of activities. People go from all over the world to relax on white-sand beaches, explore huge deserts, enjoy all that urban cities have to offer and experience some of Australia’s unique wildlife.

The Australian tourism industry is having difficulty filling positions, with many restaurants and cafés being understaffed and accommodation and hospitality manager positions requiring trained, qualified workers.

  1.  Business Management

Business management course in Australia

A business administration course is recommended for any student interested in learning how businesses work and operate. This is a highly-developed topic of study, and many Australian universities offer overseas students degrees in Business Administration and Management and other related fields.

There are currently approximately 80000 international students enrolled in business management and associated disciplines. In these and allied subjects, there are about 40000 international postgraduate students. The options and wages accessible are determined by the student’s degree of education and experience.

Other connected courses that a student can study include finance, marketing, and so on. There are vocational courses offered in various topics that lead to certification and certificate credentials. The cost of courses in business management-related areas is higher than for other subjects. Scholarships for schools like MBA in Australia make it more affordable.

  1.  Medical Science

Specialize in Medical Science in Australia

Medical science and related courses are offered as specialties at many of Australia’s best universities. Courses in health sciences and medicine are available at both public and private Australian universities. The demand for medical professionals who are fluent in English is in high demand in Australia.

A student can pursue one of two types of medical degrees in Australia: a 4-year or 6-year program leading to an undergraduate or postgraduate medical degree. Medical schools in Australia are among the best in the world. You can also study related fields such as dentistry, biomedicine, and biomedical engineering.

  1. Engineering

Engineering is among the highest paid jobs in the world

Engineering is one of the highest-paid occupations in the world, and it is always in high demand. There are top engineering Universities in Australia for Engineering and related topics. These colleges provide a variety of engineering specializations, each with its own set of requirements. Before applying for an engineering course, the student is usually expected to have a background in math and physics.

  1.  Construction and Urban Planning

Construction and Urban Planning

As worries about expanding urbanization, changing climate, and other environmental challenges are on the rise, construction and urban planning courses are in high demand.

Australian universities provide a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Urban planning, city planning, construction management, infrastructure management, property economics, and many more related disciplines are available to students. Experienced workers can expect to earn around AUD 60000 per year.

  1. Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is a mix of engineering and medical

This is where engineering, healthcare, biology, and medicine collide. It uses engineering ideas and science fundamentals to construct systems, devices, and equipment that answer human issues.

It’s a complex field that tries to assist with disease diagnosis and therapy and rehabilitation and injury management. This line of employment could be an ideal career move for a skilled person with an in-depth understanding of human biology and engineering.

Every year, over 300,000 international students come to Australia. In 2017 and 2018, the number increased dramatically. Read about how Australia is becoming a more popular study abroad for Bhutanese and international students.

Universities in Australia are considered to have a world-class international reputation. Seven Australian institutions are among the top 100 universities, indicating that the Australian education system is a significant proponent of internationalization. 

In addition, more than 30 Australian institutions are ranked among the top 800 universities in the world. 

Here are 7 steps you need to take before taking off for overseas studies.


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